Spring Cleaning + Natural Cleaner Recipes

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I’m pretty sure that the pollen deluge has finally passed, but of course there is still a fine layer of that yellow green stuff everywhere right now–even inside my house.  How does that even happen?!

Spring cleaning tips, including natural cleaning solution recipes and free printable labels | 11 Magnolia Lane

I’m working on spring cleaning this week, in an effort to get everything spick and span again.  I love a clean house–it literally changes my entire mental outlook–and so this actually makes me happy.  I know, strange!

Spring cleaning tips, including natural cleaning solution recipes and free printable labels | 11 Magnolia Lane
I’ve been making my own natural cleaning solutions for awhile now for a variety of reasons.  First, I know exactly what’s in them (or more importantly, NOT in them!).  Second, they are inexpensive.  And third, they smell so good!

Spring cleaning tips, including natural cleaning solution recipes and free printable labels | 11 Magnolia Lane
I’m sharing all of my favorite recipes with you today as well as the labels that I use on the bottles.  You’ll want to use glass bottles for any cleaning solution that uses essential oils; they are powerful enough that they will degrade plastic bottles over time!  I use {these} bottles but you can also buy glass bottles of vinegar and repurpose them; standard trigger sprayers will fit them.

Spring cleaning tips, including natural cleaning solution recipes and free printable labels | 11 Magnolia Lane
You can download the recipes and labels as a PDF {here}. The labels are designed to fit perfectly on {these} labels, or you can cut them out using a 2.5″ craft punch.  I included several different labels for my all purpose cleaning spray because everyone has their favorite scent; just choose your favorite from lavender, orange, tea tree, peppermint, or lemon.



Spring cleaning tips, including natural cleaning solution recipes and free printable labels | 11 Magnolia Lane

I pair my cleaners with Viva® paper towels to #unleashclean on my kitchen in record time.

•  On the windows–I use undiluted vinegar and Viva® towels inside and out to get my windows sparkling.

•  On the sink–I use lemon cleaning spray and Viva® Vantage® to get the grungy stuff off of my faucet (what IS that stuff?).  The Vantage towels have a scrubby texture that makes them perfect for removing grime.

•  On stainless appliances–I use undiluted vinegar and Viva towels to clean and then spray olive oil on as a protectant.  You won’t believe how well the olive oil works, and the towels have a soft and smooth texture that’s perfect for stainless.

•  On granite countertops–my granite spray recipe is awesome–everything I’ve purchased leaves cloudy streaks, but this dries clear.

Spring cleaning tips, including natural cleaning solution recipes and free printable labels | 11 Magnolia Lane

•  On my stovetop:  I use my cleaning spray and then use a Vantage towel to clean off the smooth surface and make it shine.

•  On the cabinets:  my all purpose cleaning spray and a towel cut grease and remove spatters.

Spring cleaning tips, including natural cleaning solution recipes and free printable labels | 11 Magnolia Lane

I love being able to just toss the towel when I’m finished, too.  So tidy!

Creamy off-white kitchen with copper accents, brown and black granite | 11 Magnolia Lane

Things are pretty sparkly in here now, aren’t they?

French country kitchen with off-white cabinets and copper accents | 11 Magnolia Lane

Happy spring cleaning–at least my kitchen’s done now!

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You can get more natural cleaner recipes and see how to host your own Make Your Own Natural Cleaners get together in this post HERE.

And here’s our recipe for all-natural bug spray.
I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Spring cleaning tips, including natural cleaning solution recipes and free printable labels | 11 Magnolia Lane

Thanks for stopping by–

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  1. Christy, I love this! I much prefer using natural products for cleaning and I’ve used Viva towels forever! Thank you so much for sharing the recipes and labels. You make everything look so beautiful!


  2. Hettie watts says

    I love the labels but were not able to download them for print. Help

  3. Hettie watts says

    got it. guess i answered my own question. thanks so much for the beautiful labels. i”m ordering water proof labels to run them off on and then put them on the bottles i have.

  4. What type of alcohol specificly do you use for the granite cleaner? I have not had good luck with store-bought cleaners and prwfwr to make my own as well. Thank you so much for the great label designs.

    • Hey, April–

      Just regular isopropyl alcohol/rubbing alcohol off the shelf at the grocery store. I think there are several different concentrations but either should be fine.

      Hope that helps–happy cleaning!

  5. Deborah Cariker says

    I’ve been concocting my own sprays, too! I love being able to clean my home without worrying about the YUCK left behind by so many chemicals!! Thank you for adding to my repertoire! Do you have a recipe for furniture polish? I’m playing with that now. I need something that adds to the beauty of our family antiques and hand-me-downs.

    • I haven’t done my own furniture polish yet; I use Method’s polish and love the almond scent. I have a friend who swears by plain old lemon oil, too.

  6. Kimberly Curtis says

    What do you use the peppermint cleaning spray for?

    • It’s an all-purpose cleaning spray, for counters and other solid surfaces. I substitute it for lavender or lemon during the holidays.

  7. Hi! Is the vinegar you use distilled white vinegar?

    • Yes, just plain old (cheap) vinegar off the grocery store shelf. I’m sure you could also use the extra-strength cleaning vinegar, too.

