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Good morning, friends!  It’s a beautiful, but chilly, morning here in North Carolina.

We’re hosting a few friends on the deck later for the final round of the Masters (and to celebrate my hubby’s birthday, which conveniently always falls during Masters week), so I’m crossing fingers that it warms up a bit, otherwise we’ll need a fire pit and blankets–but with at least with dogwood and azaleas blooming in the background!

The Stoneybrook Steeplechase was yesterday, at the Carolina Horse Park.  We tailgated with friends and made it through the first two races, before we decided that it was too darned cold to hang around for longer.  It was a gorgeous day, as you can see, but so WINDY that I was wishing hat pins were still in widespread use!

By the way, thanks for all of the fashion advice in {this} post.


|   Hat  |  Chris: pants (or here), jacket {affiliate links} |

I obviously went with the gray and yellow outfit, and I wound up buying this hat from–believe it or not–Amazon.  I was thrilled with it; it was under $40 and of course I had free shipping with Prime.  They have about a dozen different colors to choose from, too.

Everyone brought something to share at the tailgate (I brought pimiento cheese and baguette slices), and I snapped a picture because I love food on sticks.  Clearly, that was the theme yesterday!  By the way, the cheese tortellini and baby beets were really yummy; I’m going to have to make those soon.

I’m off to frost some cupcakes and get things in order for later today; I hope you have a beautiful Sunday.  Don’t forget to enter our Perfect Linens giveaway {here} if you haven’t already–I LOVE these sheets!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I went to that Steeplechase 30+ years ago with my husband for the first time to meet his college friends. It was so windy that everything and everyone (including the cheese tray) was covered in a fine layer of track turf! We found our way to our host’s grandmother’s home and the ladies took turns running through the shower to wash off the filth. Our host was so accommodating and our tailgate party so elegant he was given “Best Tailgate” award several years. Wonderful memories!

    • We had a fine layer of grit EVERYWHERE when we got home–but it was a blast! Sounds like they have a long tradition of fabulous tailgating. 🙂

  2. You look fantastic in that dress. And, who doesn’t love good tailgating food?!

  3. You look gorgeous Christy and the hat is wonderful!!!!

  4. Rebecca Purdie says

    You both look amazing!

  5. Claudia M says

    The perfect Southern couple….love the seersucker coat , bowtie and your hat is perfection!!

  6. Love the hat! It’s less than a month until our Kentucky Derby so I’m in hat mode. You definitely picked a winner. Hubby is glued to the T.V. watching the Master. We’re pulling for Jordan Spieth fans since he’s from Dallas and his family went to our church. We’re really proud of him. Happy Birthday to your hubby.

    • We were so sad he didn’t win yesterday; he seems like a great young man.

      If you’re still searching for a hat, check the link to mine out– I was SO impressed with the quality for the price!

  7. You two look great and festive … I would have thought you were at the Kentucky Derby!….and how exciting the end of the Master’s was…

  8. Loved the salmon pants and price of sear sucker jacket so I snatched it all but wear is that bow tie from ??? It completes the outfit and my son has a party this weekend

  9. We were on Oak Island (probably that same point in time) and decided to take a day-trip to Wilmington for the Azalea Festival. Brrrrrr. We opted for pizza from A Slice of Life. It was also way too cold and windy at the beach. A lot of good friends and plenty of good food, libations…and homemade bread made our trip warm and entertaining.

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