The Yummiest Raspberry Martini Recipe

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Here it is! As promised, and served at my recent Dinner Party. These drinks are yummy, but first I must tell you:

Here is what you will need:

A martini shaker

Ice (preferably crushed)

Raspberry Vodka

Razz-ma-tazz or other raspberry liquor

Sour Mix (not “sweet & sour” mix)

Squeeze of fresh lemon

Ice cold Martini glasses (I recommend storing them in your freezer)

My bartender of a husband uses a ratio of 1:1:1 which makes for a very strong drink. I make them with extra sour mix and sometimes add some lemonade or other juice to “lighten” them. But you basically fill your shaker about halfway up with crushed ice, then add equal amounts (use a measuring cup or other pouring device like a shot glass) of the vodka, raspberry liquor and the sour mix. Shake well. (Bartender husband advice: shake really well– till your hand is too cold to shake any longer!). Then, using the strainer that comes with your martini shaker, strain the drink into a cold martini glass. ENJOY!

raspberry martini christmas martini


The color is festive for the holidays too, isn’t it? These are delicious all year round!

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  1. We’re having a treats and ‘tinis party this weekend and these will be the PERFECT addition! Thanks so much for linking up today Amy!! 🙂

  2. I am going to try this with some muddled fresh raspberries. Looks delish!

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