Easy DIY Magnolia Wreath for the Holidays

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diy magnolia wreath tutorial

I am running behind in holiday mode this year thanks to my daughter’s birthday celebration this weekend {I hope to show my party preparations at the end of the week} but I did get as far as my front door wreath–which I will show you at the end of the post. First, I wanted to jump back in time and share how easy it was to make this DIY magnolia wreath.

When Christy lived in this gorgeous home a few years ago, I left from a visit with an armload of magnolia leaves from the beautiful tree {that you can just barely see!} in the corner of this picture.

Having seen this article in Southern Living featuring these gorgeous wreaths I wanted to try to make one for myself, and it was really SO easy!

{click here for article/source}

Here is the stash of Magnolia’s that came home with us wrapped in wet paper towels stuck plastic bags in the back of the car. {No, my husband doesn’t even ask “why?” anymore!}

To create the wreath, I used a very simple foam wreath form and stuck the stems of the leaves directly in it. So, so easy…

Here is the end result. For basically a few minutes’ time, the cost of a wreath form, and  the bounty of a prolific magnolia tree shared by a friend, I got a beautiful door decoration for the holidays.

Sadly, I don’t have access to that lovely tree this year, but here is what I have on my door now. I found these boxwood wreaths at Home Depot for $15, added some burlap and one of my favorite chalkboards.

So what’s on your door this year?




  1. Is that fresh boxwood?

  2. What a great idea that I could do with the overgrown boxwood bushes in our front yard! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I have a massive and ancient magnolia in my yard and I was trying to think of ways to make a wreath with it! How long did yours stay green?

  4. Denise Roberson says

    Is there anything special that you have to spray on the leaves to coat and protect them? Also, how long do the leaves keep their color? Thanks for sharing your creation!!!

    • Hi Denise,

      That is a great question, and I know there are things you can spray on them to preserve the leaves but I have not done it that way. I just made it, and it lasted through the season. I would say I got at least 3 weeks out of the wreath, maybe longer? I know there are ways to preserve the leaves, but I didn’t go that route. Sorry not to be more help! Thanks for visiting.

  5. can you use tulip magnolia leaf

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