It’s 5 O’clock at Magnolia Lane {Perfect Father’s Day Cocktail!}

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We’re kicking off a new Friday series today with a top-notch Father’s Day Cocktail Recipe.

Before I begin, I need to tell you a little about this drink. If you have been around here before you’ve heard my husband, Justin, is a pretty good bartender. He has “professional” experience 🙂 and I think he’s pretty talented at not just mixing up drinks but coming up with them, too. I always joke we tend to have people hang around at 5pm on weekend nights in hopes he’ll mix up something fun! At the end of this post, I will link to all his concoctions–they have been some of our most popular Pinterest hits.


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Today’s drink is special, Christy has been asking him to share it for awhile and I finally coaxed him into it. This is really “his” drink, when he makes himself a drink this is what he drinks and he’s made it for his friends and now they all drink it too. It’s not a “guys” only thing, some of the wives have also gotten hooked on it, I am just not a bourbon drinker but I hear its pretty darn good. I have even seen his recipe shared by friends of friends on Facebook so I know its pretty popular!

So, we’re sharing it with you all today to add a little cheer to your Father’s Day weekend.



The drink is fairly simple to make. A great trick is to mix it in mason jars {love them}, as you can skip over the whole cocktail shaker thing which simplifies things. My husband does things by “counts”–I try to change things to proportions to make it easier, but you can just adjust this to your taste. We are big have-one-strong-drink types and then stop–but if you want to have more than one, lighten them with less alcohol and more lemonade.

Ingredients and Directions:

  • Fill a regular sized mason jar with ice {crushed if possible}.
  • Pour 5 parts/counts Old Forester Bourbon {his favorite–use your preference of bourbon}.
  • Pour 3 parts/counts Peach Schnapps into jar.
  • Cover with lemonade {he uses Crystal Light, any lemonade is fine but well, he’d tell you to use Crystal Light lemonade!}.
  • Prepare lemon Slices for garnish.


Here is the drink “unmixed”. Simply screw the top of the jar on tightly and shake it up!



One of the reasons he hasn’t wanted me to share this drink is that we don’t have a fun name for it outside “Bourbon Peach Lemonade”. So we welcome a suggestion if you’ve got one!

We’ll be sharing a new “cocktail” and “mocktails” each Friday as part of our “5 o’clock at Magnolia Lane” series. You can view all our favorites on our Pinterest board HERE.

 Here are some of our other favorite drinks~

Salted Caramel Martini

Raspberry Martini

Classic Mojito

Strawberry Vodka Vojito

Whipped Apple Cider Martini

Tropical Vodka Fizz

We’ll be back next week with another tasty concoction just in time for 5 o’clock!

Here is the easy to pin image, just click the top left corner!


Cheers everyone! Thanks for stopping by…

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