Bench Turned Kitchen Table Banquette

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DIY Kitchen Table Banquette using chalk paint, decorative pillows and wire baskets

My kitchen and family room are separated by a half wall.  I have been dreaming of building a custom banquette off that half wall for a long time, but it never seemed to make it onto my to-do list.  I think I have been stalling because even though I liked the idea of a permanent fixture there I also find the empty space useful while entertaining.  It is a great location to set up a buffet table, beverage station or some conversation seating.

I decided to add a non-permanent banquette to the half wall by repurposing this bench seat that once sat in my bedroom.  Using Annie Sloan chalk paint, a couple of decorative pillows, and matching wire storage baskets, I created a non-permanent kitchen table banquette that fits perfectly along the half wall.  The best part about it is its flexibility; I can easily use it for additional seating while entertaining or move it if it doesn’t fit into my party plans.

Black and White Bench Seat

Black and White Bench Seat
The red monogrammed beverage bucket was a gift from my sister-in-law, Holly.  I’m so happy that I now have a place to display it as it didn’t seem to fit anywhere else in my kitchen. The wire baskets are paper trays you find in any office supply store.  I filled each basket with my grandmother’s vintage lace table runners and linen table cloths.  I found the cute chalkboard tags at Michael’s and just love how versatile they are.  I’ve used them for labeling baskets, buffets, beverage stations and linen closets, but they also make an adorable gift tag.

Black and White Bench Seat

Black and White Bench Seat

I love the bench from this angle; the white curtains and the gold table make for an elegant conversation area.  At the next party I host, I plan to add some additional chairs and an end table or two. Everyone always gathers in the kitchen, so I might as well make them comfortable.  Don’t you just love the glam black sequined pillow and the gold table?

Black and White Bench Seat, Gold End Table

Black and White Bench Seat and Gold End Table

Below is a before photo of the bench that used to sit at the foot of our bed in the master bedroom.  I purchased it over 10 years ago while working for Marriott!  All hotels have internal garage sales where they allow their employees to purchase furniture, glassware and lighting fixtures during room renovations. It was a huge bonus for me as Thom and I had just purchased our first home and needed to furnish it on the cheap!

Sadly, this bench seat had seen better days and it needed some TLC before I could move it into my kitchen. I had previously painted the base black to match my bedroom, but the cushion was stained with pen and really faded.  I didn’t want to take on a re-upholstery job like Christy did {here} so I decided to chalk paint it. I used Annie Sloan “Pure White” and it completely covered the ink stains.

Bench Seat Before 2 Final

Pen and Paint Final

The pure white looked too “pure” so I decided to add a few black stripes.  The outer stripes are 1 inch wide and the middle is 3 inches wide.   I used black milk paint for the stripes (Annie Sloan’s “Graphite” isn’t dark enough for my black and white kitchen palette).  I still have yet to wax the bench, but I already love how it turned out.

Bench Seat Black and White Stripes  Black Stripes on Bench Seat

You can really see the half wall in the photo–the bench really works well in front of it!  Remember my kitchen table makeover?  Click {here } to see how a little vinyl can make big changes!

Bench and Table

Black and White Bench with Table  Black and White bench with table



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  1. It looks great! Did you add anything to the chalk paint to use it on fabric?

    • I added a bit of water, something I was told to do when using chalk paint on any surface (just a few drops). That is it, a tiny bit of water but that isn’t necessary for the fabric. Good Luck painting and thanks for stopping by.

  2. Lovely, you guys! It looks great! =) It was wonderful meeting you at Haven this month….hope you are having a great summer. Many blessings…..xoxoxoxo

  3. Holly Kay says

    Hey Terry, your beverage bucket looks great there. Thanks for the mention. Is that gold table one that Dad made a long time ago and you painted it gold? I have one of those too in the guest bedroom and have been wanting to paint it too. Was thinking of painting it black, but it has a black lamp on top with a white shade and wasn’t sure if that would be too much black. Love all the gold accents y’all have been doing. What do you think?

    • Hi Holly- Thanks for your comment. That table is the one that Dad made, doesn’t it look great gold! I think you could totally ad a pop of gold in your orange room. If you go with black, maybe break up the black and on black by placing a couple books under the lamp? XO

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