My Kitchen~~In A Magazine?! Why, Yes, Thank You, It Is!

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So, yesterday after church, I dragged the kids to Barnes & Noble to see if the Spring 2013 issues of Better Homes & Gardens Kitchen + Bath Makeovers was on the shelves (not that I’ve been checking every day or anything strange like that).  Well, yesterday, it was there!!  That’s MY kitchen on pages 48-53, the one that took me almost five weeks to paint and redo!  And, oh my goodness, it looks WAY better than my kitchen looks in real life.  How do they do that?

Christy's kitchen in BH&G

As I mentioned on our 11 Magnolia Lane Facebook page, at this point I proceeded to embarrass my kids.  They’re 12 and 9, and thus at a very embarrassable age (I know that’s not a word, but you know what I mean).  Apparently, when your mom makes the cashier admire the magazine with her, that’s embarrassing.  Kids, just wait until I whip out the black knee socks with my flip flops in a few short weeks!  Just for you!

I wrote a post about the whole photo shoot process last May, but I’m going to rerun it below for fun.  The biggest thing that’s changed in the months since the shoot is that the Better Homes & Gardens “Special Interest Publication” that I was featured in changed names, from Real-Life Kitchens & Baths to Kitchen + Bath Makeovers.  Here’s the cover of the issue I’m in:

BH&G Kitchen + Bath Makeovers Spring 2013 Issue


And without further ado, here’s the post that talks about the whole process:

Woohoo!  It’s done–except for waiting for the issue to come out.  The team from Better Homes & Gardens Real-Life Kitchens & Baths Magazine (say that five times, fast!) descended on Nashville last week and, after shooting some fabulous, high-end spaces, they came to my humble abode.  So what did I do?  Headed to Disney World, of course, with my family!

Real-Life Kitchens & Baths features kitchen redos done on a budget

Seriously.  I wasn’t here for what will probably be the one-and-only photo shoot of my entire lifetime.  Because as luck would have it, they decided to come to town during the ONLY week in the first half of 2012 when we had plans…plans we’d made last November, and paid for last December.  The hubby will be gone for work all summer, and next summer we’ll be moving again, which always means no vacation, so we didn’t have many options but just to go to Florida!

I called in reinforcements–two of my bestest friends, Carolyn and Andrea–and asked them if they could “be me” for the day.  Here they are:

Carolyn, Andrea, and me, at one of our military formals

We’re not normally dressed like aging prom queens…here’s a real-life snap:

Carolyn, me, and Andrea

Yes, we’re in a ladies’ rest room in the above picture.  Where else do you hang out with your girlfriends?!

So, these two dear friends drove to my house early in the morning to meet Bonnie Broten, the editor who “discovered” my shoestring-redo of a kitchen here at 11 Magnolia Lane (read the redo posts HERE and HERE, or check out our truly magazine-worthy old kitchen HERE).  She was accompanied by the photographer and the photographer’s assistant.  I had left them a sparkling clean kitchen and cleared the counters of everything that made it look like people actually USED the kitchen!

Prior to the shoot, I sent Bonnie lots of pictures of “props,” also known as “stuff I have collecting dust in my cupboards.”

She and the editors had decided on pink as the accent color to make my beige and white kitchen “pop.”

I left all the props on the dining room table, and left the crew and my girls some snacks and a fridge stocked full of water and soda.  Then I snuck out of town!

While the pantry wasn’t included in the shoot, I still feel like a new woman after tackling that dreadful space and making it awesome!

I can’t show any of their photos, of course, because that would spoil the surprise, but the girls did shoot a few behind the scenes snaps for me.

Carolyn and Andrea report that much of the work of a photo shoot involves lighting the shot, checking it again and again on the computer and having it approved via internet before snapping the final pic.  They texted me to get the password for our wireless network, but other than that, I didn’t hear a peep.

I love how the area that’s being photographed is *perfect* and there’s a perfect mess everywhere else!  That’s exactly what I do when I’m taking pictures!

Those gorgeous peonies were on their last legs when we made it home from Florida, but they sure were pretty in the shoot!

The pink cushions were just for the shoot…this is what I usually have on my chairs:

There were a few minor hitches, of course.  The valance over the kitchen sink took about an hour to get draped and folded just the way they wanted, and the seagrass pendant shade over my kitchen table was hanging just a little crooked.  Andrea weighed one side with a metal clamp from my husband’s workbench and all was well…

Not everybody was happy with the fact that our kitchen was going to be in Better Homes & Gardens.  The cat was most definitely pissed (there’s really no other word for it).  He wanted to sleep under my bed and access was DENIED all day long!

Angry Kitty!

In the end, the girls and I decided that it was probably God’s plan that I be out of town for the shoot because they’re not sure I would have handled it well (as if!).  I promised them that when their kitchens are photographed for BH&G, I will help out while they go to Florida to relax!

They’re not sure exactly which issue we’ll be in, but chances are that it will be Spring of 2013.  That timeline is typical–you always hear about magazines shooting Christmas spreads in May and June–but of course it’s hard to wait.

I can’t thank Bonnie and her team enough (and of course Carolyn and Andrea, too!) for all their efforts.

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Andrea Herrera says

    It looks BEAUTIFUL!!! Sooooo excited for you!!! I LOVED the pink cupcakes!! XO

  2. Wow, I wondered how they did those photo shoots. Thanks for sharing. I”ll have to find the magazine. Funny to say, but it makes me feel really good that they take so much time to make it just so perfect and that it ISN’T that perfect all the time.

    • Oh, heavens no, that’s the only time it’s EVER been that perfect! If you could see it right now you’d wonder what exploded in the middle of my kitchen! 🙂

  3. YEAH!!! Christy is the most famous designer I know in Nashvegas, all of us at CBS are proud of you! And as proud as you are, I get to call you my friend and not lie, I will be name dropping all town. Congratulations!


    • Same here Adriana! Links to everyone I know, (kind of). Christy, how did they know to accent with pink? 😉

      Actually, you are very talented and this is well deserved. Enjoy the spotlight!

      • Thanks, guys! I’ve loved having the chance to get to know you both in Bible study this year. And Janet, I guess they must have known that “pink is my signature color!” XOXO

  4. Yeah! That is awesome

  5. Debbie Nelson says

    Finally, I get to say I know someone famous…well, you know what I mean! Congratulations, Christy! Next, how about a beach house, that’s my ultimate dream, even if it’s not at the beach! Keep it coming!

  6. Denise Fraelich says

    I picked up the issue yesterday. Your kitchen is so gorgeous and of all the examples, yours was the best use of money and ingenuity. What an inspiration you are, I am so glad that I found your blog!

  7. congratulations, you are one talented woman!

  8. what color is that on your kitchen walls? Beautiful!

  9. Mendy–It’s Benjamin Moore’s Waynesboro Taupe. You can see more pictures and read the how-to’s here:

  10. Do you remember what tile you used for your kitchen? I’m trying to pick something that will match BM Dove White Cabinets.

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