Updates & Wrapping Station in the Craft Room

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So last summer, with help from Terry, I made over a room in my parents’ basement as a birthday gift for my mother.

workroom craft room

This is her new craft/sewing/project/wrapping room.

{Read the full “after” post HERE}

 Up until a few weeks ago, the ‘wrapping’ part wasn’t working so well for her since I never finished that part of the project! My sweet Dad has been hard at work building her a custom wrapping paper holder for her special room. He designed and built it all himself and I was able to take some pictures during my last visit.

DIY gift wrap station tutorial

I didn’t get any in progress pictures so I can’t offer a tutorial, but he worked off my very clear– I am sure– instructions to just “build a square the size of the wrapping paper rolls then drill holes so we can run dowels across it. (The dowels I had purchased at Michael’s).

He ran with it and even added the beadboard to the back and finished everything off nicely.  One trick he came up with was cutting the dowels down to about 6 inches for each side so they don’t actually run the full length of the roll. They still hold the wrapping level, but if she needs to replace a roll she just pulls from one side rather then threading the dowel through the whole roll,  they say it’s much easier.

He also hung a new ironing board for her. I purchased the fun cover for her HERE last summer.

We are still working on covering a separate table to wrap on to go under the wrapping station but I think she is still enjoying her room, and that makes me so happy 🙂

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  1. Giving a gift that is gift wrapped truly shows that person how much you care. I would have loved to have this room when I had my gift wrapping business. It’s open with lots of room to spread out, it’s bright and it was done with love. Your mom must have loved it.

  2. Sofia Fisher says

    I’ll be inspired to work if my work room looks like thisInstant One Media

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