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DIY wall stencil tutorialThere are tons of fabulous stenciled wall ideas out there right now, and an abundance of wall stencils available for purchase. I searched everywhere for a stencil to match a vision in my head for this nook in my Mom’s workroom {see the whole room HERE}, but just couldn’t see paying $40+ (with shipping) for such a small space.

DIY wall stencil

So, I decided I didn’t have much to lose, and figured I could at least try to make my own.  While I was waiting for the workroom paint to be mixed at Benjamin Moore, I saw these heavy duty sheets of paper (I think they are designed for sampling paint?). They were like a plastic poster board and cost just $3.95. I grabbed one, thinking at that price it couldn’t hurt to try it.  And, I figured if it worked, I wouldn’t have to wait for a stencil to be shipped as our time in town to work on the project was getting tight.

It worked out GREAT.

First I printed an image off my computer. To make it the size I wanted, I drew beyond what printed out on 8.5×11 paper freehand, which worked out fine. FYI: You will want to chose a very simple design if you try to make your own, or you will drive yourself nuts cutting it out.

Using an exacto knife, I cut the image out with the print as a guide on the top of the plastic posterboard.  I found I had to turn it over are re-cut from the bottom in order to cut all the way through the thick vinyl. I found it cut best if you used the knife at an angle instead of straight on. Go slowly, and be very, very careful.

Then I (or I should say Terry) stenciled the space just as you would with a ready-made stencil.

Because I only used half the posterboard (so actually the cost is about $2 a stencil! bargain 🙂 I used the leftover to create a design for this little pot I have had forever, and to use as a second example.

I used the same technique, printing off a design, then overlaying it on the plastic/paper and cutting it out.

While this isn’t 100% perfect, the little pot is so much more interesting now? And the design possiblities are endless.

Have you stenciled anything creative lately?

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  1. This came out wonderful. Wish I were that good with an exacto knife. lol Thanks for sharing!

  2. LOL, when you said little “pot”, I thought you meant little “spot”. Reading on, I found it really was a little pot! You’re so inventive. Love the wall stencil and the colors.

    Keep writing…

  3. That’s such a great idea. I spent $40 on a stencil that looked smaller online. Once I got it I realized it was way too big for the space. I’m going to try out your method so I know that it’s the right size. Yours looks great btw.

  4. Michele Webb says

    Found you on Debbie-Doo’s pinning on pinterest party! LOVE your mom’s craft room makeover!! It’s FANTASTIC! I will be beginning a craft room project by making over my college aged daughter’s bedroom soon! So, I am collecting pictures and yours are a FABULOUS addition to my inspiration board!

    Regarding the homemade stencils, if you know of anyone who works in a hospital or doctor’s office where they still use old-fashioned x-rays (not the digital only ones), the plastic x-ray material is PERFECT for making stencils! I have used them several times! Happy crafting! I am looking forward to seeing more of your site!!

    • What a great idea! Who knew Xray material? Great reuse/repurpose idea. I can’t wait to see your craft room makeover!

  5. Grace Johnson says

    I love the color you used, can you share the name of it please?

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