Car {and Window} Washing 101

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I keep my home A LOT cleaner than I do my car, but this is a story about how I cleaned both of them with a couple of pretty neat products.  Since I’m always interested in products that multi-task and save me time and energy, I figured I’d share that these two are “keepers.”

Most of you know that I’m a Home Right Brand Ambassador, so every month they send me a box with a new product to try out and review for you.  This month I got to use the Auto-Wash and Easy-Wash Sticks, plus the EZI-Dry Squeegee. The Auto Wash and the Easy Wash both have the reservoir handles (like the awesome PaintStick) so I was excited to see if they’d make car washing less messy.  I always wind up soaking wet when I use the hose, which might explain why I haven’t washed my car since July.  Or maybe I’m just lazy!


Actually, I’m definitely lazy, because I made my kids wash my car for me.  I offered to let them eat dinner in return, because I am a nice mom.  They were just happy they were doing a “Mom chore,” like washing the car, instead of a “Dad chore,” like scooping dog poop (two big dogs = LOTS of scooping!).  I hold them personally responsible for the state of my car, however.  I will never show the inside to you, because mice (or toddlers) could live for weeks on the contents of the floorboards alone!


Look how dirty my wheels were:


I had them use the Easy Wash Stick (with the brush) for the wheels.  The handle sucks up 16 oz. of soapy water so you can rinse as you go.  If you live in a state that has frequent water shortages, just be aware that you can wash your entire car using about a gallon of water!


Here’s how it looked after a little scrubbing–isn’t that nice?

That telescoping handle also means that you can extend the brush up to 56″.  I put that to use inside my house and used the sheepskin cover on the Auto Wash Stick to wash my windows, even the really hard-to-reach ones in my two-story living room.  First I used it dry (without water in the handle) to clean the inside of the panes, and then I went outside and used rinse water.


If you have a SUV, a RV, or tall windows like mine, this is a really handy product!  And the (synthetic) sheepskin cover is machine washable–a must in my world.

My daughter used the EZI-Dry Squeegee on my car windows, the house windows, and even in the shower–she was on a roll, and I wasn’t about to stop her!  I like this squeegee better than others I’ve tried because it’s flexible, which works great on slightly rounded surfaces like our shower stall.


Want to win a HomeRight AutoRight Easy-Wash Stick AND an Auto-Wash Stick?  Head over to our giveaways page to enter.  Or buy them here:

Maybe next month I can try their Headlight Restoration Kit?  Mine are cloudy and yucky!

Disclosure:  The folks at HomeRight gave me this auto care set to try out and compensated me for writing a review of their product, but all opinions are mine.  If I don’t like it, then I say so! I also included my Amazon affiliate link in the post (but if you order through that link, your price is exactly the same as if you ordered independently).

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  1. Love that sheepskin window washer with that great telescopic pole!…My hubby has a brush similar for the car and loves it…I think he will love this system so much better!…thanks!

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