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Hey everyone, we’re on our family vacation in Maine, where we go pretty much every summer we can. It has been excellent here–great weather, good fishing and perfect swimming in the lake weather. Our cabin was built in 1927 so it’s a bit of a time warp up here, so we’re trying to unplug a bit.  My family’s property is across from a reservoir, so basically it’s like having a whole lake to ourselves, which is pretty amazing and makes for a very relaxing trip.


We are just back from a day trip to the Maine coast, which is unlike anywhere else. I snapped this picture this morning at the Pemaquid Point Light House, we try to make a shore excursion each year while up here and always love the rocky coast for photo ops. If you haven’t been, put Maine on your bucket list, it’s pretty amazing (though I definitely prefer the weather here in the summer!).

I’d hoped to have this post ready for yesterday, but my computer completely crashed when I turned it on up here. Sadly, we are no where near an apple store so I am making do with my son’s computer, but running a bit behind. I have wanted to share a few really neat finds in our typical random/compilation Sunday post style, so I’ll just stick with that title for what I have to show you today. I am just checking in with a few fun finds.

Upon moving into our new home, and unpacking multiple boxes filled with dishes, table/home decor, glasses, linens etc (it builds up quickly, especially with our continued relationship with HomeGoods!) I really struggled with where to put it all  in our new home, which has less kitchen storage than our last home. We do plan to build an extra wall of kitchen cabinets in our breakfast area, but until that happens, I don’t really want to live with boxes of dishes. I also don’t love the idea of relegating them to our basement store room, never to be seen again. Then I stumbled on this post from Pizzazzerie (one of my favorite blogs for entertaining inspiration, and I have her book on my wish list) and felt like my problem was solved.


I don’t have nearly as extensive of a collection of entertaining items, but I do have an extra walk-in closet upstairs (definitely a selling point of our floorplan) off our loft area. My daughter and I have been calling it the wrapping/craft closet but it is also the perfect space to store all my throw pillows, entertaining and decor items. Stay tuned, pulling that space together that project is on tap for the fall, but in the meantime be sure to see all the amazing organizing ideas in Courtney’s space.


Along the lines of other fabulous spaces, be sure to visit The Heathered Nest and see the amazing master bathroom makeover. Heather and her husband did this THEMSELVES, which makes them rock stairs in my book. My husband and I risk divorce each time we tackle cleaning the garage, much less something of this scale. We’ve featured their fabulous home DIY’s on our site before, and have had the opportunity to hang out with Heather in person so we can attest that in real life she’s pretty cool, but this bathroom makeover is pretty amazing–just look at that ceiling!

Somehow my kids start school less than two weeks after we get home, which is really astounding, the time has flown. We have another quick beach trip for a family event shortly after this one and will arrive home a day before school starts, so I am doing what I can to get ahead. We’ve already shared our Nordstrom sale finds for us (see mine HERE and Christy’s HERE) and our picks for the home, but if you haven’t checked out the kids’ sale stuff it is worth a look. I typically grab back to school shoes for my boys from this sale, the Nike prices are great. FYI–moms of boys who love Under Armour, this shirt is a steal.

I did not manage to order any books ahead of our trip like I usually do, but I have downloaded a few to read while we have downtime here in Maine.  The first one on my list is All We Ever Wanted. I follow Emily Giffin on Instagram, since she is as big of a Brittish Royal fan as I am so I enjoy her posts. I just started reading her newest book, and I can tell it is going to be as good as her other ones.

I also brought this book (below) along though it isn’t as lightweight as the other one, you all know I love my Savour devotional. My oldest son has just a few more years before college so I am trying to be more intentional about our time as a family and making all the fun memories we can.


Along those lines, I am going to sign off now and get back to hanging out with my family, have a great week!


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Our posts contain affiliate links.  If you make a purchase after clicking on these links, we will earn a small commission, which helps to keep our content free.  You don’t pay a cent more than you would otherwise, since that would be tacky! Please see our full disclosure policy here.

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  1. Marty Oravetz says

    Maine sounds like the perfect place to be about now. Enjoy all you can.

  2. I recognized Pemaquid from your photo even before I read the post. We always try to get their while staying in Boothbay Harbor. Such a gorgeous place to visit.

  3. Madelyn Kubach says

    I love the bath and the ceiling. Maine has had great weather this summer. Your lake picture looks like Green Lake to me.

  4. Love South China and Pemaquid – hope you had lobster there. Miss going. Aunt M

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