April’s Flea Market Finds

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Nashville flea market finds from April

There’s a great flea market in Nashville, held once a month at the fairgrounds.  People come from all over to attend, and I highly recommend it if you live close enough for a day trip.  This month’s promised to be a good one, with most of the vendors back after the slower winter months.  However, it was absolutely pouring last weekend, and so many of the booths are outside and in open-sided barns, that I almost didn’t go.  But, my daughter and her friend were dying to check it out, so we put on our rain boots and coats and gathered our umbrellas to brave the elements.

The little girls scored some amazing (to them) things:  3 packs of gum for $1, new styluses (is stylae the Latin plural?) for their iPod Touches, homemade lipgloss, and more.  The entire time they were checking out these treasures, though, I was itching to get outside to Antique Alley.  When they finally let me go outside, here’s what I found:

~a white enamelware tray for $5

~an old wooden sugar mold for $15

~a huge, gorgeous wooden dough bowl (score!  I’ve been looking for one for ages, and the price was right on this big girl!  I paid $115, but have seen others this large–over 48″ long–for $300 and up)

~fresh basil for my neighbor, and fresh thyme for me (2 for $5)

~an old wooden pear crate ($8)

In hindsight, I’m so glad we went in the rain.  All the vendors were there, and the crowds were pretty thin.  That also made the deals much better!

Antique wooden sugar mold

I worked the sugar mold into my decor first.  The kids and I learned about these as part of our homeschool studies…they used to pour hot, liquid sugar into these wooden molds to make cones of sugar.  Then, it was chipped off as needed.  Sugar was an absolute luxury item back then, and the cones were often guarded by the lady of the house (or the housekeeper in more well-off homes), and kept in locked pantries.

This one is nice and old…lots of worm holes in the wood.  My husband died laughing when I told him that worm holes are a desirable touch in antique wood pieces.

I wanted to put votive candles in the mold holes, but I didn’t want dripping wax to damage it.  I’ve seen places online that sell metal inserts for the holes, but those are the same stores that sell reproduction sugar molds for a couple of hundred dollars, so I figured I could do it less expensively.  Enter the tea light candle holders I bought at Ikea last year:

Line mold holes with tealight holders

Easy!  Then I tried my new candle holder in a few places to see where I liked it best:

On the piano…

Candles on piano


On the dining room table…

Candles on dining room table


On the open shelving in the dining room (I really liked them here but didn’t want to get carbon on the top shelf)…

Sugar mold candles


Finally, I put it on the hall table, and there it will stay (for now)…

Sugar mold candles


I put the enamelware tray in my pantry so I can use it when I need a cute serving tray.  Most of the time trays get worked into my decor and wind up with books stacked on them, or something similar, and then I don’t have an empty one when I need to serve drinks or snacks.  So this one will be put to use in the “normal” way!

The wooden pear crate is holding books next to my son’s bed.  He usually has a pile on the floor that he’s in the middle of reading.  This is my attempt to corral that mess!

Wooden crate


I planted the thyme plants in these cute, narrow flower pots I grabbed at Goodwill one day.  Thyme is such a pretty plant, and obviously it’s nice to have fresh for cooking.  These are sitting on my screened porch right now, but I think they’ll move to my kitchen windowsill soon.

Thyme in terra cotta pots.


And my gorgeous dough bowl is currently on top of the armoire in my bedroom, but I have other plans for her eventually.  I think she’ll wind up on top of the dining room table, or the buffet, full of dried hydrangeas.

Antique Wooden Dough Bowl


Only one more flea market for me in Nashville, and then I get to see what Savannah has to offer.  I’m guessing they’ll have some amazing things, too!

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  1. Now that’s my kind of flea market loot! The dough bowl is my fav. I also love the sugar mold. We are planning a trip to near Nashville this summer. I will be checking for flea market dates now. 🙂

    • You definitely don’t want to miss it! Just google “Nashville Flea Market” and the dates will come up. It’s at our fairgrounds. See you there!

  2. Michelle says

    How fun! I know this doesn’t go with this post, but I wondered if you could tell me the brand and name of spray paint you used to paint your daughters bed? The hot pink /watermelon color. I have been looking for that exact shade. Thank you! Just found your blog and I love it, just spent the last hour checking it out and have many more hours of looking ahead!

    • Hey, Michelle–
      I think it was Krylon spray paint from Home Depot, and the color was appropriately called “Watermelon.” Hope that helps! So glad you’re following–thanks for the kind words.

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