Turning Thirty-Something Fashionista Birthday Party!

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fashionista birthday partyOhh….What a (fun) night!

 Terry & I (Christy was recovering in Tennessee from her Disney trip and Better Homes & Gardens Photoshoot–but we really missed her!) spent last week preparing for a very SPECIAL event…

Terry’s Birthday Party!

It’s safe to say that we both get a little carried away getting ready for parties. She is an event planner by trade, and I did event design as part of my graphic design business, so we tend to go a little over the top when we dream up an event.  {Don’t believe it? See more of our events HERE and HERE!}

But in reality, it’s not just because it’s fun for us, but also because we really want our guests to feel special and have an amazing time. So often as busy women and moms, we rarely have a chance to do many of the things that uplift us.  Terry, with her typical generous spirit, designed her birthday party with a focus on her guests’ enjoyment and pampering.

Black, white, and pink Barbie birthday party

Terry had invited a clothing line, a jewelry line and a make-up line to her home, all for her guests to spend a night trying on– you guessed it– clothes, jewelry and make-up. A girl’s dream come true! And she made amazing food (of course) as well as delicious drinks.

make your own champagne bar

The theme of the night was “Fashionista,” though for fun I had to mix in a little vintage Barbie on the paper products. It just seemed to go well, and I knew Terry would laugh. {Who doesn’t have a special place for memories of Barbie?}

The front door gave a hint of the fun inside.

The entryway held goodie bags for all the guests, as well as shopping bags for decoration.

The girls enjoyed trying on clothes…

…and jewels and make-up.

To quench the guests’ thirst, there was a “Make Your Own” Champagne/Cider Bar. There was champagne and sparkling cider with a choice of mix-ins, including fruit purees of strawberry, raspberry or peach, as well as orange juice for mimosas.

Make your own champagne bar

And since every birthday needs cake, pink cupcakes graced with Barbie’s silhouette held center stage.

Barbie cupcakes

I framed some vintage Barbie fashion prints from a calendar, and these will soon have a new home in my daughter’s room–a nice party souvenir.

vintage Barbie prints

 It was such a nice evening. One other note, we know parties like this can be costly. Terry shared that she was so touched that several of her friends gave her party “necessities” as their birthday gift; for instance, one friend brought the champagne, another the cupcakes. It made her life easier, and took some of the burden off her.  Isn’t that a wonderful idea?

Her friend Sarah even made her the cute “Fashionista” banner.

 Here are the happy birthday girls.  Terry shared her birthday celebration with her college friend, Gretchen, as her birthday is the day after! How fun is that?

Terry will be back with a post on all the delicious food she made next week, so make sure to come back again!

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  1. Oh, that looks so great! I’ve got a big birthday coming up in summer and I’d love a party like that. Not sure how I’m going to tell that to male guests, though 😉 Their enthusiasm would be slightly reduced by pink. Awesome party!

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