Star Struck in Warrenton, VA

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Mr. Clint Eastwood

My little town of Warrenton, VA had a huge celebrity sighting today. Clint Eastwood, (Yes, Dirty Harry, baby!!) director and co-producer of  the movie “J. Edgar” was filming a scene on the steps of our old court house today. Big news travels fast, especially in a small town, so the streets were filled with adoring fans and some wanna-be paparazzi (that would be me, Tehehe).

Although Mr. Eastwood was the only shinning “star” in our little town today, Leo DiCaprio is set to portray J. Edgar Hoover in the movie.  A great deal of controversy surrounds the life of the FBI’s first director J. Edgar.   Hoover spent 48 years creating and instituting many of the crime fighting techniques we still use today. Unfortunately, he was also accused of abusing his power and his personal life was filled with rumors of closeted cross-dressing and homosexuality.  I am a huge fan of both Leo and Clint, I know they will make “J. Edgar” a movie we all will want to watch.

Here are some of my paparazzi shots of Clint turning my little town of Warrenton into “tinsel town” for a day.

Wardrobe Please!!!

Teresa’s flower shop’s window was completely “re-decorated” by set designers.

The Court House (and Clint)

It’s all about the details

“And that’s a wrap”… Clint being “rushed” out of Warrenton.

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  1. Oh man! I live in Fredericksburg and would have GLADLY driven to Warrenton to catch a glimpse of Mr. Eastwood! lol

    How exciting, he is a favorite in our house 🙂 Very cool that you got to see him in person!

  2. I wish I could have been there too. Great picture of him, he must have walked right by you 🙂 lucky girl!

  3. I am feeling pretty lucky to have been there and you were truly missed Amy!!
    I just read on Pop Sugar that Leo was in Alexandria filming today… VA is getting lot’s of buzz as is J. Edgar!

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