Summer Strawberry Lemon Vojito

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Strawberry vojito recipe

Welcome to summer!!!

Not to long ago, I had a similar drink to this in a local chain restaurant.

It was good.

Very good.

I love mojitos. I rarely make them as I prefer to only have them when Christy’s husband makes them, as they are the best! {And that recipe is HERE}

It’s strawberry season here where I live, so the timing was perfect to try to make my own version of this drink. With my husband’s help, we managed to come up with what has definitely become my new favorite ‘summer’ drink.

You can modify this however you like, it’s the perfect drink on a hot day as it’s served over ice, and the bubbles from the club soda make it kind of fun.

I used raspberry vodka only because I had it on hand, we mostly use regular vodka and just flavor it accordingly, but in this case the flavor difference between raspberry and strawberry wasn’t a big deal. We also sometimes use lemon-flavored vodka because it brings more “lemon” into the drink–but whatever you have is fine.

Traditional mojitos are made with rum, not vodka, which explains the “Vo” instead of the “Mo” in “Mojito” (in case it wasn’t obvious?)

Like in Chris’s mojitos, you first need to muddle the strawberries with the fresh mint.

I use a gadget from Pampered Chef –I think it was for making mini-tarts? I use it for mojitos 🙂 — I don’t have a muddler, but you could use anything that crushes the mint with the fruit together and infuses their flavors.

We then add the fruit and mint to a glass with ice. From there you add the liquid, since my husband bartended his way through college, his measurements are more by intuition, but I am going to approximate. Feel free to tweak it to your liking.

Add 1 to 2 oz simple syrup (made with equal parts sugar and boiling water, then cooled), then 1 to 2 oz vodka, 2 oz lemonade, and finish with club soda. The peach schnapps will give the drink more sweetness but also more alcohol–so that’s an optional addition. You can add more or less lemonade depending on your strength preference.

Stir it up well and enjoy!

Hope you are having a spectacular Memorial Day weekend!

We at 11 Magnolia Lane offer our deepest gratitude to all who have, or are currently, serving this great country.



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