Family Photos and Our We’ve Moved Cards

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Minted New Years We've Moved Cards

• We partnered with Minted on this post and they provided me with my NY cards; all opinions are my own. • Our posts contain affiliate links.  If you make a purchase after clicking on these links, we will earn a small commission, which helps to keep our content free.  You don’t pay a cent more than you would otherwise, since that would be tacky! Read our full disclosure policy here. •

This is the third year that I’ve partnered with Minted on my Christmas cards, but the funny thing is that my timeline keeps shifting to the right.  In 2015, I actually sent out Christmas cards (more about them here) in the month of December:

Minted Christmas Card 2015

{2015 Christmas Card}

Last year, I decided to mail New Year’s cards {read about those here}. December is already way too busy, and anything I can do to minimize the crazy and maximize time with family and friends is a good thing.

My mother, who was a very wise woman, always told me that New Year’s cards are nicer, anyway, because people enjoy getting them in January when they really have time to enjoy them.

Minted New Years Cards and a $250 Giveaway

This year, my cards barely qualify as New Year’s cards, although since they’ll be in everyone’s mailboxes before the end of January, I can still technically count them as such. Right?

Aren’t they cute?

Minted New Years We've Moved Cards

The design we chose is called Heart Home {here}

One of the things I love about Minted is that if you like their template, you can just leave it as-is (colors, fonts, etc.).  But you can also completely customize based on your needs, so obviously I added the (s) to “Home(s)” and we listed both of our addresses at the bottom.

While most years we just use a snapshot for our cards, this year we had legit family photos taken.  My good friend, Kate, just moved close by.  She and her husband were our neighbors in Savannah, and it’s always so much fun when we get to reconnect with amazing people.  She’s also an incredibly talented photographer (if you’re local, her website is here, and yes, that’s my daughter on her website.  Didn’t her photos turn out great?!).

Here’s another one she took of Annabelle (I had it mounted on canvas for my husband for Christmas for his apartment in Kansas):

Photo credit: Katherine Bowman Photography

We had a fun (and freezing) photoshoot in downtown Southern Pines with Kate, while Chris was home visiting for Christmas, and these are the two that made the New Year’s cards:

Minted New Years We've Moved Cards

At the train station:

Minted New Years We've Moved Cards

{Recognize my pearl twist necklace? It’s here}

I also kind of love this one of me and my honey:

Minted New Years We've Moved Cards

Anyway, back to the cards.  I stuck with 5 x 7 this year (you can do 4 x 6 or even postcards of most of their designs) and regular paper.  Their extra thick paper is amazing, but their signature paper (which I used) is thick and beautiful.

Minted New Years We've Moved Cards

You can customize the back of the card however you want, and I usually choose one of the options that allows me to add a little bit of family news.

Minted New Years We've Moved Cards

One reason I will always be brand-loyal to Minted is because of their Address Assistant that stores all of my addresses.  I HATE writing several hundred addresses on my envelopes, and now I just log onto my account, update the addresses of friends who have moved (those would be our military friends, mostly!), and put a check box next to the ones who should get a printed envelope.  I originally uploaded them as a spreadsheet and it has saved me dozens of hours over the past three years.

While they have a suggested address design for each card, you can choose whichever one you want.

Minted New Years We've Moved Cards

I also opted for printed return address this year, but I love their Skinnywrap address labels and order those most years:

I almost ordered this card because it’s so funny, but I wanted to use more than one photo.

| Guestroom New Address Card |

I did not ask for a proof from one of their graphic designers, so my cards shipped within 48 hours of my ordering them, and were in my mailbox in less than a week. Today I’ll be stuffing envelopes and stamping them with the kids!

Minted New Years We've Moved Cards

If you still need to order your New Year’s cards (no judgment!), use coupon code HAPPY2018 for 20% off your order (or click HERE for all of their current promotions). If you have kids who are still young enough to exchange Valentine’s Day cards, their classroom valentines are absolutely *adorable* (see them here) and they ship free with coupon code SHIPVDAY.

Thanks, Minted!  Next we’ll be working on my son’s graduation announcements (sniff sniff). Fortunately, they have a huge selection.

Thanks for stopping by~


Final New Christy headshot 2015
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  1. Christy, the cards are beautiful. I just received a New Year’s card from one of my dearest friends, and I love it. I have another friend who is a young mom of 3 darling little girls. Every year she sends Valentine’s cards with a sweet picture of the girls along with a “love” Bible verse. I always look forward to receiving them. And the family pictures are gorgeous. I especially love the one of Annabelle. Incredible.

    • Hey, Lauren–
      I like the Valentine’s Day card idea a lot–and wouldn’t an Easter card be wonderful, too? The possibilities are endless…bottom line is that I think I’ve broken the “Christmas card” habit and will just do them at another time of year. It’s so much less stressful!!

      Thanks for the kind words about our photos, too. It was extra-special to have them made this year with Chris being so far away.

  2. Love those cards and your family is beautiful!

  3. the cards and photographs are gorgeous!!!

    • Thanks, Shirley! It was a little more special than usual to have our photos done this year with Chris being away; I was so thankful to have the opportunity.

  4. christy,
    these photos of your family are beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing

  5. Gorgeous family!

  6. I always look forward to your posts. But, I hope that future posts wont be about your children. and their accomplishments. I love the pictures about your home, They are so beautiful ..

  7. Great pictures, I love they are natural and fun.
    Happy New Year.
    Let’s get Harley and Mia together soon.

  8. Marion Dourte says

    Thanks for the idea of new year’s cards – I had planned to do holiday cards with new address but a short stay in hospital changed the schedule – so now i’ll send new years with new address. thanks so much.

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