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I have been on a bit of a shopping kick recently–I guess it’s the warm weather but something is making me want to update everything in my closet and then plan all sorts of fun things to go out and do so I have places to wear everything. Of course with Mother’s Day around the corner, I might also be dropping hints to my husband about some things that might be nice. In actuality, my birthday is just before Mother’s Day so I usually get a less-than-stellar Mother’s Day, my husband is usually burned out on spoiling me by the time Sunday rolls around!  I am not complaining, it’s fun to have both days to celebrate together right when the weather is getting warm, and this is by far my favorite time of year.

Here are some of the things that have turned my head this week–and just might be sitting in my online shopping cart waiting for me {or someone who loves me} to click “purchase”.

These Michael Kors white jeans are a great price, and I don’t think you can go wrong with a great pair of white jeans. I have been looking around for a casual pair and after a few misses these might be just the ones.




I have been dropping hints all spring that this Lilly top is the #1 item on my wish list for my birthday. I made sure to share it with my Mom, since she’s the best at listening to my hints! Fingers crossed it’s coming my way, it’s so fresh and lightweight and would be perfect with a pair of white pants for an evening out. Our area has weekend “twilight” Polo matches, and attending one or more of them is on my summer bucket list–this top would be perfect!



I always love to see what Sarah’s Wednesday Watch list features each week and I immediately fell in love with this scarf she just shared. I truly believe pom-pom fringe makes everything better! I may not be able to resist ordering this for myself in case my husband “forgets” about Mother’s Day–just as a precaution, of course.




Last Fall I got hooked on the convenience of a cross-body purse. I think this fun one from Target is a great summer accessory, and it’s from Target, so it’s well-priced. It comes in a bunch of cute colors, but since it would match that top above, I am leaning towards the aqua!

imgSince you can never have too many purses, and I love Kate Spade, here is another really cute bag. I have been browsing her site recently looking for a new summer tote to add to my collection. This is the one I currently have my eye on for this summer– it’s hard to pick from all the cute ones but the pink and white stripe is too fun.



I grabbed this Denim jacket last week as we headed out of town for the weekend with an unseasonably cold weather forecast ahead. I was pleasantly surprised at how soft this jacket is and how well it fits, it would be great to throw on over a sundress for a chilly evening.  I would caution that it runs on the snug side–as in nice for summer but you might not be able to layer it over a sweater.  It is on sale for $32 so it’s a great buy {and Old Navy frequently has discounts running on the top of the home page, so check for that as well}.




In other news beyone fashion, Emily Ley unveils her new line of Planners on May 6th. I have been thinking about trying one of her planners next. I like my Day Designer quite a bit, but am always game to make sure that I am not missing out on another organizer that would of course, keep me totally 100% on track (as-if) and therefore completely change my life. Rumor has it they sell out quickly though, so mark your calendar if you want one!



And a final note to share: Cinco de Mayo is next week so here is one more reminder on how to make the Best.  Margarita. Ever. The recipe is in this post Here ..this drink was so good it may or may not have contributed to my marrying my husband, if that gives you some idea. Enjoy!


Best  ever margarita recipe


Ok, I’d love to hear what I am missing out on, what are your favorites for Spring?

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  1. I must say that I love the outfit with the M.K. white jeans and the Lily top….beautiful…..Love Kate Spade…just bought one of her purses….

  2. Thanks for the shout out! I got the scarf today and LOVE it!! Can’t wait to try your margaritas. And I love that aqua crossbody!

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