Back to School Style Guide & Student Printable Planner Launch

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Back to School Style Guide


Yes, it is {pretty much!} August, so that means it is time to start gearing up for Back to School! Like most moms, I will miss the lazy days of summer but I think both my kids and I are ready to get back into the routine the school year brings. We’re thrilled to be participating with a great group of bloggers this week to bring you the Back to School style guide. We’re each sharing a post to get your school year off in style so I thought this was the perfect time to share with you the newest product in our Organizing line–our Printable Student Planners!



I am really, really excited about these and have to give a shout out to Christy’s daughter, Annabelle, for sharing her expert teenage-girl knowledge on exactly what important stuff to include. I designed the Pink/Gold/Navy Planner with her and some other teens I know in mind 🙂




Along with the fun pink confetti version, there is also a Navy/Green version which was inspired by my {preppy} son, though I think non-pink loving girls would enjoy this version too.




As my children have grown, each new year has brought a higher expectation {and rightly so} of independence regarding their school assignments with less communication from the teacher to the parents. Each year I see my kids struggle to get back into the routine and develop the greater organizational skills they need to manage their schoolwork. I remember struggling in the very same way in school until I figured out how to organize my papers, take good notes and proactively manage my time. These are all super-crucial life skills and with the right tools, and reinforcement at home, these will tremendously aid your student’s success.



I created the Printable Student Planners just for this reason. Each planner has 10 sheets (and each one can be printed as many times as necessary) along with an inspirational cover sheet.




Putting together a Student Binder is simple:

You will need to purchase a binder, I love the BLOOM binders here, but you can use a regular school-type 3-ring binder too.

Print the package out and then, using a 3-hole punch, prepare the sheets to be inserted.

For more organizational punch, you can also can use dividers and organize the sheets into sections.

Annabelle suggested the following sections:

*Schedule (to keep daily/weekly schedules, practice calendars etc.)

*Calendar (to keep monthly calendars and long-term planning}
*Life (for all the details and activities}
*To-Do {for all the things that need to be done, school assignments, planning and goal setting}

*Misc {for everything else}




You can also organize by School/Home/Activities, better for younger children, if you prefer. I designed this system to be flexible by age, gender and interest, with a small amount of tweaking it should work for most students and situations.



Another trick is to add plastic sleeves to the binder to slip in all those important papers that come home–school year calendar, syllabi, sports schedules, reading lists etc. Adding all these into the same binder makes student organization so much easier, everything is in one place, papers don’t pile up or worse–disappear forever!



Here is the detailed breakdown of each printable that is included. Not every student will use every printable, nor do they all need to be used the same way. They are designed to be flexible to allow the student to develop their own organizational structure and routine.



The Pink/Navy/Confetti Printable Package includes the following:

{The difference in the Navy/Green Printable Planner is detailed in italics}

The Calendar Pad Weekly Printable {a $4.99 value}–a page to plan their entire week: activities, chores and school assignments.

Monthly Plan–a sheet to plan their entire month to track long-term projects, sporting events, homework and lists of things they need to buy or obtain and a section for things they need to accomplish that month. The Navy Planner has a section for “stats” to track sports scores and the like.

Wish & Dreams Planner–a fun place to make a birthday or holiday list, set future goals and hopes or just compile achievements {great for confidence!}.  The Navy printable planner instead includes “A wish list” with bulleted points for goals, achievements or lists.

Schedule–a schedule in grid form, perfect to track classes, assignments or sports schedules.

Wardrobe Planner–the perfect place to control spending, planning for the coming season, a big dance or activity clothes. A great place to plan and save for material purchases. The Navy/Green package instead includes a Spending Tracker–a sheet to start putting a budget in action. Students can learn to manage money coming in and see where it is going back out. This planner includes a section to track savings as well.

Activity Schedule–A weekly calendar of activities before, after school, and in the evening. This is helpful so students can begin the skill of allocating time appropriately. This skill ensures they get homework done before practice, study for an upcoming test and learn the value of preparation.

Reading List–A place to log books read, encouraging readers and tracking literacy success.

Assignments–This sheet compiles assignments in a variety of ways, either by subject, by week, by date due. It is easily adaptable to the needs of the individual student and academic situation.

Project Planner–perfect for group or long-term assignments, this useful sheet provides a place to outline all the details necessary to complete a large assignment. This sheet helps develop an organizational approach to learning and use of prior-planning for greater success.

Chore Checklist–this is the perfect place to hold a child accountable for their household contributions {without asking and nagging!}. The handy checklist allows them to know what is expected of them, and allow them to mark it as completed.

A Cover Sheet–The binder begins with a colorful sheet to inspire your student each day. This pink and white and gold artwork reads “You will never have this day again, make the most of it!” to get them off to a great start.

The Navy/Green binder begins with a colorful sheet to inspire your student each day. This navy and white sheet reads “You will never have this day again, make the most of it!” to get them off to a great start.




All pages can be printed as many times as necessary and in either black and white or color. They are designed with nominal graphics to limit ink usage and focus on what matters.




These packages were designed with older elementary, middle school, high-school and even college students in mind. For younger children, the single-page, simpler Calendar Pad printable is perfect to allow them to see their whole week in one place and know what to expect and is expected of them in return.




I am sure I am not the only one with children that don’t like surprises. One huge advance of using these tools together is that they know what is expected of them. My daughter is less resistant in going to her after school activities {vs playing with friends} if she remembers she has them and doesn’t make alternate after school plans on the bus ride home, so these printables are designed to work well for all ages.




I’d love to hear your feedback on what is included in this package–I am constantly tweeking it to make sure it is as useful as it can be. I also have good news for those of you who would rather just order a complete binder, my next product launch will be 100% complete binders including dividers and printables –a complete tool all ready to go. Watch for those in a few weeks followed by my ultimate {revised and upgraded} Home Organization Binder Printables!

Now for more Back to School style head on over to Bless’er House and see the awesome vintage decked Lauren turned into a Homework Station!



To purchase a STUDENT PLANNER simply click below:






A printable student planner package including a navy/green preppy version and a fun, pink and gold and white confetti theme. Including weekly planner, chore list, activity planner, shopping list, reading log student project planner and monthly plan.

Good luck everyone as you begin the ‘back to school’ transition–we’re all in this together!

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Our posts contain affiliate links.  If you make a purchase after clicking on these links, we will earn a small commission, which helps to keep our content free.  You don’t pay a cent more than you would otherwise, since that would be tacky! Please see our full disclosure policy here.



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