Fall Engagement Party {Apple Cider Bar}

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apple cider bar

I recently hosted an Engagement Party at my parents’ home (who were gracious enough to let us borrow their home for a night) for a very special couple {my brother-in-law and now sister-in-law!}

My original idea for the party was to have it outside with a “Fall” theme.  We hosted it at my parents home, which is convenient to most of the guests including the Bride & Groom.  Our perfectly laid plan was to make use of my parents lovely porch, but the weather was cold and very windy that night, so inside we went.

The “fun” element of the party was the Apple Cider Bar we set up. Since we thought we’d be outside, the hot apple cider would have been the perfect warm treat. Even inside, it still was fun to concoct a few new drinks–and even led to the birth of the now almost famous {thank you Pinterest!} Whipped Apple Cider Martini.

mason jars for apple cider bar

Since I had planned the menu expecting to need food to help keep everyone warm, I made a few last minute changes like skipping serving soup and instead serving small sandwiches. Mostly I wanted to keep my stress level down so I kept the menu really simple–sandwiches, spinach & artichoke dip, roasted orzo pasta salad, and brie with cranberry topping (thank you, Wegman’s).

fall engagement party menu

 My husband was unsure that anyone would bypass traditional cocktail drinks for the Apple Cider Bar initially, but it turned out to add something really fun to the mix. Everyone enjoyed creating their drink –or in many cases, putting my ex-bartender husband to good use mixing something yummy up for them, which he happily did.

mason jar apple cider

Another wise choice on my end was employing Terry’s baking skills to make the most delicious apple spice cupcakes, some guests even asked if they were “real” they were so beautiful, and they tasted just as good. (Isn’t that a great friend? Thanks Terry for the delicious dessert!)

Delicious Apple Cupcakes

Delicious Apple Cupcakes

All in all it was wonderful to celebrate the beginning of my brother-in-law and future sister-in-law’s life together and it is always nice to have an evening to catch up with family and friends.

And, a special note on Veteran’s Day, my family sends out our deepest thanks to all of you who serve this great country! Have a great day…

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  1. What a wonderful party!!! I bet everyone had a great time. You are so creative.

    Janet xox

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