One-Day Reorganization Project–My Hubby’s Closet

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"His" closet at 11 Magnolia Lane

A few months ago, when we put the house on the market, I embarked on a weekend mission to tidy every. single. closet in the house.  I had already done mine, well before the move, in pink with a cute chandelier {read about that HERE}, but everyone else’s needed help, too.

Pink and silver closet at 11 Magnolia Lane

My husband and I have his and hers walk in closets in our master bedroom, which is a first for us.  We’ve been blessed to have walk in closets in the past, but we’ve always had to share one.  The two closet doors face each other and I used the Kvill frame from Ikea on each door to label them “Hers” and “His.”

Ikea Kvill Frame to label "His" Closet

My husband’s closet was already a tan color…if we weren’t moving, I probably would have done a brown 9″ vertical stripe in there, but it just seemed more important to get things tidy and organized.  I picked a weekend while he was away for work, although I promise I didn’t give anything away without his approval–he had a stack to go through when he got home!

One of the best ways to make clothes look organized in a closet is to use one kind of hanger.  I bought several big boxes of wood hangers and hung everything up, organized by color and season because that’s the way I roll.  I have the slimline velvet hangers in my closet, but the hubs likes wood ones, so that’s what I used.

"His" closet at 11 Magnolia Lane


Would you believe the wicker baskets on the top shelf were originally on my kids’ changing table?  We have about twelve of them because I ordered extra–they’ve organized lots of closets over the years!

I decorated the wall that holds his pants with a metal golf sign that was just collecting dust in the attic…he is QUITE the golfer!

Golf decor in his closet at 11 Magnolia Lane

I tried to use all wooden hangers for his slacks, but it looks like a metal one has crept back in.

I had enough room left over after organizing and re-hanging his clothes to put a shoe organizer on the floor, with our laundry basket in front of it.  Mens’ shoes take up so much space, so it saves room to use a vertical organizer rather than to line them up on the floor.

Shoe storage in his closet at 11 Magnolia Lane

I also had enough space to create an area for his valet box–it’s full of watches, cuff links, bow ties, suspenders, and hundred of tiny little Army uniform thingies.  I try not to get involved in all that!  The empty bourbon bottles are from a couple of single barrel batches that his unit has ordered over the years.  He might uncork them and sniff when he needs strength–who knows?

Men's dressing/valet area at 11 Magnolia Lane

I also hung a few things in here that weren’t being used in his office or elsewhere in the house, to make it feel more like a library than a closet.  His commissioning certificate is over the valet box:

Men's closet at 11 Magnolia Lane

And his master’s degree is on the wall where I hung his Australian hat and his tie rack.  Lest you think I’m dissing his accomplishment, I’ll have you know that mine is covered with spider webs in the attic!

Tie rack in his closet at 11 Magnolia Lane

 The back of the door is an underutilized area in a closet, so I put some hooks on his:

Door hooks at 11 Magnolia Lane

And that’s it!  It only took about a half day, but it made a big difference in how functional his closet was for him.  I wish I’d done it sooner–all those Army uniforms take up a bunch of space, and organization is key to getting everything to fit.

Thanks for stopping by (and thanks, honey, for letting me show your closet to the world!).



  1. I love what you did with your husband’s closet. I want to frame my husband’s commissioning certificate as well. Where did you purchase the frame?

  2. So where did you wind up buying the hangers? I need more!

    • I bought them at Bed, Bath, & Beyond. I think a box of 30 was $20, and then I used my 20% coupon. Costco apparently has them, too, but we’re not members.

  3. Morgan T. says

    UGH!! I feel your pain on the uniforms taking up space and the hundreds of little Army things! The velcro, the ranks, the flags… they are EVERYWHERE!!! And the uniforms take up so much SPACE! Since we are renting our place now with two other people, I have SUCH a hard time organizing everything… no where is big enough for all that Army stuff to stay together!! -_- That closet looks awesome!!

    • They do take up lots of space, don’t they, Morgan? All of his other Army guy stuff is in the garage and at work, but there is a ton of it! We need a shed to hold it all!

  4. Hi Christy-
    I loved reading this because
    1. I need to do the same in my husbands closet (and mine, too, truth be told)
    2. One of my daughters is in army ROTC at college, and seeing your husbands army uniforms, fatigues, and memorabilia was moving. So thankful for our military.
    Thank you for posting. Thanks to your husband for his service.

    • Hey, Anna–
      Thank you so much! Chris says that you’re welcome and it’s his pleasure. 🙂 He’s just leaving two years of running the Army ROTC Department at Vanderbilt University here in Nashville, and he loved every minute of it. I have no doubt that you are proud of your daughter and her choice to serve. Good luck with the closets!

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