The Best Way to Clean–The SteamMachine Elite

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I am so excited to introduce to you all the new flagship in the HomeRight SteamMachine line, the SteamMachine Elite! We get to give away one of these fantastic machines to one lucky reader too, so be sure to read to the end to enter.



I know it is almost Christmas, and most of you are thinking along the lines of gifts that sparkle and shine this holiday season (OK, I get that!) but tuck this amazing machine away and remember that at this time of year, all the fun and festivity (and cooking and guests etc.) can create a pretty big mess.

We all have to clean up at some point and this machine makes it so much easier. Not only does it make fast work of pretty much every cleaning job, but it does it without harsh chemicals or toxic fumes. I am a fanatic about keeping our house a toxin-free as possible, which is another reason I love cleaning with my SteamMachine.



As soon as my the SteamMachine Elite arrived, I opened it up so I could try it out. It takes water (or preferably distilled water) that heats up in about 8 minutes to a whopping 290 degrees. That high heat will kill almost any germ that is lurking in your home, which is a great thing as we head into the peak of cold and flu season (AKA winter!).



I started by cleaning in my bathroom, which always seems to be in need of attention. The SteamMachine Elite comes with 19 accessories (and a bag/system to store them, I’ll show you that in a minute). I had my bathroom sparkling in no time, between the squeegee attachment that removed the build-up on our shower doors, the floor mop which cleaned the floor in literally a minute or two (and dries almost instantly thanks to the high-temp steam), and the attachments that make quick work of the counters and around the toilet, my bathroom was cleaned lightning fast. It literally could not be easier!



Since that chore took so much less time than usual, I looked for some other things I could use the SteamMachine Elite on. My new living room curtains came right to mind. I’d hung them last week but hadn’t had time to iron the wrinkles out of them so I switched over to the steamer attachment and just ran it over each panel while it was still hanging on the rod. This was much easier than taking them down to iron them!



Within minutes they looked so much better. We’ll be having Christmas Eve dinner in here next week so I needed to put the final touches on our dining room.  I was able to quickly knock this chore off the to-do list while the machine was heated up and ready to go.



Next up was my kitchen, which is basically an ongoing project to keep clean. My stove was just cleaned (professionally no less) just three days earlier but it already had acquired its usual patina of dirt and food build up.



We cook quite a bit around here and things often get baked on and are hard to remove, especially on the grates that go over the burners.  The grates are large and bulky so I procrastinate cleaning them, but the SteamMachine made it simple to do. I sprayed them while they were still on the stove to blast off all the built up food, then moved them aside so I could clean the area underneath.



What I love about using the SteamMachine is that even baked on dirt comes right off. After blasting everything on the surface with the hot steam, I wiped it all down with the microfiber cloth (that came with the machine) to polish it up.



Next, I gave my sink a quick blast with hot steam to kill all the bacteria that builds up in it, and that left it nice and shiny and clean. You can do the same with your counters, and it also quickly cleans floors (it works on sealed hardwood, vinyl, and tile). We all know mopping a floor is a chore in itself!



Once I finished cleaning the kitchen, I stored the SteamMachine Elite away in our hallway cleaning closet (which don’t judge yet, this space needs some organizational attention but that won’t happen until after the holidays), and then I hung the storage bag up on the bag of the closet door so I could keep all the attachments close at hand.



Now here is the fun part–we get to giveaway one of these wonderful cleaning machines! Enter to win a new SteamMachine Elite using the Rafflecopter Widget below!


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Good luck everyone!


If I have convinced you that you must have one as a gift for yourself, you can purchase one below.



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Our posts contain affiliate links.  If you make a purchase after clicking on these links, we will earn a small commission, which helps to keep our content free.  You don’t pay a cent more than you would otherwise, since that would be tacky! Please see our full disclosure policy here.

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  1. Oh this is perfect timing! I desperately need a cleaning machine like to help me get our rental sparkling clean. My lease favorite cleaning chore is filing papers – HAHA!

  2. My least favorite has to be bathrooms. With the boys, it’s always yucky!

  3. JILL NELSON says

    Cleaning our tile floors. No matter how hard i scrub they never look clean. It’s so discouraging!

  4. Stacey Roberson says

    I hate cleaning the bathroom. Hate it, hate it, hate it!!

  5. My least favorite is the bathrooms! But I do like them to be clean!!
    Thanks for this great review,

  6. I dislike cleaning the bathroom, especially the toilet

  7. Maree Sperle says

    I really dislike cleaning our bath in our master bathroom. It is a great size but very hard to reach all around to clean. I have to get into the bath to clean some of the areas behind the bath. Crazy!

  8. Marilyn Nawara says

    I hate to clean the bathrooms — especially the boys bathroom.

  9. my least favorite chore is cleaning bathrooms!

  10. My least favorite chore is cleaning the bathrooms., for sure!

  11. I absolutely loathe unloading the dishwasher and would rather take a beating than do that but a very close second would be cleaning out all the spills and junk that overnight seems to accumulate in the refrigerator doors.

  12. I dislike cleaning the bathrooms; however, I am happy when they are clean!

  13. Laundry is the thorn in my side. Never stops.

  14. Cleaning the tile and hardwood floors in our home.

  15. Gloria Richards says

    When I was younger I had no problem with cleaning but now with a little age and having COPD, i find it’s not as lovable a job as it once was. What a fantastic steam machine this is!
    I could do the deep cleaning that Is such a chore now as well as hoist it around easily… I love how compacted it is. Another plus, I wouldn’t be fighting the harsh cleaning products that affect my breathing so badly.
    Thank you for the opportunity to not only win this machine but to learn about it as well.

  16. Faith Thomas says

    Where are your curtains in this post from?

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