A Gold Stenciled Accent Wall in My Daughter’s Bedroom PLUS A New Giveaway!

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We have just been giving things away like crazy over the past week!  Be sure to check out our Giveaways page when you’re done reading to see all the great stuff you can win!  There’s a giveaway waiting for you at the end of this post, too (giveaway now closed).

Check out what my daughter and I did in her room this weekend:

Stenciled gold damask accent wall in a girl's bedroom.

Yep.  We added that damask stencil to the wall behind her bed using a gorgeous antique gold paint and the HomeRight PaintStick Mini.  We both love gold, but didn’t want the commitment of doing an entire wall.  This worked perfectly, and it was a fun project to do together.

You can see what it looked like before–plus the rest of her room–in {this} post.  I love the colors in her room–so soothing for a home near the beach.

We decided to stencil three rows of the damask print behind her headboard and put the decorative plates right back where they were.  Here’s the wall without the plates:

You can see that we staggered the stripes, which seemed to work better with the plates.  Here it is with the plates:


We have textured walls in this house, which makes it virtually impossible to get a crisp edge when doing an accent wall.  Stripes are unbearable–I’ve completely given up!  I started this project with a paint brush, but quickly gave up as the bleed through was horrible.  We then decided to try the PaintStick Mini, and it worked like a charm.  I could control the paint flow (you want to use less paint rather than more when stenciling) and the roller pushed the stencil onto the wall to form a tighter seal as I rolled.

You can read all about how the PaintStick and its petite companion, the PaintStick Mini, work in {this} post.  I give a very thorough review and step by step instructions there!

Also, don’t forget that the PaintStick EZ Twist Challenge is still going on, through May 30th.   My daughter and I made this video to enter (she is ALL OVER winning the iPad Air that is First Prize!):

No, we weren’t actually painting in the video–we would have totally wrecked the wall since we had to shoot about 25 different takes to get through it without laughing, so we had to shoot when the wall was dry.  But I hear that most of what you see in the movies isn’t real! 🙂

If you’re interested in what we used for this project, then here you go:

And the Martha Stewart Living Specialty Finish Metallic Paint (in Vintage Gold):

Click for source

Click for source


Here’s a quick recap of the rules for the HomeRight Challenge:


And to make your contest entry even easier, we’re giving away a PaintStick Mini to one lucky winner!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck, and thanks for stopping by!

Disclaimer:  As you all know, I am a HomeRight Brand Ambassador, and every month they give me a product to review and give away to you (yay!).  While they give me a product and compensate me for the time it takes to try the product and write the post, the opinions are always my own.  If I think the product is just “meh,” then I will tell you!  Conversely, if I tell you that I think it’s ah-maz-ing, then I am dead serious and you should immediately run to the store to buy one!   I included our Amazon affiliate link in this post; if you buy through that link we get a small commission (I will name my yacht after you).  You don’t pay a cent more than you would otherwise. 



  1. The wall looks great with the accent plates.

  2. Kathy Matteson says

    Love it! Have a small half bath I would like to do something like this in instead of wallpaper!

  3. I like the wall with the plates!

  4. I like it with the three plates!

  5. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says

    I like it with the plates….they make it look richer.

  6. i really like the plates!

  7. I’d vote no plates, but I’m crazy anti-clutter on walls and just like it simpler and cleaner.

  8. Definitely with the plates

  9. This makes stenciling look so easy!

  10. With the plates – they match everything so well.

  11. The PaintStick looks amazing! Your wall looks stunning and like one any young lady would adore!

  12. it looks so great.. good job!!

  13. Your daughter is darling, and her room is perfect. I woiuld love that paintstick mini…………it might even make my painting look more like a pro. Thanks!

  14. Love the plates!

  15. Kathy Robinson says

    You and Annabelle made the project look really easy and I love it! I like just the paint and then I liked the plates. The wall looks great!

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