Fall Housecleaning with the SteamMachine

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This post is sponsored by HomeRight and I’m proud to be a HomeRight ambassador.  All opinions are my own.

While it certainly doesn’t feel like fall right now in North Carolina, we are just a few short weeks away from cooler temperatures and a transition back to indoor living.  This is the time of year when I like to do a deep house cleaning in preparation for the holidays (and cold and flu season!).Fall housecleaning with the HomeRight SteamMachine | 11 Magnolia Lane

Whenever possible I opt to use natural and/or homemade cleaning products, so I’ve developed my own DIY home cleaning recipes {see them here}.  When I use those cleaners along with my HomeRight SteamMachine, I’m able to keep my house clean and sanitized without using lots of harsh chemicals.

HomeRight SteamMachine


If you haven’t used the power of steam to clean and sanitize your home, learn more about the incredibly versatile SteamMachine {here}, or shop for your own {here}. As we do every time we share a HomeRight post, we’re hosting a giveaway at the end of this blog post so you can enter to win your very own SteamMachine.

Fall housecleaning with the HomeRight SteamMachine | 11 Magnolia Lane

The SteamMachine is so useful in the kitchen.  It’s 290° steam is hot enough to sterilize every surface, from countertops to floors.  Add the wire brush attachment to clean the ring of gunk from around the faucet of your kitchen sink and scrub grout lines in tile floors and backsplashes.  If you have baked-on goo in your microwave or oven, the SteamMachine knocks that out in seconds.  I even use mine to clean my coffee maker, which always seems to need it desperately.

Fall housecleaning with the HomeRight SteamMachine | 11 Magnolia Lane

Using the power of steam to clean a bathroom is a no-brainer, since this is one of the germiest and dirtiest areas of the house.  Just like in your kitchen, you can use the SteamMachine to clean your faucets, countertops, tile, and grout.  If you have glass shower doors and hard water, then the SteamMachine will clean soap scum and hard water stains off your doors in no time {read more about this process in this post}.

If nasty gunk has accumulated around the bottom of the toilet, the jet nozzle cleans and sterilizes every nook and cranny.

Tile flooring and wall tiles in the shower can be deep cleaned using the large cleaning brush attachment to remove dirt and grime.  Follow with the chenille mop pad and the brass utility brush for scrubbing grout, and your tile will look new again!

Fall housecleaning with the HomeRight SteamMachine | 11 Magnolia Lane

In the bedroom, the SteamMachine cleans grime and dust off of baseboards using the jet nozzle followed with a wipe down with a cleaning rag.  Mattresses, furniture and pillows can be steamed to kill dust mites.

I try to wash my drapes twice a year, but I can’t stand ironing them after they’ve been washed.  The SteamMachine knocks wrinkles out so I don’t have to iron, and for my nicer sets that are dry clean only, it takes the place of an expensive trip to the dry cleaner.  Don’t even bother to take them down–just steam them on the rod!

In the closet, the SteamMachine is a perfect clothes steamer for fabrics that can’t tolerate being ironed.

Fall housecleaning with the HomeRight SteamMachine | 11 Magnolia Lane

My living room cleaning checklist includes steaming furniture and pillows to remove spots, stains, and odors.  I also use it to spot clean rugs; we have pets and kids and it seems like there’s always something to clean up!

In the fall, I like to use the SteamMachine to tackle the dust and grime on our vinyl window blinds.  The drapes are next, followed by the baseboards, and then we’re ready for company!

Fall housecleaning with the HomeRight SteamMachine | 11 Magnolia Lane

Last but not least, I thought I’d mention the most obvious use for a steamer–to remove wallpaper!  During the fall months, I’ll often take on several home improvement projects to get our home ready to host guests for the holidays, and one year, that project list included removing dated wallpaper.  I couldn’t have done it without my HomeRight SteamMachine.  {Read more about removing wallpaper using the SteamMachine here}

I really do use my SteamMachine throughout the house, and love how versatile and easy to use it is.  Enter our most recent giveaway for your very own SteamMachine below, and good luck!

