Amy’s Upstairs Teen Loft Hang Out Space with Drew Barrymore Flower Home

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This is a sponsored post in partnership with Wal-mart. 

I am so excited to show off another space in our new home, our upstairs loft area. I collaborated with a fun new product line from Wal-Mart designed by the amazing Drew Barrymore to decorate this space.



This is the open loft area at the top of our stairs. One of the features that sold us on our floorplan was this additional hang out space upstairs. We’ve designated it for my daughter and her friends to hang out, as often our two teen boys have friends over at the same time in our man cave known as the basement. It is also right off our daughter’s room so this space that works great for overflow during sleepovers.



Since it’s an area used by younger girls, I could get a little more creative and the Flower Home line from Wal-Mart was just perfect for this room. I love the unique, colorful, boho vibe of the line and more importantly, so did my daughter. The Flower by Drew Barrymore line provided all sorts of affordable options, decorating a whole room can be expensive but in this case, I was able to create a social media worthy space on a major budget.




I designed the decor around the blue couch (we already had this couch but this one from the Flower Home line is almost exactly the same, it was available in a similar blue velvet which is currently unavailable but hopefully they will restock it), then I added the drapes for a fun contrast. The dark green palm print is so in style but also has a bit of a retro feel, they give the room so much personality. My daughter said they were her favorite part of the room.



With the foundation items in place, next I added all the fun accents, another favorite from the collection is this rattan mirror. There are so many places this could go in our home and it is a great price. I am already wishing I had one just like it in our powder room, I may have to order another one!



Everything I ordered is great quality and all the design elements of the line work perfectly together. I especially love the fringe pillow on the couch, it breaks up the expanse of blue perfectly and looks like it’s much more expensive than it was.



Another item in the line that jumped right out at me are these brass seashell bookends, I thought they were both fun and practical for displaying books on our shelf. If you recall we used to have this affordable display shelf in my daughter’s room but I liked it so much I moved it out here. I wanted a place to display family pictures and books and the brass finish and unique lines of this shelf are a perfect fit for this space.



Here is the other wall in the room where I hung the Drew Barrymore Floral Herb Wood Frames. I have been looking for a set of pretty framed florals, these were perfect. The frames play perfectly off the rattan mirror on the complementary wall.



This is a fun space as well as a space where (hopefully) the girls will have fun. Making Tik Tok videos, telling secrets and reading books, it’s the perfect space for our daughter and her friends to hang out. Not just now, but hopefully this space will work for her for many years thanks to the fun and upbeat design of the Flower line.



You can shop all the items in the Drew Barrymore Flower Home line here. There are so many fun things to select from to make your home feel stylish and still stay within your budget, not to mention you also get free shipping for anything over $35 to make it easy to shop.


Shop all the items in our loft space below:





I loved so many fun things in this line I decorated another room in our new home with items from the Flower line, you can see that room here!



Here are some of my other favorite things from the line, I love how she used pink in so many accent pieces, you can shop all the other things I loved below.





small-amy-new-headshot-summer-2016-2 copy

Our posts contain affiliate links.  If you make a purchase after clicking on these links, we will earn a small commission, which helps to keep our content free.  You don’t pay a cent more than you would otherwise, since that would be tacky! Please see our full disclosure policy here.

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  1. This looks amazing. What a perfect teen hangout place. Love it all.

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