My Front Entryway, Updated for Spring (Plus a Pillow Dilemma)

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spring front hall green rustic

Last week, I posted on our Facebook page that I left the house for the grocery store and somehow found myself leaving Home Goods a couple of hours later with $100 in throw pillows…but no toilet paper!  I had to borrow a couple of rolls from my neighbor that night, but the pillows are really cute.  See, people, it’s all just a question of priorities.

green geometric throw pillows

When we first moved into this house, I wrote a post on how to make your entryway organized and inviting.  Our laundry room is too small to be used as a mudroom or dropping point, so this space is important to me.  You can read that post {here} if you’d like.  Here’s what this area looked like then:

Front hall entryway decor

So you can see that I haven’t made any big changes, just spruced things up a bit for spring.  I added the lime green throw pillows, changed what was in the cloche, and added some dried hydrangeas in a thrift store champagne bucket.



dried hydrangeas

I have a darling new guest book that I ordered from a seller on Etsy, Jane at Nostalgic Imprints (stay tuned because I’m hoping she’ll do a giveaway for us soon).  I asked her to modify one of her wedding guest books for this old married lady who just happens to entertain a lot, and she was happy to do so.  It’s a decoration in and of itself:

guest book monogrammed

But then I realized that my gold glitter “B” and the “B” on the guest book were a little much right next to each other:


So I took the glittery “B” away and replaced it with a couple of old keys strung on twine:

old keys as decoration glass cloche

Much better!


Here’s the dilemma, though.  I like the lime green pillows, but I also really like these white and silver ones:


Neither set will go back to the store; there is a place for them all somewhere in my house.  The question is just, which set looks better here?



Or silver:





  1. I vote the green for spring!

  2. Green all the way! Makes it pop.

  3. Green for Spring – silver for winter

  4. Agreed, green for spring!!! But those silver are to die for.

  5. Green for Spring (but both are adorable!)

  6. I would definitely choose the green for Spring.

  7. Green! I love the styling of the whole space, genius. I hope one day my home will be as beautiful as yours. I just started blogging about it on we are in the early stage of remodeling a 1970s ranch home.

  8. The green! It adds a nice pop of color and ties into what you have under the cloche.

  9. Green for spring!

  10. Debbie Nelson says

    Christy, I use cheerful pear green pillows in my living room against a creamy cotton white couch. I also like to swap them out for burlap-styled pillows in the early fall. I like your silver pillows for the Christmas/New year season.

  11. The green pop better Christy, for a Spring statement anyway! I hope you have a blessed and precious Easter!

  12. I definitely think the green for spring, and summer, and even fall, but I would have SO much fun styling the silver ones for a monochromatic silver and white winter and Christmas season! 🙂

  13. No Question, the green ones!

  14. The Green:)

  15. Ann-Marie says

    Definitely the green!

  16. Ha–green wins, for sure! Thanks to everyone for your input!

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