September Essential: Teacher Back to School Survival Kit and a Target GiftCard® Giveaway

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Back to School Teacher Survival Kit | 11 Magnolia Lane


While this is a post about the awesome back to school survival kit that I put together for my daughter’s teacher, I’m going to begin with a guilty confession about Target, just so you know where things stand.


Full disclosure is that Target is probably my favorite store, ever, period.  We’re fortunate enough to live five minutes from one here in Savannah (although my husband considers this to be rather unfortunate), and I am in there almost every day, whether it’s to pick up a gallon of milk or a piece of poster board for the kid who waited until the last moment to tell me that he had a project due tomorrow.  Frequently, amazing things even leap into my cart (like a gold stapler!  or an awesome bracelet!  or a boxwood wreath!) without my knowledge OR consent.  There must be something magnetic in those red carts.


I have a RedCard in my wallet, the Cartwheel app on my phone, and the cashiers at Store #1910 (hi, everyone!) know me.  I’ve been asking for my own parking space out front, but so far they’re dragging their feet on that one.  Maybe writing this post will get me some movement on that request…


There.  Now you know.  So while this is a sponsored post for Target, you can be pretty sure that it would have been a love fest anyway.


Back to School Teacher Survival Kit | 11 Magnolia Lane


Have you tried their up & up store brand yet?  I am a big fan of store brands in general, and this one in particular.  Why pay more for the exact same things?  That’s crazy!  And with what you save, you can take home those cute shorts that jumped into your cart.
I grabbed all the up & up items in the above picture (plus a few more) to create a back-to-school survival kit for my daughter’s sixth grade teacher.  Every single item was less (sometimes significantly less) than its brand-name counterpart sitting next to it on the Target shelf, but they all work just as effectively. Then I made this cute little photo card to attach to the basket:


Back to School Teacher Survival Kit | 11 Magnolia Lane


There were tons of fun back-to-school items in the One Spot to fill up her basket (including the basket itself!):


Back to School Teacher Survival Kit | 11 Magnolia Lane

I’m sure you noticed that I included a variety of items to help germ-proof the classroom, and the students.  While my kids aren’t quite the carriers of disease that they were in their younger years, I still would like to stop germs before they make it out of the classroom and into our house.  The disinfectant spray (similar to Lysol) is the first step in stopping germs–it kills 99.9% of fungi, viruses, and bacteria (i.e. the cold and flu viruses), and prevents mold and mildew growth.  It also eliminates odors and makes the classroom smell “clean.”


Back to School Teacher Survival Kit | 11 Magnolia Lane
I also included the fresh and lemon scent disinfecting wipes in her basket, so she can have the students quickly and conveniently wipe down doorknobs, pencil sharpeners, desktops, and all those other surfaces that dozens of hands touch every day.  Even though they’re bleach free, they still kill up to 99.9% of bacteria in 15 seconds (and they cost much less than Clorox wipes).
Back to School Teacher Survival Kit | 11 Magnolia Lane


I’ve jotted a monthly note on my calendar to check the wipes, tissues, and hand sanitizer in the classroom; that way the other parents and I can restock her supply as needed and hopefully everyone will stay healthy throughout the school year.  I’ll be back to Target (yep–every day), so you know she’ll be getting up & up products from me! 🙂   Oh, and even though it’s not in the photo, I threw in a bag of dark chocolate–I consider that to be a back-to-school essential, too.


Would you like to enter for your chance to win a $100 Target GiftCard®?  (Giveaway now closed)  OF COURSE  you would!  Just leave a comment below telling me what your favorite Target “score” is, and good luck!   To check out more up&up cleaning products, check out or visit your local Target store.
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  1. Just thought you like to know I saw your sparkly Target bracelet in the current Nordstrom catalog.

  2. My last score involved backyard hanging lanterns for the backyard for half off! Love the clearance racks!

  3. I love their lamps and home accessories! I bought a cute lamp that sits on my piano at an awesome price. I also score on kids clothes in the clearance racks ALL the time!

  4. I love Target’s Up & Up unscented baby wipes.

  5. tweet–

  6. I got Target’s Up & Up paper towels on sale and they are as good as name brand

  7. A few years ago I got a beautiful patio set on sale for $75.00, regular price over $350. SCORE!!!!

  8. Mary Catherine says

    It’s funny how, not only did a gold stapler jump into my cart, a gold dog tape dispenser did too 🙂 I also adore the Up & Up wipes, they are the only thing I use on my daughter.

  9. Crystal York says

    My favorite score were the Carson 5 shelf bookcases we got on clearance for $48 bucks! We bought one & went back the next morning because we decided we needed two more for that price!

