Whipped Apple Cider Martinis {Halloween/Fall}

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whipped cream apple cider martinis

Oh Yum!!! If you need anything more to like about Fall, here is the perfect drink to toast the season. In my house, as soon as the apple cider hits the stores this drink becomes a one of our favorite adult treats.

I have mentioned my husband’s talent for bartending previously, he concocted this drink with the fixings from an ‘Apple Cider Bar’ we had at an Engagement Party we hosted last year. The couple liked it so much they served it as their “Signature Cocktail” at the wedding! It’s always a hit.

whipped cream apple cider martinis

You can tweak this to your liking, and I apologize to those who don’t drink alcohol, you could obviously play around with whipped cream and apple cider but using the flavors in the alcohol really is what gives this drink its fun flavor.

whipped cream apple cider martinis

You need apple cider (obviously), I typically use Trader Joe’s but any kind is fine, and “Whipped Cream” Vodka and “Buttershots” Liquor.

You also need ice, a shaker with a strainer, and ice cold martini glasses, something we seem to always have on hand in our freezer! I coated the rim of this glass with a sugar/cinnamon mix to make them a little more festive.

To make the drinks: Mix 2 parts vodka to 1 part buttershots in the shaker (with some ice) to your liking, then pour in the apple cider and shake well–very well–you want the ice to break up a bit and chill the drink. I would recommend 2:1 on the liquors then at least 2 parts cider–but that still may be too strong for some, so adjust accordingly. Be warned: these are strong drinks–just like a classic martini. This drink is also a great after dinner/dessert drink because they are on the sweet side.

whipped cream apple cider martinis

And, if you are hosting a Halloween Party, you might notice these drinks coordinate perfectly! 🙂


whipped cream apple cider martinis

Hope you enjoy a perfect Fall weekend!


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  1. thank you, this is perfect for my party tonight! Love all of your fabulous ideas…..

  2. Well, I already have two ingredients in my pantry (don’t judge)!
    I will definitely be whipping up a batch of these babies!

  3. S brungardt says

    How can I make this for a group of 12 w/out spending all my time behind the bar?

  4. I have the same question as the person above – was wondering if you had any insight as to making this in a batch in a pitcher? I just want to make sure if I mix all the parts to a desirable taste, that letting them sit won’t break up the parts.

    • Hi Rachael!
      I am SO sorry I didn’t answer you sooner. As far as mixing a large batch, just use the same ratio of the recipe and make it in a large pitcher. Then shake the drinks in a shaker with ice before you serve (like a traditional martini). I hesitate to give exact large batch recipes as its really to taste. If you don’t want your guests to be overindulged, be sure to use more cider and less alcohol. There really isn’t a wrong way, its to your liking! I would just suggest keeping it in the fridge if you mix ahead of time then give the pitcher a stir before you pour into the shaker to make sure everything comes together. I don’t think you can go wrong! Enjoy,

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