Easy {and Cheap!!} Kids’ Summer Craft: Bandana Flip Flops

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Bandana flip flops--easy project for kids

My favorite kind of tutorial is the kind that’s only one or two steps long…and this craft fits the bill.  You can pretty much look at the picture and figure it out!  And, best of all, this is a craft that middle to upper elementary school girls can do on their own with minimal assist from mom.

Thanks to my dear friend, Andrea, who introduced me to these cute flip flops years ago.

Gather your supplies:

1.  A pair of rubber flip flops in the appropriate size (ours were $1.99 at Hobby Lobby, although they go on 50% off sale every few weeks if you want to buy them even cheaper).

2.  A bandana (or two, or three) in your choice of colors (ours were $0.99 at Hobby Lobby and, again, they go on sale every few weeks).  We chose red and blue to go with a swimsuit my daughter has…and of course, for the 4th of July.

3.  Fabric scissors (or pinking shears if you want to jazz them up a little more).

Now, cut your bandana into strips that are about 6″ long.  The width can be 1/2″ to about 3/4″, depending on your preference.  Obviously, the thinner the strips, the more you’ll need.  6″ is the right length to be able to tie them in a double knot, which is essential, otherwise the bandana strips fall off with activity.

Knot the strips on the flip flop straps, double knotting and pulling them tight.  Alternate colors according to your color scheme.   I have also used thin ribbon to do this project, but if it’s too “slippery” then you can’t tie a tight knot.  It does give you endless options for customizing your flip flops, though.

The last step is to wear and enjoy!  Since a single bandana will make several pairs, this is a great project for a sleepover or birthday party, or even for a Daisy or Brownie troop.  We’ve also given a pair as a sweet, and inexpensive, birthday present.  Big girls wear them, too–one year I made a couple of dozen for some of the military ladies I volunteer with, as a thank you gift.  Maybe a teacher would like them in a tote bag as an end-of-year gift?  The possibilities are endless.  Have fun!

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