“OH Darling, What if you Fly?” Middle School Dance

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Do the words “middle school dance” make you cringe or bring back fond memories? I promise that the event I have to show you all today will forever change how you think of a middle school event.


Our long-term readers will remember that we used to be a blog ‘trio’ here at Magnolia Lane, our third blogger– the talented Terry–moved on from blogging here to work full-time at her events business a year or so ago.  She is back on the blog today because I absolutely HAD to show you one of the events she just pulled off–this “travel” themed eighth-grade dance.



Just this week I was sitting at my own son’s middle school talent show, suffering the chaos of the age–the sweetness of the soon-to-be, but not quite, full-blown teenagers that they are in 8th grade. This event touched me because it was so fitting for those last few weeks of still being young, with high school looming hugely ahead just at the end of summer. This event was such a gift for these kids, the memory of this magical night to perfectly wrap up their middle school days.



Terry’s vision for events is truly unmatched. I always am in awe of her ability to turn what could be a run of the mill event into an unforgettable evening, and in this case she still kept it age-appropriate, warm and charming. While the dance was held in an ordinary cafeteria in a public middle school, she turned it into a magical destination for the evening. Her uber-talented partner, Rosanna, who runs Bella Villa Antiques & Vintage Rentals , provided the unique rentals and vintage accessories you see throughout. These girls truly work magic together–if you are in the DC area this is THE event dream team.




They had the support and assistance of some pretty amazing parents too, who even built some of the props. Can you imagine the excitement the teenagers felt when they arrived and got to roll into their dance–on a red carpet none-the-less!




No dance is complete without a DJ, but look at the decor on the DJ booth! The maps, the globes and the vintage trunks, the light-up lanterns turned air balloons are a neat touch.




I am sure that the photo booth got a major workout, no doubt instagram almost crashed with the flood of pictures during the event 🙂  but how cute is this backdrop? What great keepsakes the kids have to remember their night.





These girls are simply masterful at decorating with unique details, like the vintage camera, suitcases and all the small touches in the room.




No detail was spared with the food and drinks, look at the cute beverage station (above) and the spread of cupcakes below.





I am sure that the kids didn’t think the night could get better, that is until they saw the candy bar. Is there much more that an 8th-grader could wish for at an event?




They obviously went to a ton of work to pipe and drape the room and what a difference it made to masking the “school” feeling.  The glowing lights behind the drapes give the room a fun, club vibe–a long way from school lunches–what a night it must have been!




These two are simply amazing. I am so happy that my son goes to school with Terry’s son {we met when they were in preschool together oh-so-many years ago} so I know that his Prom, many years from now, will be the greatest EVER once she gets her hands on it! I am already excited for him 🙂

Aren’t they adorable?



Thanks so much ladies, for letting me share your beautiful evening! You two surely gave a very lucky 8th grade class a night I know they will never forget.


Here are some sources for the props used in this event:

inexpensive IKEA curtains {to drape the room}  | gum balls   |  globe  | uplighting

What if you Fly Chalkboard print available below:


More on Terry Kaye Events  | More on Bella Villa Antiques & Vintage Rentals

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Our posts contain affiliate links.  If you make a purchase after clicking on these links, we will earn a small commission, which helps to keep our content free.  You don’t pay a cent more than you would otherwise, since that would be tacky! Please see our full disclosure policy here.

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  1. Amazing and oh, so beautiful! I hope the kids cherished every moment.


  2. Thank you, 11 Magnolia Lane, for showing what Terry and Rosanna did for our awesome, 8th graders! Such an honor! We are forever grateful for the love, kindness, time, and creativity that they put into this milestone and these memories! <3

  3. It was an awesome evening. The school was transformed. The children felt very special and were amazed at the transformation. Many thanks to each of you for contributing your time and talents to create a beautiful memory for our 8th graders.

  4. Terry is an amazing talent…the Dance theme was so perfectly executed through her design expertise and creativity that assured everyone to have a most wonderful time and left with beautiful memories!

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