  10. A couple years ago I purchased white ribbed towels on sale. We still have them, they are awesome!

  11. Marcia Stewart says

    I love Target as well! My best “scores” were school uniform clothing marked down to $2.22 each which I donated to a Kansas City inner city school. On my way to the checkout line, an assistant manager gave me a $5.00 off coupon to also use. I was delighted!!

    If I were to win the $100 Target gift card in this contest, I would donate it to the principal of this same school so she could buy items to use as prizes for perfect attendance.

  12. I love Target, where a trip is not complete until you check out every clearance endcap. The cartwheel app is great and my best scores were probably 2 Britax carseats on clearance several years ago when my kids were little!

  13. Target is 5 minutes from my house, also! I have the same problem of random things jumping in my basket. We love the flexible band aids and the tissues!

  14. I like their children’s clothing when it goes on clearance. I often find shirts and pants for my kids for $2-3.

  15. I offered to buy some back to school clothes for a friend’s child that was in need of some financial help this season. I knew Target would have some good prices and when I arrived I was surprised to see 30% off all kids clothing that week! Yay! I got some cute bargains!

  16. my favorite target score is anything elf cosmetics related; love the brand and love to buy that makeup at target.

  17. I have fun at their Miscellaneous Sale bins at the entrance. Also like the home decor items, especially on sale:)

  18. My favorite score was finding spiral notebooks for just pennies after school started!

  19. My daughter and I score cute clothes & awesome shoes all the time! Headed there in a few for some new nail polish colors. 😉

  20. My favorite Target score was a handbag I got for $3.00 and some wallets for $1.00!! Huge savings!!

  21. I like getting groceries there because they have brands I don’t often see in other stores. And I like their clothing for my daughter!

  22. This summer we overhauled our side yard. Then a month or so later I was in Target where they had cute little solar lights on clearance for $1.50 each! I returned the $80 lights, that I wasn’t in love with, and saved over $60. I wish I had families that sent in necessities such as the sanitizer and tissues, you have no idea how much they add up to every year and how quickly they go! I hope your readers follow your lead and gift their teachers some “handy” products.

  23. I am going to have to work full time instead of part time if I don’t stay out of Target! I love that place.

  24. My favorite Target “score” is a ten pack of underwear for only $14.99 and I love them.

  25. I love Target, but I live in Vermont and we don’t have even one in our state! The closest one to us is in New York, less than an hour away if we take the ferry. My sister and I do a Target road trip once in a while.

  26. My favorite Up and Up product is the facial tissue… I like it better than Kleenex and it’s less expensive.

  27. My favorite score was a pair of the most comfortable pair of pants in the world on the clearance rack for $7.00.

  28. box of #2 pencils for a low price

  29. My favorite target score was an end table that I got on clearance for my son’s room. It has a wood top and silver drawer/legs, very industrial I love it!

  30. Shopping the end-caps at TARGET is a favorite activity! Just got fab new bowls on clearance! Woo Hoo! Thanks! 🙂
    (Their back-to-school commercials are always VERY clever too!)

  31. I love Target for kids clothes, accessories for the home and school supplies!

  32. While buying some savvy school notebooks, journals and pens with pretty prints at Target for my kids, I couldn’t help but buy a back to school present for myself–the CUTEST new outdoor choir mat for outside our front door; what a score!

  33. My last score was a pair of kids black jegging pants/leggings that I paid less than 13 dollars! These pants actually fit!

  34. I tweeted on twitter under @yarbr012:

  35. Anything from the Shabby Chic line..

  36. I always love their stationary, notecards, best score!

  37. Best deals are on kids items right now. Will be glad when I can go back to finding deals for myself!

  38. Love me some Target! Check out their cartwheel app for great deals…

  39. My best score at Target was finding jeans for my child that were long enough that didn’t cost a fortune!

  40. last time i went they had the best coffee mug that I use daily!

  41. I LOVE Target! I’ve used several of their UP&UP brand products and they work just as well as the name brand items. My husband knows we can’t go to Target without checking out all of the clearance end-caps.

  42. We live about 50 miles a target but we do find good deals on some of the toys that are marked down. I also love the girls clothing for my daughter.

  43. I love target for almost everything and for all the family ! I can find cute things, at the right price. I use cartwheel, and I also order on line specific products they do not have in store.

  44. Always check out everything on clearance! Favorite find was a cute purple rug for my granddaughters’ room!

  45. My Target score was 3 Benadryl’s that was on price cut, cartwheel, coupons and free first aid kit.

  46. I bought a Merona leopard and rose gold watch last summer on sale for less than $15 (after coupon and Cartwheel) and got sooooo many compliments that I bought a second one several months later to have a back-up!

