New Giveaway: Three Gold Circle Monograms!

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Round gold monogram

We’re “interrupting” our Operation: Organization {Back to School Edition} series to bring you a fun giveaway, because you asked for it on Facebook and Instagram!

ONE lucky winner will win THREE vinyl monograms (gold circle style) of varying sizes:  5.5″, 2.75″, and 1.5″.  These are the perfect size to put on a school binder or day planner (the 5.5″), a Tervis tumbler or coffee mug (2.75″) or a jewelry bowl (1.5″), although you can stick them anywhere you want!  All three will need to be the same three initials, please.

Jewelry bowl with round gold monogram--great gift idea
 Also, if you’re a Silhouette owner, I’ll be back next week with the tutorial on how I create the round monograms.  If you want to get an email every time we publish a new post, just sign up {here}, so you won’t miss that post (or anything else!).

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We’ll be back tomorrow with another Operation: Organization {Back to School Edition} post, and thanks for stopping by!

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  1. LOVE these monograms!!

  2. Judy Soltis says

    I have a new tray that would be fabulous with a gold monogram, and also a new acrylic wine glass to use by the pool. Thanks!

  3. Vicki Royal says

    Love, love, love this cute little dish….and the monogram makes me want it even more!

  4. Love them!! Would find some cute stuff to out them on for my new apartment. 🙂

  5. Love monograms and I can think of tons of places to use them! Thank you, your kids, and your husband for your service to our country.

  6. I would use one on a glass vase I have that needs some pizazz, and one to personalize my new wallet.

  7. Crystal York says

    I luv these, & I’m really diggin the gold too.

  8. Loved all you ideas. The porcelain bowl and agenda are my favorites. Maybe on a tall glass that I drink my ice tea from.

  9. I just started following and I love every post!

  10. Love these! I have a clear acrylic ice bucket in need of some glam! And I love the jewelry bowl idea. Actually, I have lots of places I could stick a monogram…the problem would be deciding which ones! Thanks ladies!

  11. How beautiful! I LOVE monograms ~ 🙂 I have a vase that could use the large one. A day planner and a dish would take care of the other 2. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win!


  12. Manette Gutterman says

    I love the monogram dish for jewelry in my ladies’ room.

  13. I thought this was a very clever idea!.

  14. Very beautiful. Love the style!

  15. Karen Osburn says

    Love the gold monograms! Would def use one on a jewelry dish. crossing my fingers!

  16. Angelia W. says

    LOVE the gold monograms!! So cute! Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  17. Love those monograms and certainly would like to win!

  18. I would love to do the jewelry keeper, but I have a rectangular prism vase that would have instant glamour and a notebook which is my constant friend could use some zip. I would seriously like to purchase these for gifts since none of my friends have a Silhouette. Thanks for the chance to win a few.

  19. Donna Wisdom says

    These are terrific. I’m a teacher so I would probably use them on notebook or binders.

  20. Thank you, Christy! They’re so fun, I’m sure I’d walk around my house holding them up to everything possible before making a decision. 🙂

  21. Joann Belcher says

    I would love to get the monogram. I have been thinking what crafts I could use them on. Thanks

  22. I love the Gold monogram, that really take’s them to the next level. I am a special educator and have to move between several classroom’s rooms though out the day, taking with me all my “stuff”. I would use these to monogram my clipboard, water cup and binder. They would look fabulous with matching monograms..

  23. I love monograms! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  24. Love these, hope I win!

  25. JoBeth Hooter says

    This would be the perfect finishing touch on my wooden file organizer for my office. I a vintage wooden file organizer in the trash at work. Hauled it home, sanded and painted it white- Fantastic!

  26. brenley davis says

    It would be a hard decision – I am obsessed with monograms and I gold spray paint everything. But, I would use these in my ring holder (I just got married :), on my desk somewhere at my new job, & on my planner for this year!

    Love them! 😉

  27. Love the gold monograms! I know the perfect spot in my house for them! 🙂

  28. I was just gifted a beautiful clear acrylic tray and was wondering what to put on the bottom. This would be just perfect!

  29. Ooh, I love the small jewelry bowl. I’d probably use a larger one on a vanity tray. 🙂

  30. Love the monograms! So many places these could go….

  31. I love these monograms!! I would definitely use them everywhere in our new house – chalkboard, jewelry dish or a new tray!! Fun!!

  32. Melissa Ohara says

    These are so cute! I’m re-organizing & redecorating my living room. These would look great in my new space!

  33. Dotti Overstreet says

    The gold really makes them elegant. I would use them on a vase, a mirror and the top of a shiny painted box.

  34. Super cute monograms! I would jazz up my cell phone case, the portfolio I carry around at work, and search for a vintage bowl to hold jewelry at home (stealing your idea because I love the look of the pic you included with the gold bracelet)!

  35. I would put one on my laptop, another on my mason jar tumbler, and I like the idea of placing one in a jewelry bowl/dish!

  36. I love monograms and yours are so chic! A few things I’d love to dress up are- iPod, mirror, mug, binder, ornament and of course I’d have to make a jewelry dish.

  37. Super cute! Would love to put these monograms around the house – love the gold, too! 🙂

  38. I love anything with monograms. Def. will use at home!

  39. Oh the dish is the cutest!

    That or my morning coffee mug would be delightful.

    Anywhere is the best place for a monogram!

  40. A cute pen cup for my desk, a tray for the living room. I’m sure I can find some great ways to use these.

  41. Courtney H says

    These are gorgeous! I would love them on a tray for my bedroom!

  42. kathy benton says

    love these..makes me want a machine after selling my cricut and vagabond! I would label my Tervis, put one on my acrylic tray and another on a journal!thanks for the chance.

  43. I would use these on a tray, a jewelry bowl and on my cell phone.

  44. Stacie Stanbery says

    I would use the monograms: one on my coffee mug for work, (that’s how I get through the day, LOL), second monogram I would use on a candle glass jar, and the third monogram I would use on my cell phone cover so I would feel chic when Im running on the treadmill! Have a great day ladies!

  45. definitely would make the jewelry holder. I’ve wanted one of those for ages! the biggest I would use as a “skin” for my laptop.

  46. jahan becham says

    I would love those monograms for my new phone case white marble color, for my water bottle that I take to the gym and the third one I would use for my antique white plate that I inherited from my grandma

  47. I would use these to decorate a dresser set; on a treasure box, in a pretty bowl and on the back of a hand mirror. Think that would be beautiful.

  48. After avoiding gold and brass for so long, I am embracing this metal hue now! I adore a good monogram, and in gold mine would be fab! 😉

  49. I can’t wait to see the silhouette tutorial. Circle monograms are my favorite!

  50. Can’t wait for the tutorial on these if I don’t win!

  51. I would use these on my iPhone, a binder and a folder for school. They are so cute!!!!

  52. super cute and i have the perfect spot for them!

  53. I would love to put these on a tervis tumbler!

  54. Love these. I can think of several plain items that could use a little gold love!!

  55. Barbara Williams says

    Love Love Love! Thanks for the Chance!

  56. Kerry Mohondro says

    Laptop for sure!

  57. I think I’d steal the idea here and place one on a ring dish… one on my mirror compact in my purse, and the other on my iPad case.

  58. New here today and love your blog. So many great idea’s.

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