Holiday Wreath Giveaway with Lynch Creek Farm

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11 Magnolia Lane 2018 Holiday Home Tour | Christy's House

The Bah Hum Bug Wreath

We just wrapped up another incredible week of blogger holiday homes, it seems each year they get prettier than the last. If you missed it the tour starts here with Christy’s holiday home and wrapped up yesterday with my new home decorated for the holidays. To celebrate the end of our tour, which was sponsored by Lynch Creek Farm, we get to giveaway one of their beautiful wreaths to one lucky winner!

We’ve collaborated with this company as part of our Holiday Tour of Homes for the last several years, and each year we’ve each gotten to showcase one of their beautiful holiday wreaths or centerpieces in our homes. It’s always a treat to open the box and see and smell the incredibly fresh evergreens. I often send their products as gifts too, they seem to be the gift that makes everyone happy!



Majestic Magnolia Wreath

To enter to win one of the wreaths just use the Rafflecopter widget below. You just need to log-in and then comment with the wreath of your choice (either the Majestic Magnolia shown above on my (Amy’s) door or the Bah Humbug shown at the top in Christy’s house) and then follow the bonus entry instructions. We’ll announce the giveaway this Friday to be sure the winner will receive their wreath just in time for the holidays!


a Rafflecopter giveaway


Good luck everyone!



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  1. http://JudyCinNC says

    Majestic Magnolia is my choice wreath because you can do so much with it.

  2. http://Maureen says

    I think that the Holiday Pick up wreath is just darling.

  3. http://Kevin says

    I’d go with the Majestic Magnolia. Really nice.

  4. http://Erika%20Loescher says

    Majestic Magnolia for my front door!

  5. Majestic Magnolia

  6. http://mami2jcn says

    I’d love the Majestic Magnolia wreath.

  7. http://Courtney%20Giles says

    Beautiful wreaths!! And the blue door is absolutely amazing!

  8. http://Susie%20Wilcox says

    The Majestic Magnolia wreath is beautiful! I would love to put it on my new sunroom door.

  9. http://Cindy%20A. says

    I would choose Two Turtle Doves.

  10. http://Karen%20Carter says

    Love Christy’s Bah Humbug!!!??

  11. http://Luanne%20Lawler says

    The Winter Radiance is beautiful.

  12. http://Melanie%20Mammina says

    Majestic magnolia!!!???

  13. http://Cindy%20Thomason says

    I’d love to win the Majestic Magnolia wreath. Thanks!

  14. http://Megan%20Cooper says

    I love the majestic magnolia wreath! That would be my choice if I won your awesome giveaway.

  15. http://Suzanne%20F. says

    I love Majestic Magnolia!

  16. http://Mindy says

    Bah Humbug Wreath! I will add some red and white decorations, since I am going with a candy cane theme this year.

  17. http://Lauren%20H says

    I like the country Christmas wreath.

  18. http://Heidi%20M%20Colton says

    I would love the majestic magnolia!

  19. http://Betsy%20Barnes says

    If I won, I would choose the Red Deluxe – 26″ wreath.

  20. http://Angela%20Hendricks says

    I love the Bah Humbug wreath! So pretty!

  21. http://Kendra%20Nay says

    Majestic Magnolia fits my décor style the best. Thanks for the giveaway.

  22. http://Vicky%20Motter says

    I love the Ba Hum Bug wreath.

  23. http://Meloni%20Simpson says

    I love the majestic magnolia WREATH.


  24. http://latanya says

    the Country christmas

  25. http://Suzanne%20Douglass says

    I love your blog and the giveaways y’all do!

  26. http://nancy%20Hrba says

    Majestic Magnolia is my choice!

  27. http://Lori%20H says

    Bah Humbug! 🙂

  28. http://renee says

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE majestic magnolia WREATH. IT reminds ME OF MY home IN Louisiana.
    merry Christmas TO EVERYONE!

  29. It would be hard to say no to the majestic magnolia! THANK Y’ALL FOR THE CHANCE TO WIN. EVERY BLESSING TO YOU!

  30. http://Beverly%20Beard says

    The majestic magnolia wreath is beautiful

  31. http://Tina%20Sofio says

    I love the Majestic Magnolia Wreath! I bet it smells good, too!

