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marked cups of coffee

Can you hear that jingle in your head? “The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup!” Does anything say ‘coffee’ more then that? Its classic! We are so happy to partner with Folgers today to talk about how much we love our coffee and announce their campaign for a new jingle {hang on for information about that}.


Anyway, as I {we} write about quite a bit here, I {we} love to entertain and especially have houseguests. While having weekend guests gives us the excuse to fix a nice meal and have a glass or two of wine and catch up with our friends over dinner, with overnight guests the next morning is also such a nice relaxing time.

flowers and breakfast

In our former home we’d wake up and sit on the front porch with our friends or family, drinking coffee and catching up before starting our adventures. Even in winter we just brought out the blankets and of course, tons of hot coffee. In our new house we have a pretty, private backyard and we’ve been really enjoying how peaceful it is in the mornings.

2 two cups

I put together this little breakfast for some guests the other day, it was the perfect time to relax and reconnect over a simple breakfast and coffee. We sat outside, enjoyed a nice spring day and listened to some uplifting music and it day started off perfectly. It really was the best part of waking up!

breakfast table

These yummy, easy mini-frittatas were from Terry. She served them recently at her son’s baptism and they were so good, I immediately made them again. We’ll be back with the recipe soon. They are perfect for breakfast with fresh fruit and some blueberry muffins, and coffee of course!


So now that we’re all thinking about coffee and I have the Folgers jingle running through your head, I can tell you that Folgers is sponsoring a contest to find a new spin on the famous jingle. Do you think Folgers will find one that is as catchy and has such a long lifespan? What do you think about when you hear it? I know for me, I immediately go to the Christmas commercial when the brother returns Christmas morning from “Deepest Africa” to surprise his family. It seriously gets me every time–but it’s such a classic! Kudos to Folgers for fostering musical creativity in today’s upcoming musicians to find a new talent to create just the right jingle. And, you all can have a say in who the winner is of the Folgers Jingle Contest.


(THIS IS CLOSED) Vote for the best Top 10 Finalist in Folgers’ Jingle Contest! Meet the Top 10! Take a look at Folgers® Jingle Contest Finalists, and listen to the tracks that earned them a spot in The Top 10. Cast your vote once every day through June 19th. You could win exciting prizes, like free Folgers Coffee, iTunes® gift cards, signed CDs from Gavin DeGraw, and even a $10,000 Grand Prize just for voting! Before you vote, follow the Road to the Jingle on Facebook to see how they traveled the U.S. to track down the Top 10 contestants! Remember, you can vote once a day through June 19th! Click here for official rules.



Take a look at them and listen to the tracks that earned them a spot in the top 10, then cast your vote. {You can vote once every day through June 19th.}.

sometimes I go to bed at night...


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  1. Such a beautiful table…and now I have that “jingle” in my head…and I have so loved their commercials…especially the one with the son coming home early in the morning…yes, the best part of waking up…Looking forward to the frittata recipe!

  2. Morgan T. says

    I think of that SAME commercial!! lol

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