The Thanksgiving Table

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Wow! Thanksgiving seems to be upon us. I am traveling for the holiday to my parents and therefore not hosting {thanks Mom!}, so I am spared some of the shopping, prepping and my very favorite part– the table ‘styling’.  I suppose I will just have to deal with the traffic 🙂

Our Thanksgiving Table {2 years ago}

I don’t want to take anything away from the historical {as in The Mayflower} significance of the holiday and the spirit of thankfulness this time of year brings. But as I look forward to gathering with our family and friends around the table I just wanted to share a compelling part of a Bible Study I participated in last spring, much of which related to hospitality.

We studied that God actually designed the Table.

He spells out how it is to be made –of wood, the measurements, with ‘gold’ {Exodus 25:23-30} and that it is to be put in a place of honor in the holiest place in the temple.

Our study leader wrote “Throughout the Bible we see time spent around the table being used for instruction, training, serving, celebrating, restoring and strengthening relationships. We understand that there is nothing magical about our tables, but simply the opportunity we have each day to gather together and interact face-to-face. If we don’t take time out to break bread together and interact with our family we miss out on the fullness of all He intended our relationships to be.”

{Transformed Living Study Guide}

Above is Christy’s table from last year.  If you have ever dined in her home you know her spiritual gift {among others!} is hospitality.

Its easy to get caught up in the labor of the holiday, the menu, the {my beloved} table decor, and the dread of clean up and leftovers, and while we are girls who don’t preach very often against entertaining without just a little a bit of excess, this thought is on my heart this season. Don’t miss this opportunity to appreciate all that is offered from the simple act of gathering together around the table.


And…I find it so interesting that this beloved Norman Rockwell Photo is called “Freedom from Want.”

May you all be very richly blessed this Thanksgiving.




  1. Thank you for such a beautiful reminder. 🙂

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