  32. http://Nicole%20Terrill says

    The Majestic Magnolia Wreath is Gorgeous! It would look amazing, and unique, on my door here in coastal California!

  33. http://Kerry%20Masoner says


  34. http://Jessica%20Ponder says

    Both of these are beautiful!!!

  35. http://Jessica%20Ponder says

    Oops forgot to say that if I have to pick I prefer the Majestic Magnolia! ❤️

  36. http://Alyce%20Mathias says

    Madgestic Magnolia is my choice!

  37. http://Audra says


  38. http://Linda%20Medina says

    Majestic Magnolia – beautiful! Merry Christmas, Christy and Amy!

  39. http://Karenila says

    The Magnolia wreath is perfect! thank you amy and christy!!!!

  40. http://Nancy says

    Being from the South but not living in the South makes me miss magnolias,so I would love to have the magnolia wreath.

  41. http://Ashley says

    Majestic magnolia

  42. http://RuthAnn%20Copin says

    They are both beautiful, but my favorite is the Majestic Magnolia . Thanks for this chance to win. Have a wonderful holiday!!

  43. http://Kathy%20price says

    Majestic magnolia

  44. http://Claudia%20m says

    Bah humbug!! I love the simplicity of it!!

  45. http://Becky says

    Love the magestic magnolia wreath!

  46. http://carol%20clark says

    Majestic Magnolia wreath

  47. http://Kim says

    I can’t decide! They are both fabulous! Ok, I guess the Bah Humbug!

  48. I have enjoyed Lynch Creek Farms wreaths before.They are all beautiful.

  49. http://phyllis%20henry says

    I would love the Bah Humbug wreath and love the beauty of the greenery!

  50. http://Cindy%20Morris says

    Majestic magnolia

  51. http://Miriam%20Beecher says

    I would love the Majestic Magnolia Wreath. It’s very classic.

  52. Would love any of the wreaths

  53. http://Patricia%20C says

    I love the Majestic Magnolia Wreath

  54. http://Tammie%20N. says

    I’d choose the Majestic Magnolia wreath. So beautiful!

  55. http://Lori%20Q says

    Majestic Magnolia is perfect for my front door!
    Thanks for the inspirational Tour!! Enjoyed it so much!

  56. http://Rebecca%20Whitacre says

    I love the Majestic Magnolia Wreath.

  57. http://Sharon%20H says

    So beautiful how you have decorated your house for Christmas! Those wreaths are to die for! Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  58. http://Carrie%20Purkis says

    They are both beautiful. but i like the looks of the magnolia Wreath better.

  59. http://Susan%20Jackson says

    Majestic Magnolia would be my choice!

  60. http://ruby says

    Bah hum bug wreath for me! the name alone is so darling.

  61. http://Julie says

    That bah hum bug wreath is adorable!

  62. http://Marti says

    Love the Majestic Magnolia.

  63. http://Ruth%20Gamble says

    I love them all but my favorite is the Majestic Magnolia……

  64. http://Gloria%20Richards says

    I love the “majestic magnolia’ wreath. it is so pretty and so festive. you know it’s the holiday season when something like this wreath greets you at the door. This wreath definitely says “enjoy the season”.!!!!

  65. http://Beverly%20Ozburn says

    The majestic magnolia wreath is absolutely gorgeous!

  66. http://Nora%20Wiley says

    I live in Colorado but the Majestic Magnolia would be my choice to honor my southern roots. It is very beautiful.

  67. http://Peggy%20Johnson says

    Majestic Magnolia Wreath would be my choice. So pretty !

  68. http://lani says

    Majestic Magnolia wreath

  69. http://Jeremy%20McLaughlin says

    Like the magnolia wreath.

  70. http://Julie%20Waldron says

    I’d choose THE Majestic Magnolia wreath.

  71. http://Tracie%20Cooper says

    I love Winter Adventure wreath!

  72. http://Betty%20Roberts says

    I would choose the Majestic magnolia wreath its gorgeous!

  73. http://Brandi%20Venard says

    They are both beautiful, but I would choose Bah Humbug!?

  74. http://Mary%20Gardner says

    I would choose the Majestic Magnolia wreath.

  75. http://Heidi says

    I would choose the Majestic Magnolia wreath!

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