Master Bathroom Reveal {part 1}

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I know I have been talking about this space forever! I thought I would pop in today and show off the state of our updated master bath. The sun came out for a few hours yesterday morning and I was able to snap some super quick photos–I had all of 5 minutes before we had to be at a dance rehearsal so they aren’t really even ‘styled’ but at least there was finally some natural light in the room. I think we’ve had 15 straight days of rain on the East Coast or something? That is unusual for us! The space is not 100% complete, we have some projects that should make the room look different when it’s all said and done.  All the blue accents will be gone in the end but I thought I’d show it as is and then, hopefully in a few weeks {when all the end of year school madness is over} I’ll finish it up and then I can show it off all over again :).

To start, here is a flashback to the before of our bath, which sat sadly in this condition for 2 years before I decided to just jump in and pull that darn huge mirror off the wall. You can read about that here, it made a huge difference as adding the two new HomeGoods mirrors gave our very builder basic bathroom a much-needed upgrade. {Similar mirrors are HERE}.



Above is what we started with–damaged walls, a huge white vanity, cream tile and the largest bathroom mirror ever! We updated to the two smaller mirrors and had the space painted {I typically paint myself but there are 4 doors, the shower/tub tile and the window and I just didn’t have it in me to deal with all that detail work}. The color is Functional Gray from the Sherwin Williams Pottery Barn collection. I will tell you I feel like it has slightly more brown than I wanted in the space, but that works well with both the white and the cream so overall it was a good choice.




It is hard to tell from the pictures but we have the design challenge of cream tile with a pure white vanity, and have with chrome fixtures. The nice thing is that it is a neutral space. A friend of mine with a design background made the point when I lamented the “boring” factor that the space could be much worse especially if I had a dark colored tile to work around. While we’d love to do a total bathroom overhaul {with a interest-worthy standalone tub, marble shower etc.} we recognize that we’re pretty much at the top of the market for our home already so that would not be a wise investment. Consequently, this ‘makeover’ was purely a cosmetic update, we focused on just polishing up what we already had.




After the painting was done, I reinstalled the two mirrors and added these rattan blinds {a larger version than the ones in our powder room}. With the less traditional decor changes I have planned  the ghost chair should mix in the space better. It was an affordable solution for a chair for the space, for now I am just happy to be able to sit down to put on my makeup 🙂




I also swapped out the chrome cabinet knobs for some inexpensive glass ones with some sparkle. These might see another upgrade down the road to something a little more dramatic, time will tell, I had these on hand already, and they look better then the plainer previous ones. A little sparkle never hurts 🙂




We did not do anything with the lights or the faucets, though again that might happen down the road. Since it is only my husband and I using the space and we probably won’t live here forever, I have other things that are higher on my house wish list 🙂




Getting ready to go out the first few times after the space was all done was such a treat. This room makes primping much more enjoyable now! I’ll be back once I get the last few things knocked out–somehow I have 3 room makeovers in the works right now–which is crazy but I’m sure I’ll catch up once school ends here in another week or two.


Master Bathroom in Functional Gray

Have a great weekend everyone!


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  2. Looks beautiful! I love, love the mirrors.

  3. Your space looks great! Would you mind sharing your source for the beach print? Thanks!

  4. Oh Amy, I love those mirrors and the Ghost chair! I also love the new blindand rug! So chic! Amazg how you transformed this space, enjoy!

  5. Love it!! Looks soooo inviting!

  6. Furniture Store Parker says

    absolutely gorgeous! thank you for sharing!

  7. I really like the new mirrors. Do they have brass & silver trim both? I wondered if you remember where you purchased them?

    • Hey, Angela–I’m jumping in to answer for Amy. The mirrors are from HomeGoods, but you can find similar ones here. They have champagne beading so they work with both brass and chrome fixtures. Hope that helps! Christy

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