A Visit to Christy’s Savannah Home…

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Hospitality is truly a spiritual gift. Some people have it, and then there are some people who have been blessed with it in spades. My co-blogger Christy {and her husband} are two of those people that truly know how to make a visit to their home simply spectacular.
I am sneaking in a post today to chronicle our recent visit to Savannah where we spent a few days with Christy and her wonderful family. I apologize, the pictures were hastily snapped with my cell phone {when they weren’t looking!} once I knew I wanted to share all the special touches from our visit.

group pic black and white

Here we all are together on our big night out {no idea why my husband looks like he has a black eye? It wasn’t that exciting of a night!}. We had so much fun, even though Christy wasn’t feeling well she pushed through so they could take us out and show us the lovely and fun town they are currently living in.
I know you all see snippets of Christy’s pretty home on this blog, but only a few of us are lucky enough to actually visit it. Those who have spent any time with them I know will agree that its never just an average stay.
I thought I would share just a small taste of what you would find if you were to stay with them for a few days…
dining room display
Her house is prettier in real-life then on the blog. Her dining room/entry was still sparkling with their Christmas decor.
In the pretty, and very comfortable, guest room you would arrive and find a little gift waiting on the bed to welcome you. In my lucky case, it was a goody bag from the Savannah Bee company.
Next to the bed, you will find a collection of books about Savannah, information on what is in the little goody bag, and a picture–yes, in this case it was a picture of us with them on one of our previous visits. So thoughtful.
Their coffee bar is always ready and waiting, but they don’t mind if you laze around for hours in your PJ’s before actually having to go do and do anything.
In the kitchen, the island is set out with treats. With chocolates and cookies on display under glass {with the cutest “Eat Me” chalkboard on it, I wish I had a better picture} we all took full advantage of the constant sweets buffet. Yum. She had handmade labels for her chocolates!
candy labeled
The dinner menu {which usually hangs on their pantry door, but most likely one of my kids knocked it down} foretells of the kinds of delicious dinners they make for their guests in the evening.
Being great friends, they took us to all the Savannah landmarks where they have already been, no doubt, many, many times.
They even let us sneak into the landmark Savannah fountain for some quick pics at night, all of us giggling the whole time.
What I wish I had pictures of to share with you is even more examples of their divine hospitality. Homemade whisky sours, s’mores and a firepit, appetizers plates of fresh pears and gorgonzola cheese, amazing dinners each and every night and lots of wonderful conversation, laughs and time spent catching up with dear friends.
And, lest you think we did nothing but eat, drink and talk…we did do one project for this little blog. In a matter of hours Christy had her bed in the garage, painted it white, and had back in her room to sleep on that night.
bed in progress
And here is her room the next day…
master bedroom white gray
We were just there for a few quick days, my kids still mourn leaving and we all can’t wait to go back. You can see why! Thanks for being such amazing friends 🙂
And, as always thanks for stopping by!


  1. It is always a treat to see Christy’s beautiful home…Glad you all had a wonderful visit…I love Savannah…our friends lived there for many years then moved to St. Simons Island. Love going to Savannah in the Spring and seeing those gorgeous azaleas on Victory Drive.

  2. Beautiful! I have a bed very similar and keep contemplating painting it. After seeing this one I just need to go for it!! 🙂 I do have a question though. Where did you get the beautiful glass cake pedestal that has the little balls around the edges that is on the kitchen island? It looks like Boopie glass or Candlewick. I would love one like it! 😀 Thanks!

  3. Kathy Robinson says

    As always when I visit your website, I am so delighted to read all that you have accomplished! Congratulations on your three year anniversary and many blessings for more to come, Kathy.

  4. Thanks for finally writing about >Wonderful hospitality
    in Savannah | <Loved it!

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