How to DIY Wood Prayer Beads for Decoration

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This is such an easy project, it almost doesn’t need a tutorial but I thought I’d share how I made my own set of prayer beads with you all today.



I have been seeing these pretty bead garlands all over Instagram and in home decor pictures and knew it would be nice to have my own set. I looked at some on ETSY (a great option if you aren’t into crafting things or are too busy, a good selection is HERE), but it seemed like something that I could easily make myself. Also, we have had this beautiful stone cross since my daughter’s baptism so this was the perfect way to display it.



Obviously, as a Christian, the cross has significance to me, but these are primarily decorative. I did google the history of these beads and found that they really have a history in a number of religions. They obviously have some resemblance the Catholic rosary, but I just like the way they look spilling out of a bowl on my coffee table or displayed on a tray.



Making these was a super simple project, I did make a mistake that made it a little more difficult so definitely don’t do what I did. I picked up the wood beads at Hobby Lobby, but when I got home I found I had purchased beads that didn’t have holes drilled all the way through them. What the what? I had no intention of going all the way back to the store so I got out our drill and simply drilled the rest of the way through.



While that wasn’t hard, it was aggravating so definitely be sure you buy beads with holes completely through them. Shortly after, I found some at Michaels (pictured below) that would work perfectly or you can get this set HERE (probably the best price especially if you have Prime).



I used a simple jute string, I wrapped some scotch tape around the end of the string to make it easier to poke the string through the holes.  I started by making a simple knot in between each bead thinking it would give the strand more stability {so they wouldn’t move around} but about halfway through I realized I liked the tighter look and stopped doing that. It went much faster at that point.



I used 20 large beads then added two smaller beads at each end, then the stone cross (which just happened to be perfectly proportional). I don’t have a source for that cross, but there are similar wood ones on ETSY here. You can also use a simple tassel (like these here) for a similar polished look, I plan to add one of those to the other end. I had simply knotted that end, but I think it needs something to finish it off even though often the end is hidden in a bowl.



Such a simple project, it took less than an hour and I am sure they will be on repeat in decor photos from here on out. I did take these pictures in the sunroom at our rental house, which hasn’t been seen here on the blog before. I have our white IKEA couch in here (with a new white slipcover), it was in our library in our last home.  Below are the other sources for this room. It is a pretty light-filled space at the back of our home.



Enjoy your Sunday friends!




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Our posts contain affiliate links.  If you make a purchase after clicking on these links, we will earn a small commission, which helps to keep our content free.  You don’t pay a cent more than you would otherwise, since that would be tacky! Please see our full disclosure policy here.

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  1. Love how it turned out. I made a set a couple months ago. And yes, check the beads…I originally picked up the ones you did and was glad I realized the holes were not all the way through before I left the store 😉 I really want to make another using a cross at the end. Had a hard time finding one I liked.

  2. Ashley Pera says

    Love this project AND THE VASE… may I ask where its from?

    • Hi Ashely, thank you. I actually got that at a small garden center here in Virginia that sells decorative items, I know that doesn’t help but I will keep my eyes open and link to one if I find something similar! XO, Amy

  3. FYI, Home Essentials & Beyond Etched Honeycomb Candle Holder in Gold at Bed, Bath & Beyond looks exactly like your vase.

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