    • I have a blend that I use to spray house for any bugs and use peppermint doterra essential oil. I put 16 oz water, 1 tsb epson salt, and 25 drops of peppermint essential oil. No more of that nasty stuff they spray in your home. I am an all natural person. Have blends for room and sheet spray to freshen the bedroom or any room, can spray on carpets, etc. I use vinegar, baking soda, etc. Also use wool balls in dryer. I love talking about natural cleaners. Also love lemon and run my diffusers day and night.

  8. Do you use glass bottles or plastic?

  9. Love these recipes! question though, if the oils break down plastic bottles, wouldn’ it also break down the trigger straw even in a glass bottle?

  10. Hi Christy, thank you for the recipes. Which cleaning product do you suggest for cleaning floors? I have dogs and cats so I’m always careful what I use.

    Take care,Wendy

  11. I was wondering if I could buy the pictures of the fruit/ plants that are on the label?
    I’m looking for icons for my website . Did you draw them? Clipart? Thx!

  12. Sandra Cunningham says

    I have tried several time to download the pdf, but it keeps going to a print page.
    “You can download the recipes and labels as a PDF {here}.”
    what am I doing wrong?

  13. My kids do a lot of the cleaning. I’m nervous about having glass bottles. Do you know of any higher grade plastic ones?

    Btw thanks so much! Because my kids help I’m trying to get away from using chemicals. I’m really excited.

    • Hey, Chrissy–

      My kids clean, too, and we haven’t had any issues with the glass bottles. They’re very thick and don’t break if you drop them on carpet or hardwoods–maybe tile, but that’s never happened to us yet. I wouldn’t recommend plastic bottles if you’re going to use essential oils; you’d wind up spraying plastic particles all over your home and that would defeat the purpose of the all-natural cleaners entirely!

      Hope that helps,
      PS I don’t have any dryer sheets or softener recipes, but I’m sure there are tons on Pinterest!

  14. Sorry one more question. Do you also have a similar post for diy laundry detergent, softener or dryer sheets? were all allergy people and I stopped using dryer sheets and fabric softener. I miss the smell and how soft our towels were ?

  15. Lisa Schenck says

    Hi!! Quick queSTION…I made up the Granite Cleaner and Mine seems a little cloudy…is that normal? Also, can you add a few extra drops of the Lemon Essential Oil to block out the alcohol? thanks so much!!!!

    • Hi, Lisa–

      Your essential oils are adding the cloudiness as water and alcohol together are perfectly clear. If you don’t get a crystal clear countertop after using it, then I definitely wouldn’t add more oil. Hope that helps!

  16. Hello! Is alcohol safe to use on Granite? Granite is a natural surface and i want to make sure it won’t be affected. Also, can I forgo the essential oils in these sprays? I don’t have them and they are not cheap to buy. Thanks!

    • Hi, Marian–

      If you’re granite is sealed, you shouldn’t have any issues at all. I’ve been using this spray on my countertops for a year with great results. Just google “alcohol and granite” and you’ll see that it’s the recommended way to disinfect granite countertops.

      As for the essential oils, you don’t have to use them. They’re mostly there to cut the smell of the vinegar and alcohol used in the cleaning solutions, so if you can stand not having a nicely scented cleaning product, then you should be just fine.

      Thanks for writing–

  17. Patricia W Graham says

    This is for Granite, I love the labels. I do not use alcohol on my granite. I use doterra lemon and melaleuca essential oil about 10 drops of each. I put a “squirt” of Dawn dish soap and about a cup of water. in my small spray bottle. The bottle I use is plastic but it has 2 on the bottom and you can use plastic if it has a 2. I keep it mixed all the time and the bottle is perfect. I am so happy with this combination. My granite is always shiny and never any streaks. The expensive stuff from the store smears plus with the Melaceuca oil it disinfects. We love using this!!! We are talking about cleaning but I have a great mixture to spray the house with Peppermint Essential oil to keep bugs out plus makes the house smell great. Glad to find this site.

  18. Hi There, Just wanted to Let you know that citrus essential oils are not safe for granite countertops! granite is porous and you will eventually see damage. I also use a similar diy cleaner, but leave out the essential oils 🙂

  19. I love this. Pinterest suggested this pin to me and I am going to repin it! I never knew how to get the labels shaped the way you wanted. I am going to check out the labels that you linked, and also consider getting a craft punch!

  20. Hi Christy:


    • Hey, Shannon–

      Thanks so much for writing. I wish I could help you out, but that house was a rental and the cabinets had been professionally painted and glazed long before we moved in. I attempted to contact the company that did them because I have gotten lots of questions about them, but they never responded to me.

      My blog partner, Amy, and I have both painted kitchen cabinets in the past, and they hold up well over time. Our tips are to use a sprayer and a very high quality enamel paint. You can read a couple of our posts {here} and {here}. Good luck!

  21. Tami Smith says

    I’m anxious to try your cleaning solutions. When I downloaded the PDF, I only got one page of labels- no recipes.

    • Hi, Tami–
      The recipes are pretty simple and they’re actually printed on the labels. Take a look and let me know if you see them.

  22. Where do you purchase your spray bottles?

  23. You should never use anything citrus on granite. It’s too acidic. It’s better to use peppermint or lavender.

  24. Deborah Creighton A Schmidt says

    Love the home made cleaning receipes
    I filled all lout for the WHOLE hOME pLANNER BUT NOTHING HAS COME UP

  25. I can’t find the recipes all that comes up in the link is the labels

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