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Last week Terry and I got ourselves a babysitter and went off on a field trip to IKEA. I was in search of new family room curtains (you can read about my Ballard failure HERE) and some more storage to make my soon-to-be “for sale” house less cluttered. Terry is creating a fabulous kid/art/storage/learning center in her basement (maybe that was still a secret?) Anyway…its going to be AMAZING, but I will let her tell you more on that soon.

We had a great time. IKEA can be so very overwhelming, so we didn’t linger too long in the areas that didn’t have what we were trying to focus on. This is, to me, the only way to deal with the place –when you suffer from Design ADD like I do– unless you want to never accomplish anything and feel overwhelmed at the end of the day. Of course when this happens I am also strangely inspired by all the cheap creative design ideas that run around in my head upon leaving the place!

Here are some of the quick snaps I took of what I was impressed with this trip. (sorry for I-phone photos in the strange IKEA lighting)

I LOVE this new white furniture…I really would like this glassed in Armoire in my daughter’s room. Its really an adaptable piece that will work as she grows, and I think it was only around $300? And it has a matching dresser too.


Back Camera

And this bookcase wall could work anywhere, what great storage. And I have always loved these chaise lounges…my bedroom really needs one, I think…


Back Camera

In the kitchen section, I loved both of these …the gray subway tile was so fresh paired with their white cabinets. I could also see this in a yellow/white/gray kitchen, which is so popular right now.


Back Camera

And…for those that don’t like the idea (or work involved) of painting older cabinets, new IKEA cabinets are a great option. These black cabinets were really nice looking, and they would work great in an office space too. (like my black and beige office space, maybe?)


Back Camera


I did find curtains, they have a great selection…I will be back with a post on my family room update, we are two weeks and counting on listing the house for sale. I have a TON to do!

More info on these products can be found here:


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