And Finally…A Headboard

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While you can certainly find upholstered headboards galore in “Blogland,” I am so pleased that a) I got around to making one and b) that it came out just how I wanted it to,  so I had to share!

DIY burlap monogrammed headboard


For YEARS my husband and I have needed a real grown-up bed, and we have been planning on upgrading to a king-sized “Sleep Number”–but life tends to get in the way and we have yet to do so. While that is still our plan, this will then become our guest bed (hopefully) in the near future. I expect it will get a lot of use as we are moving to the beach, and therefore hoping for lots of company!

A few things I wanted to mention now that I have completed this project. It’s SO easy! It took me just a few hours, and cost less than $100. The hardest part was getting it hung on the wall. It’s still not 100% straight, and that would be because our level has gone missing, it would have helped to have it. My husband and I each say the other used it last…hmmm….

First off, I procrastinated this project for months years because the idea of getting to Home Depot and getting a 70″ by 30″ board, cut and out the door with (screaming) child (ren) in tow was just too much for me. So, in my usual fashion, last weekend I sent my husband to handle it for me, which he kindly did. I purchased regular right-off-the-rack linen from Joann’s…I didn’t want to wait for special order fabric. I was nervous about this, but it worked perfectly. I did use a cotton lining layer over the batting just as a precaution, however.

My favorite part is the monogram. Can I tell you how wonderful Diane is from Klein’s Embroidery? She was super-patient with my (graphic designer) self that just needed a particular style of “B” for our monogram. She let me find one on the internet (which I did from Embroidery Arts) and she downloaded it for me and created perfectly on my fabric. And, she now has it on file so I can use it on other projects from here on out, my perfectionistic side is just thrilled to pieces with it. (Any of you with a “B” name out there are welcome to use it, just give her a shout!)

I used the nailhead trim on a roll, which was really easy to use, but hard to find. I ordered it from Beacon Fabrics and I have tons leftover.

We hung it in the wall studs, with D ring hooks as I saw recommended by Centsational Girl (who has a great, inspiring tutorial on this project here) and since it’s coming down in a few months to move, we didn’t stress too much over it, but it seems very secure and at least not too likely to fall on our heads when we sleep.

I won’t bore you with all the steps. But here is a quick look at what I did…

Here is the fabric, which I spent a great deal of time ironing first. Isn’t that monogram pretty?  I love monograms…sigh…


Back Camera

I covered the board first in white cotton batting (two layers), stapled it on, and then over that, stapled on plain white cotton lining fabric and pulled very tight.


Back Camera


Here is the “underlayer” picture.


Back Camera

Here it is all covered:


Back Camera


I added the nailhead trim (oops ,no picture) but its easy.  And here it is all, hung up and done. Like so many things, I wish I had done it years ago!

DIY burlap headboard

Headboard 2


Note: I am now off in search of the perfect accent pillow…that cute fleur de lis is “borrowed” from my living room for the photo op. (I just couldn’t wait till I found a new one to post this) So, I am off to ETSY to search for the ideal grainsack or maybe burlap little pillow…hmmm….we’ll see what I find! Suggestions?

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. It looks gorgeous and the monogram just screams designer and expensive!!!! I love it. Now, I need to get off the stick and do one for my dear daughter’s room!

    BTW, where/what beach are you moving to? Just wondering since I am close to a beach! LOL

    • Virginia Beach! (we are already in Virginia)…Its still a change as we are much more in the city now. Its going to be an adventure no doubt.
      Thanks for your sweet comments…go for it, this was so easy I am kicking myself that I didn’t get to it a long time ago. It would be supercute in a girls room–I think that’s next on my list.

  2. Oh Amy! That so pretty! I was just looking at Z Gallerie for a headboard/bed. I may just have to consider making one. I am not crafty though, but after seeing the fantastic job you did, I am inspired to at least try!

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