DIY Burlap Drum Lamp Shade

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burlap lamp shade

I love to find old lamps at thrift stores, and last year, when I was visiting my aunt and uncle in Michigan, we found this pretty cut glass/crystal lamp base:


We were at one of my favorite thrift stores, in a sweet little small town near my aunt and uncle’s sweet little small town (can you tell I love Michigan?).   It’s more like an antique store, but they sell things at thrift store prices.  Can’t beat that!  This little lamp was only $10, and my grandmother had one like it on her dressing table.

I decided that I’d use a drum-style lampshade.  Those are kind of trendy right now, and I thought that would be a nice contrast with the obviously old-fashioned lamp.  Instead of buying a plain white one, I hit the fabric department at Hobby Lobby and bought this customizable one:

Customizable lamp shade


As you can see, the price was right, plus I used a 40% coupon.

Self-adhesive drum lamp shade

I bought 8 yards of burlap a few weeks ago, because I’m going to use it as a table covering at an upcoming reception that I’m hostessing for my husband’s work.  I decided I could spare a little for the lamp shade.  First, however, Sunny decided to try it as a bed:

Sunny on burlap

I have had to embrace the idea that dog hair improves all aspects of home decor!

These lampshades have a white wax paper covering that also serves as a template for cutting the fabric (or paper) that you choose as a cover.

Cut fabric to size

Then, you peel away the outer cover and the lampshade is STICKY and ready to apply the fabric.  Go slowly, because it’s not much fun to peel it off and reposition things.

Self-adhesive lamp shade


I sealed the seam with my glue gun.  The burlap has a nice hemmed edge that I used on the bottom of the shade.

Seal the lampshade edge with hot glue gun


As is true with most of my posts, this is too easy to be called a tutorial!  If you had a nice fabric rosette or a jeweled pin, that would look nice on the shade.  Different trims can add a more custom look.  Perhaps even a monogram would look nice?!

Burlap drum lampshade at 11 Magnolia Lane


I put the lamp on one of the nightstands in my guest room, so that means Amy might be trying it out before the summer is over!

By the way, have you seen this idea before?  Put your wireless password in a frame in the guest room, so your visitors can get connected easily.

Wireless password in a frame for guests at 11 Magnolia Lane

I’m also going to include a charging station/area in our guest room when we move.  Whenever we upgrade or change cell phones and other electronics, I throw the chargers in a drawer in the guest room.  People often forget to pack chargers when they’re traveling, and I can usually help them out.  It’s just one more way to make guests feel at home.

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  1. Beth Morrow says

    Love it?..i’m a chair and lamp hog myself!

  2. Love the shade…and really love that gorgous lamp….a monogram would be nice too!!…Good luck and have fun with your hubby’s reception.

  3. Love this! The base is so beautiful as well!

  4. Traci kinder says

    Hello, love the lamp! I live in Michigan and I would love to know where this thrift store is!!!! Please!

    • Hi, Traci–
      It’s a little place called “Love, Inc” in Reed City. That’s in the LP on the western side of the state (my family lives in Big Rapids). Happy thrifting!

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