Christmas on the Porch & Decorating Contest

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Outdoor Christmas porch decor

Last night was the Outdoor Decorating Contest in my neighborhood (and party), it was such a great time! The builder hosted an amazing event at the model home here, and rented a “Hummer” limo to drive us girls through the neighborhood to vote on our favorite “holiday” home. With a cash prize of $500 to the winner, competition was fierce!

Here is a recap of our efforts, we didn’t win but it was fun trying…


box of Christmas greenery

Christmas porch decor

Christmas porch steps decor

This is an indoor picture, but I love how our little Christmas Village is mirrored by the lights in the homes across the lake.

One thing that was continually mentioned last night was that the contest really motivated us all to get our decorations up early, I am enjoying being “done” with the outside, now on to the inside!

How is your outside decorating coming along?

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  1. Oh how neat it must have been! And to live in a neighborhood like this, wow! I bet it is beautiful with all of the decor, and I bet it was fun, too. I would love this! I went to another post and looked out across the lake, wow, you live in a beautiful place.

  2. You have such a gorgeous home. So pretty… and it’s a winner in my book! The porch alone is to die for and you did such a good job making it look festive and welcoming. Happy Holidays.

  3. Now all I want to do is sit on your beautifully decorated porch and rock and rock and rock and enjoy it. It’s fabulous! 🙂

  4. Beautiful!!!!!

  5. This is so incredibly gorgeous. I cannot believe that view! So nice to have found your lovely blog. Happy holidays!

  6. Beautiful porch!

  7. Can I come live on your porch? It is SO beautiful!!

  8. Beautiful! And that view is amazing.

  9. I love your porch!! So pretty!! I just told my husband the other day that our next home will have a beautiful porch like yours! 🙂

  10. I love your porch!! Beautiful!!

  11. Beautiful! And what a stunning view you have across the lake!!

    evie @ brown paper packages

  12. One word: GORGEOUS. Your whole porch is wonderful, the decorations and the porch itself! I love porches and yours is beautiful and big! 🙂
    I also enjoyed your story, of going around in the Hummer limo and looking at everything. Hope you had some nice champagne or cocktails in there as you were going around looking at everything!

  13. love what you’ve done….

    your home is beautiful….the reflection of the lake is amazing!

  14. The entire porch is stunning. The tree makes it, though! And, you have such a beautiful backdrop to make it all so perfect. Loved seeing all your photos.

  15. The porch looks beautiful. How I wish I had one to decorate. We do have a carport but it is quite hidden so just lights got there with a sled and skate arrangement by our door.

    The party sounds like a great idea. And wow to think all the neighborhood will get together again to celebrate with the winner.


  16. Your home is gorgeous!!! Love the outside all decorated and what a beautiful view you have to enjoy everyday 🙂

  17. Your porch looks great! I love the grapevine you used to wrap the columns. Another favorite is the crate filled with holiday cheer. And that view!!!

  18. What a gorgeous porch!!!! Thanks for linking up!

  19. Visiting from Thrifty Decor Chick…so glad I stopped by. I want to live on Magnolia Lane 😉 Beautiful home and neighborhood! Nice job! T

  20. oh your home is so classically beautiful! i love it!

  21. I love these pics…! They are so inspiring! Love the enterior Christmas tree and the exterior decorations =).

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