A Tale of Two Chairs

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black white reupholstered chair

Hello! It’s finally feeling like summer vacation around here…my kids are out of school and we just finished two great (but tiring) weeks of VBS so I am finally, after a long break, getting back to some DIY projects around the house.

Today I am sharing two chair makeovers I recently completed. I say ‘completed’ because the first one was more then a year in the making and I finally finished. You can tell you aren’t loving a project when it takes that long to finish it– apparently upholstering just isn’t my thing. Though, it also might have had something to do with the hundreds and hundreds of staples that needed to be forcibly pulled out of the chair after I ripped the fabric off?

Regardless, its a huge improvement and had I known I would be so glad to have it finished, I would have done it sooner.

So, here is the before of this lovely golden beauty:

I had a set of these chairs, but the yellow colored fabric never went with my house. I had bought both chairs at a model home furniture sale for $50. You see, once upon a time I had a job selling new homes and we were able to buy the furniture from the old models at next to nothing, a nice perk! I had given my friend Tracey one of the two chairs, which she made work nicely in her office {You can see her home HERE}, but the yellow just never worked in my house.

So, here is the new and improved version…

Over the last year I bought 3 different fabrics (a beige linen, and a brown zebra, and then the black and white I finally used) as I could never settle on how I thought it should look. This chair is in my office, in front of my computer, so it gets quite a bit of use.

You also get a sneak peak at my office in these pictures, I am finishing the room up {see the room here} and then it will be done. It’s been fun to work with a pure black and white color scheme, it’s a little more interesting than the cream/beige/white elsewhere in my home.

The second chair is my daughter’s chair at her little “art” area in my office, right next to my desk.

The chairs to her table didn’t survive our last move, so I picked up this little chair for her on my last trip to IKEA.

Christy has been quoted saying “There isn’t much I won’t stick a monogram on!”, I took a page from her book and ordered a vinyl monogram to jazz up her chair HERE.

She loves her chair and her art table, and its nice to have our separate ‘work’ spaces so close to each other.

Have you redone any furniture lately? I have a HUGE project just sitting in my garage that is next on my list, and I can’t wait to start on it.



  1. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! I just recently inherited a chair and I’ve been delaying reupholstering it but this, this is just wow. I love it! Totally inspired! Thank you!

  2. Tracey Burgin says

    It looks amazing!!! I can’t wait to do it’s sister. I hope mine turns out half as good. Do you remember how many yards you used. I have to get started next week on mine. Miss you, Tracey

  3. Amy-just wanted you to know I featured your lovely chair on my blog today-have a great weekend!

  4. I am in LOVE with that fabric!

  5. You’re chair helped me finally decide on what to do with an antique chair that has been sitting in my home past several years. I am almost done with it and am loving this fabric. I was going to paint the wood a bright color but stuck with white. It will allow me to change color accents thru the years by just adding different throw pillows. 🙂

  6. And mine is all done! Thanks again for the inspiration!

  7. I have dining room chairs just like this and want to reupholster do you have a tutorial on how to go about it?

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