Switching out the Dining Room Curtains…Again!

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Here is a quick story today about curtain dilemmas…I know we all have them, right?!?

{Or it is just me?}

Last Fall when I finished up the decor in our Dining Room in our new house, I ordered these curtains from West Elm. I thought they were fun and would provide something a little off-beat in our fairly traditional-style home.



The more I walked by them, the more they bothered me. They just didn’t work in the style of the room even though the colors were great–gray and white. I mulled over what I thought I wanted to replace them with, and one day, realized I already had a set of curtains that would work perfectly, so I switched them out to these, just on a trial basis, to see if I liked them.


greek key curtain


Much better. These are nice but plain linen curtains which I lined with black greek key trim to jazz them up. Pretty, huh? And added a bit of sophistication back in the room, which I think it needed. The squiggles are now being relegated to the basement.


curtains greek key1


I really, really liked these in here, the problem was I had made them for the room across the hall–the “Library” where we just built new shelves. I just need to get over my hatred for hanging curtain rods {why do I dread that job so much?!?} and therefore these have yet to actually be hung up, because really they will be perfect on either side of this bay window {below}.




So, I still needed curtains in the Dining Room. I stopped in the curtain section while browsing at HomeGoods the other day and was blown away by their selection. I grabbed this pair, at a mere $30 for TWO panels, and I figured it couldn’t hurt to try these! They had a great trellis design, one that was more sophisticated in the space than the ones with the squiggly lines!




I think these are keepers! What do you think? I need to line them as they are a little thin, I’ll get to that one of these days –maybe after I get the rods hung to finally finish up the windows over in the Library 🙂




Drapes can be expensive–just a quick tip to check out the selection in your local HomeGoods, you never know what you’ll find. At that price, I can keep updating as I am so inclined which is probably a good thing since I keep changing my mind in here!



{You can order this chandelier HERE, I always get asked!}

Happy Saturday everyone! Hope your weekend is going beautifully!


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  1. I like all three pairs. They all look fabulous.

  2. Hi,

    Would you please tell me what brand and color is the grey paint you used on your walls. It is exactly what we want ! Thanks!!!

  3. I love the third choice. I like the airy look without lining. Unless you need to line them to protect the fabric (if you face west and too much sun will come in), I might leave them for awhile as is and she how you like them. With all you have going on, that may be the case.

  4. Love them all, but the 3rd pair in that particular room. I too love the airy/bright look of them unlined.

  5. I just love the Greek key curtains. I am a sucker for Greek key anything! And I especially love the chandy….. it looks very familiar…. 🙂

  6. I would like to update a pair of custom chintz curtains (Goldy yellow with flowers in lavender, pink,) with an inset of another plain Goldy yellow mattellasse or burlap/Linen fabric. Think it would look good on gray walls. Can you give me some guidance?

    • I think that will be very pretty! Yellow and gray is a lovely combination. Good for you for updating your custom curtains so you continue to enjoy them 🙂 XO, Amy

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