Amy’s New House Progress & Teen Boy Room Decor Inspiration

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Amy's Living Room decorated in neutral tones


Hi everyone, we’re back from vacation and gearing up for the start of school in about 10 days {insert sad face!}, I am definitely not ready to see summer end this year.

Since we’ve been home we’ve been hard at work getting more settled in our new house. With all the summer stuff–travel, camps, programs etc. –we haven’t really had a stretch of time to dedicate to getting stuff done (which is now abbreviated GSD –FYI ????) around here. We’ve unpacked (most of ) the boxes and hung blinds in our bedrooms but the decorating part has been moving pretty slowly. Even my husband got on board this weekend and said, let’s get some stuff on the walls! He helped me hang some of our heavier pictures, our family room is really coming along.  I still have to hang the curtains and am waiting on bookcases then I’ll show you the whole space. You may notice we did move our new artwork in here from our entry, we liked it so much we wanted it front and center. That means the entryway is changing too, such as it is with a new house.


Amy's New Living Room Decorated with neutrals and texture

Couch  |   Coffee Table |  Rug   |   Artwork   |   Console Table (on Sale! 30% off)   |   Throw


Our new kitchen table arrived on our porch while we were away (isn’t that always the case?) but it all worked out. I set it up as soon as I got home and I have to say, I am thrilled with it. I spent a lot of time looking at tables, trying to find one that wasn’t too big, wasn’t too small (for our family of five plus guests) and was priced right. I definitely found it! I have waited for a very long time for a new table (we’ve always had passdowns which of course, we were happy to have), but as my kids got bigger we needed one that would comfortably fit us all and encourage lingering at the table. I am a big believer in the importance of gathering around the table, read about it HERE. It is wonderful to finally have one that easily holds eight people, more to come on our breakfast area very soon.


Amy's New Breakfast Room featuring the Aldridge Dining Table from the Home Decorators Collection at Home Depot

Table  |  Kitchen Shelves  |   Rug   |   Chandelier 

My next project on deck is decorating my middle son’s room. My daughter has had at least three iterations of decor, and somehow my boys are always last on the list. Probably because they really don’t care, right?! However, my son (who is about to turn 13) was long overdue for some room upgrades. To start with, he’s growing like a weed so we needed to get him a bigger bed, and that of course called for new bedding…the snowball effect happened and pretty much he’s getting a complete overhaul. The design plan is below.

easy black and white affordable decor for a teenage boys room


Gray Bed   |   Bedding   |   Lamps   |    Chair   |    Wallpaper

Being realistic, I opted for a set from Beddy’s for him. While he knows how to make his bed, and even does attempt to do it on occasion, realistically it’s not going to happen when he has to leave for school at 7AM in the mornings. The Beddy’s set was the perfect solution, he can just zip it closed and we’re both happy! I chose the checked out pattern, available here, (on sale today!). I’ll show you the whole room reveal, probably toward the end of the month, as I am still waiting for his new bed and mattress to arrive so I can finish the space off.

I am going to try shiplap look wallpaper in his room. Rather then go to the trouble of actually installing shiplap, which may or may not be what we want in the room long-term and quite frankly, is a huge hassle for a room that for the most part only he sees, it seems like an easy solution. I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂 You can find tons of patterns HERE if you want to try it too!

I am off to go hang my living room curtains, I ordered several of these curtains rods and have been really pleased with them so far.

Don’t forget today is that last day of the Anniversary Sale (and all our bank accounts breathed a sigh of relief…) if you still have anything on your list, it’s your last chance. See our posts below for ideas, don’t forget about gifts, sad to say, but the holidays will really be here before we know it.

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Have a wonderful Sunday!


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Our posts contain affiliate links.  If you make a purchase after clicking on these links, we will earn a small commission, which helps to keep our content free.  You don’t pay a cent more than you would otherwise, since that would be tacky! Home Depot provided a kitchen table to me at no expense but my opinions are my own. Please see our full disclosure policy here.

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    The wallpaper patterns are amazing and I love the marble ceramic tissue box as well, Thank you so much for sharing this, Christy 🙂

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