  47. We recently found some huge baskets with chalkboard labels that hold tons of toys. We were able to stop having a bunch of old gym bags int he family room holding all those toys. It looks so much better when you walk in the room and it’s easier to find the toys in the baskets without dumping everything out. We liked the first one we went back and bought a second one a few days later.

  48. brenley davis says

    My favorite Target score would be my bright coral pillows that lighten up my living room! 🙂

  49. clothing for 3.00 and under

  50. I bought my daughter’s bedding set on the clearance shelf for $17!

  51. Jessica Beard says

    I like getting the Target Up & Up diapers for my two sons.

  52. Jessica Beard says
  53. Omg! I ♡ Target. It is my favorite store. Everytime I go I scored. Usually I go by the clearance areas of all the store before checking the stuff that I really need. Best score I got was a purse for $5 original price $40, a dress from $45 to $7.98, some grden lights from $20 to $4.50 and the list is enless. My husband always complains I buy a lot of items at target but when he finds out how much I paid for it or the good quality of the product he doesn’t complain as much.

  54. My favorite Target purchase hands-down is the beautiful accent chair that I purchased from Target for my home’s living room!

  55. I got a great winter coat for cheap!

  56. Joann Belcher says

    I love the Up&Up Disinfecting spray. I use it in the bathroom on my tile, toilet, sink and bathtub. Haven’t had any mold or mildew.

  57. Dotti Overstreet says

    I really enjoyed this post because Target is my favorite store too! One of my most recent favorite finds is a big glass candle urn, with a rope handle. I filled the bottom of it with sand, and placed several starfish in it up to the top. It makes me happy every time I see it on the coffee table! Thanks for a great giveaway.

  58. We did alot of Back to School shopping at Target! They always have good sales and I like to stock up enough for most of, if not all the year.

  59. Sent a tweet out. Thanks for the giveaway!

  60. I got some Up & Up diapers on clearance!

  61. I always score cute gift basket items in the dollar bins… I always stop there on my way in!

  62. I love finding neat things for my classroom in their dollar spot! Target has been great for so many teachers like myself!

  63. Janice Cooper says

    My favorite Target score is their Morningstar Farms products. For example, I can get an 8pk of Morningstar Farm sausage patties for $5.99 and normally they are much higher at other name brand stores.

  64. Janice Cooper says
  65. My last score was on makeup!

  66. I’m at Target almost as much as I’m at home LOL and my favorite score is anytime I find something awesome on clearance!

  67. I love the clearance section especially when they have online only items very cheap! We use a variety of Up&Up items in our home but my favorite are their freezer bags, trash bags and toilet bowl cleaner!

  68. My favorite Target score is the Lodge cast iron casserole pot that I got on clearance.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  69. -

  70. My fave Target score is just about 2 weeks after school starts when ALL the school supplies go on sale. I can stock up for my kids, grab a few items for their teachers and make a few donations to local charities. Win! Win!!

  71. I’d say my favorite Target score is the great stuff I find in the dollar spot. I have 2 girls and stocked up on boy gift sacks because I never have any around when I need them. Plus, I always find great stocking stuffers, rewards, etc. there!

  72. My favorite Target score is when I can get stuff for FREE of course by matching sales with target coupons and regular coupons for amazing deals!

  73. my favorite Target “score” is when they put some item on sale and I have a coupon to ake the item almost free.

  74. I like when I can get their towels on sale for less than $5

  75. Some time ago, my sister (a couponing wizard) and I got a cart full of shampoo, conditioner, soap, body wash, and shaving cream for a negative balance. Thanks to Target and their coupon regulations and low prices, this was the craziest, best shopping trip I’ve ever been on. Thanks Target ^^

  76. Kimmy Ripley says

    I love shopping for toys at Target! I got some Lalaloopsy dolls for my daughter at a great price.

  77. Christmas Lights on clearance after last season

  78. Target is just too much fun. Great things at great prices. My students love the Treasure Box goodies I find there. Think I will make mini survival kits for our church’s preschool staff. Thanks for the ideas.

  79. love this! i got a brand new patio set for 99 $ instead of the $325 it was priced at. Thank you so much! xoxoxo

  80. My best score was some white solar powered lights that we use in our back yard…which were on clearance.

  81. I don’t have a Target nearby, but I shop online, and periodically in the store, but I got some great baskets for my Ikea shelves! Love them.

  82. I got an amazing white bed set for under 100 dollars. I love it!

  83. I love all of the beautiful things for the home. The decorations are great and affordable

  84. Cálaeb Temple says

    got an awesome sweater at the clearance rack.

  85. Cálaeb Temple says
  86. Tish Sappington says

    If I won the gift certificate I would give it to my daughter, she is a special education teacher and the supplies are endless from pencils to baby wipes and diapers.

