My Daughter’s Favorite Fashion Ideas for Tween Girls-Lilly Pulitzer

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Tween girl fashion--coral pink, gold, and Lilly Pulitzer | 11 Magnolia LaneMy daughter is eleven, and she loves fashion like most sixth grade girls. Sometimes it’s a bit of a struggle when we disagree on what’s appropriate for her age, but for the most part she does a great job of being stylish, yet age-appropriate.

I thought it would be fun to share an outfit that she wore to church last Sunday. I posted it on Instagram and it was a big hit, so I do apologize if you follow us over there and find this redundant.

Here’s the backstory:  first, I don’t normally let the kids wear shorts to church.  Our church is very casual, but I grew up dressing up for church.  But since last weekend was a holiday weekend and we were rolling back and forth from Tybee Island, I allowed shorts.  Not that you care about all of that, anyway!

Here’s what she wore:

Tween girl fashion--coral pink, gold, and Lilly Pulitzer | 11 Magnolia Lane
The gold metallic sweater was a new purchase from the Lilly Pulitzer store (Palm Avenue) in downtown Savannah on Broughton Street.  It’s just a quick walk from her school and sometimes we poke in after dismissal.

Annabelle loves all things Lilly Pulitzer, but she finds their clothes a bit pricey for her budget, plus she wears uniforms five days a week.  I’m proud to say that she bought this sweater herself, with money earned from her dog sitting job.  She’s always been a hard worker, and has been a “professional” pet sitter for the past three years (she did a huge business as a noontime dog walker when we lived in Nashville and were homeschooling).  If I need cash, I borrow it from her, and her savings account is growing monthly.  🙂

So all that being said, she was thrilled that she was able to afford the sweater she wanted, and I think she’ll take extra good care of it since she bought it with her own hard-earned money.

She did a great job coordinating her outfit, and like her mama, she loves all things gold:

Tween girl fashion--coral pink, gold, and Lilly Pulitzer | 11 Magnolia Lane

We put together this inspiration board, using either the exact items in her outfit or the closest ones we could find.  For example, her shirt is from Gap Outlet and they might still have it in stores, but they don’t sell online.  So we found a similar one from Old Navy.  Then we added some coral pink pieces for great mix-and-match options.

Tween girl fashion--coral pink, gold, and Lilly Pulitzer | 11 Magnolia Lane

All of the above items are available here (scroll through using the arrows).


How easy is that?  If you have a preteen girl that you’re shopping for, this has the stamp of approval from Annabelle (and her mom)!

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  1. Debbie Nelson says

    What a doll, just like her mamma! Love the look! Tell her Julianna says hello!

  2. hi christy….love this post as i have a fashionista 10 year old granddaughter who loves clothes! i’m going to see about the cute shoes and target purse…but i couldn’t find the link for the pink/coral tee with gold writing… you know where i might find that?

    Judy (
    [email protected]

    • Hey Judy–This would be a great outfit for your granddaughter! The coral tee is linked, but for some reason the picture that shows up is of an off-white tee. Click on #8 of 8 in the widget (it will take you to Old Navy) and when you get to that page, just select coral as the color. Hope she loves it!

      • thank you christy….i showed this to my granddaughter this afternoon and she loves it….i’m going to see if i can find the top on line!

  3. I’ve got a eleven year old daughter too…and this is the first year she doesn’t need to wear a uniform! Could you tell where you found the cute gold polka dot shirt? Thank you for this post!

    • Aimee–the one that she’s wearing came from the Gap Outlet, and they don’t sell online, so we found a similar one at Old Navy that has cheetah spots on it. If you click on the one in the sources (I think it has gold palm trees on it?) the cheetah shirt is one of the different style options. Hope that helps you out!

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