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  1. I need to clean the grout in my bathroom!

  2. http://Nicole%20C says

    I’d use it in the bathroom. Our grout needs a deep clean and I can’t find anything that really works.

  3. Have spent the last three months out of town helping a sick relative. I’m sure my house could really use steam cleaning when I get home this week!

  4. http://JILL%20NELSON says

    My son has a new to him car. it desperately needs a complete steam clean!

  5. http://Pamela%20Williams says

    I need to steam my husband, he is always bringing drity shoes in the house

  6. http://Kathi says

    Commenting for my sister Kathi “the kitchen”.

  7. http://Patricia%20l says

    We are moving soon and the Homeright could make quick work of cleaning old and new houses!

  8. http://phyllis%20henry says

    I just want to attach the whole house…but will start in the kitchen!

  9. http://Patty%20H says

    I never thought to do a deep clean in the fall…great idea! gonna get tackling my house!

  10. http://Tracie%20M says

    I would start with my kids’ bathroom and then tackle the rest of my house!

  11. http://JudyCinNC says

    Who knew you could do all of that. Enter me!

  12. http://Tammie%20N. says

    I would clean my three bathrooms first. I’d love to see what difference it would make with the dirty-looking grouT. Since one of those bathrooms has wallpaper that was painted over by the previous owners, it would be interesting to see how well it works.

  13. http://Kathy says

    First, I need to clean bathroom tile.

  14. http://Donna says

    Bathrooms! All 3 need a deep clean!

  15. http://Sue%20Leake says

    I would love it for our bathrooms. I also think it would work nice in my beauty shop.

  16. http://Adecia says

    I need a steam machine!!

  17. http://Jo%20Kathryn%20Maddox says

    I need to clean the kitchen!

  18. Moving into new home and last move with military so would love to steam clean mattresses and furniture steam clean floors and bathrooms in house make it fresh and my own 😉

  19. http://Katie says

    I have tile and grout that could use a good steam clean.

  20. http://Terri%20hale says

    I do daycare after reading your blog I think I need one for cleaning everything!

  21. I would love this product…i hate using so many chemicals. Would be a wonder in my old bathrooms!

  22. The grout in my shower is begging for a steam cleaning.

  23. http://Patricia%20C says

    I need to clean my entire bathroom, tiles, toilet, tub and sink

  24. http://Jan%20R says

    We are remodeling a 1959 house with wallpaper everywhere – even on the ceiling!

  25. http://Kristin%20Lynne%20Aukema says

    Thanks for sharing your blog. Reading it has become my nightly before bed ritual. The steamer looks amazing! I’d love to get one for myself to use on my furniture and our teenage sons to use on their bathroom…a germaphobes nightmare!

  26. http://Angela says

    I need to remove some old wall paper in my bathroom. It would be a big help. (I can’t get the cap lock off…..I’m not shouting)?

  27. http://Heidi says

    I need to clean the tile in all of my bathrooms!

  28. http://Susie%20Wilcox says

    I have a tile floor in my bathroom that needs the grout cleaned. I also like the idea of cleaning the shower doors.

  29. http://TracyK says

    This would be a very useful tool to have!

  30. http://CAROL%20MOORE says

    Looks like it would be great to clean sliding door tracks!

  31. Love to use this on my kitchen tile grout!

  32. http://Deborah says

    I need this for my shower!

  33. http://Leiah says

    My drapes and upholstered sofas, for sure!!!

  34. http://Heidi%20Gurley says


  35. http://casey says

    I’m looking forward to cleaning tile!! After that the living room furniture 🙂

  36. http://Dulce%20Medina says

    I’ve been wanting to clean my living room because i had the great idea to buy light gray couches and with two children, you can imagine how they are now 🙁 I’d love to win it so my living room looks great again 🙂

  37. I would really like to give it a try on our smoker grill!!

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