Introducing–11 Magnolia Lane’s New Line of Organizational Products!

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I am SO excited! After months of work, brainstorming and designing today I am introducing the first in our new line of organizational tools. Just in time for back to school and our Operation: Organization series, I am launching our first printed product–the 11 Magnolia Lane Calendar Pad!



I have so much more to share about this product {and our others that are coming, like the student version and our simple + clean printables} but for today, we are pleased to introduce our Calendar Pad in hopes it will help you simplify your life, manage your time and feel less stressed.

Here is a super short video that will tell you all about this product and why it’s so easy to use. This is the first of several videos, this one is just a general overview about what the Calendar Pad is. I’ll have another one out shortly about tips and tricks for using these pads, and another on priorities and time management.


As I said in the video–there is one thing that is certain,  that we all have the same amount of hours in the day. Using our time efficiently, setting priorities and leaving time to relax and enjoy our families and free time can make such a difference in our overall perspective. There is so much more to come on all this, stay tuned!

About the pads:

These pads are professionally printed on a thick, quality, text paper.

Each pad has 50 pages for almost an entire year’s worth of organizing.

They are 11×14—oversized so you have plenty of room for all your activities, lists and priorities.

You can post them in a prominent place so they a great tool for the entire family.

They have a weekly calendar section, a daily dinner menu, a grocery list, a things to do list, a budget/bills section and a priorities section–so you can make sure that what you dedicate your time to is what is most meaningful to you.





You can use them in conjunction with your planner or on its own and they work beautifully with a phone calendar or app too. Personally, I still find it faster to write on my calendar than type in my phone, so this is a great time saver.


Once your to-do’s and lists are started, you just SNAP A PICTURE of the pad with your PHONE!


We all have our phones with us almost all of the time, so as you run around all week, just refer to the picture for your grocery list, your daily activities and remind yourself of details that will save time–like grabbing a gift while your at Target on Monday for that birthday party on Friday, saving another stop later in the week.

We hope you’ll love it! We also have a student version to help keep kids on track, and a series of home organizing printables to work in conjunction with this pad.


Stay tuned for more information and thank you for your support, and happy organizing!


See tips & tricks for using these pads HERE.

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To order your 50-page calendar pad, simply click the button below! 

You can also order a printable version of this pad {this one is sized to 8.5×11″ if you prefer that} and it will be delivered immediately if you can’t wait here! Click here for information on how to order the printable version.


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  1. So cute and functional…love the idea of snapping a pic of it with your phone!

  2. Awesome! Wish I’d had one when my kids were growing up!


  3. Ladies, this is just absolutely brilliant. Bravo for coming up with such a useful product. You #crushedit!!!!

  4. adriana esparta says

    Well done ladies!!! Once and again, thank you ;)0

  5. SO excited about this Amy!! Can’t wait to get my hands on it! I’m excited you are doing one for kids too! My girls could really use something like this. Have you ever thought about making one for blogging? I’d love a large pad like this where I could schedule posts and brainstorm ideas. Just a thought. 😉 Thanks cutie! xo

  6. I’m excited about your new products and love seeing what’s new on the blog. I swoon over so much!!

  7. Love this!! But I do wish I could get a version that has lines.

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