  87. it would probably be a set of curtains i got on clearance there once, i’ve had them forever and still love them! [email protected]

  88. I just found a pair of comfy leggings on clearance there for only $3. 🙂


  89. Ashleigh Hall says

    I love Target’s clearance endcaps!! I cannot stay away from them when I go to grocery shop. I usually end up with goodies other than just groceries!!

  90. Samantha Daleo says

    I love scoring treats for my animals at Target. They are always at amazing prices!

  91. Samantha Daleo says
  92. An alarm clock for $15.00

  93. I love saving extra money using my Cartwheel app. I have a lot of produce on the app since we shop at Target frequently.

  94. A cute little fox figurine!!

  95. Ashleigh Hall says

    I am constantly finding adorable little girl’s clothes for so cheap! And hair bows, ties, jewelry!!

  96. Angel Jacklyn says


  97. Angel Jacklyn says
  98. I got a timex watch for free after coupon.

  99. I love shopping Targets clothes clearance. They always have cute things for cheap.

  100. Target’s clearance sales are fabulous! At the after-Christmas sale this year, I scored a couple of sets of garden tools for 75% off, and they made perfect birthday gifts for a gardening friend in the spring.

  101. I shared your post and this great Target promotion on Twitter here:

  102. My best Target score was a kid table and chair set on clearance for $20.

  103. Deb Anderson says

    I always check the HABA aisles for unadvertised deals on Up & Up products. Sometimes I can get some steals that way, or stock up on things we use regularly.

  104. Susan Smith says

    My best Target score was a pair of sandals for $4. They were in the clearance isle.

  105. Susan Smith says
  106. Stephanie Phelps says

    Oh my gosh once I scored this really cool pot for like less than 5 dollars and it has been awesome!

  107. Stephanie Phelps says
  108. My favorite recent score was free greeting cards with their $2/2 cards coupon!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  109. TWEET–

  110. tweet–

  111. My latest Target score was a king size bedspread and sheet set for 30% off retail. I thought it was a great deal. Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  112. My favorite Target score is anything from the clearance end caps – especially January and July when toy clearance happens!

  113. I scored some cute pants for under $10 🙂

  114. I can’t pick just one – every time I shop Target I “score” 🙂

  115. maria cantu says

    I like the large trash bags drawstring closure.

  116. My favorite way of scoring at Target is getting a free Target gift card for buying aomething I need anyway.

  117. I love shopping for DVD collections on Black Friday. 🙂

  118. Aurelie Red says

    I love coming on Black Friday (for DVD !)
    Thanks for the giveaway 😉

  119. Aurelie Red says
  120. My favorite Target “score” is the hardsided, spinner luggage I purchased for both my daughter and myself for a phenomanal price that any other stores has yet to beat.

  121. i can’t think of any particular good “score” but i always enjoy shopping at target and they always have the best school supplies!

  122. My best scores are usually from an offer on the cartwheel app. Best deal lately was the Bear Naked granola bars for a steal!

  123. i love getting a good store on jeans at target

  124. Erica Best says

    i love to buy cleaning supplies from target

  125. Erica Best says
  126. Erica Best says
  127. Rebecca Graham says

    I scored some good deals on school supplies at Target.

  128. I don’t have a Target at a convenient location so when I do get to shop there I check out every corner. I’ve found awesome toddler clothing for my great granddaughter and I found wonderful bar towels at a great price.

  129. One of my fav scores at Target was the chandelier for my guest bedroom. I found it on clearance for $9.99! It was 80% off!

  130. my favorite scores at Target are home accessories

  131. I do great when kids clothes go on sale! I just got bathing suits for next summer for super cheap!

  132. My favorite scores are red-ticketed (clearance) items … they’re addictive 🙂

  133. My favorite target scores are the items I find on clearance.

  134. tweeted -

  135. Amanda Sakovitz says

    I like getting conditioner there!

  136. Tabathia B says

    outdoor patio for about $75 that was originally $150

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  137. Tabathia B says


    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  138. Ellie Wright says

    I got some great deals on Christmas Eve one year. Lots of toys were marked way down.

  139. Ellie Wright says
  140. They have the socks and underwear at great prices.

  141. Sonya Morris says

    My favorite Target score is Christmas lighting at 75% off when I really needed new lights!

  142. I love the little kit you put together! How fun! I really like their disinfecting wipes.

  143. Deborah Anderson says

    I buy up&up replacement water pitcher filters. Work just as well as “name brands” and cost less.

  144. My favorite Target scores are when I get a gift card with a purchase of something I was going to get anyway. I love when that happens!

  145. Ashley Tucker says

    My best score recently was a deal on up and up diapers.

  146. Ashley Tucker says

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