Pink in the Master Bedroom and A New Mattress

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Pink gray and white master bedroom | 11 Magnolia Lane

Sweet Zzz Mattress gave me a mattress to review in exchange for my honest opinion.  

Bear with me as I tell you more than you ever wanted to know about the sleeping conditions at our house!

First of all, loving wife that I am, I sent our sleep number bed out to Kansas with my husband (he sleeps just one click down from rock-solid while I sleep on smushy-soft, with literally the Continental Divide in between us). As we reshuffled beds during our move to the MCC House, the old pillow top mattress that had been ours when we were first married went from our guest room–because we don’t have a guest room anymore–to my bedroom.  I made it a little better with a 4″ memory foam topper, but every time Chris comes home he is miserable, and it’s understandable since that mattress is at least twenty years old.

Pink gray and white master bedroom | 11 Magnolia Lane

It was serendipity when the folks at Sweet Zzz Mattress asked me if we’d like to try out one of their top-selling Affluent Rest mattresses (I only wish it had been a few weeks sooner so Chris could have tried it, too).  The Affluent Rest is a gel memory foam mattress and I’ve been sleeping on it for about a month now.  Let me cut to the chase–the verdict is two thumbs up and it is way nicer than our other beds! (UPDATE: I’ve had the mattress for four months now and absolutely love it.  It’s soft enough for me, but firm enough for my husband, who suffers from terrible back pain thanks to years as a military pilot and infantryman.  He slept on it for a week in May and slept like a baby every night)

It’s always nice when a product is Made in the USA:

Sweet Zzz Affluent Rest Mattress Coupon Code

Now, this is not our first mattress-in-a-box experience; Annabelle has a very inexpensive queen sized memory foam mattress that we bought on Amazon last April (it was around $250 if that tells you anything).

Vintage Vogue covers gallery wall | 11 Magnolia Lane

I’ve slept on her mattress before and there are most definitely some big differences!

First of all, if you’re buying a mattress online you must have free shipping and returns–otherwise what will happen if you can’t stand it?  Sweet Zzz gives you a 100 day no-risk trial, and they’ll come and pick it up if it doesn’t work for you, and give you a full refund.

The next thing I learned is that those inexpensive mattresses are usually made in China and full of chemicals.  They’re able to produce their mattresses more quickly because they’re not as concerned with the raw ingredients that they’re using.  Sweet Zzz has a slower production speed (they don’t even make your mattress until you’ve placed your order) and even the glue they use is water-based.

Connor and I hauled the box upstairs (it is HEAVY!) and slid the mattress out onto my bed.

Sweet Zzz Affluent Rest Mattress Coupon Code

By the way, you need a special bed frame for these mattresses; Annabelle and I both have {this} one and it has great under-bed storage.  You can also put them directly on the floor, or on top of a traditional boxspring. Many newer headboards have these frames built in, like the one I linked to in the sources at the end of the post that looks almost exactly like my headboard.

Sweet Zzz Affluent Rest Mattress Coupon Code

The mattress is shrink-wrapped in plastic, so once we unfolded it on the bed frame, we cut open the plastic and watched it take shape in just a few minutes.

Remember I said how heavy the box was?  Well, the Affluent Rest uses 5 lb. density foam, while cheaper mattresses use lower density foam (around 1.8lb density). This means that there’s almost 3 times more foam in a high quality mattress, even if they have the same dimensions. More density means = more raw materials = higher cost, but you wind up with superior quality.  The inexpensive mattresses tend to lose their shape over time (you’ll wind up with sinkholes and valleys), but this bed has a lifetime warranty against that happening.

Sweet Zzz Affluent Rest Mattress Coupon Code

So, with a new mattress, of course I had to freshen up the bedroom area a bit.  I wrote about the fact that I’ve had the gray and white toile bedding forever in {this} post, but I still like it, so why replace it?

Instead, I decided just to add a few pink pillows and a throw, and change out the hot pink sewing table for a brown one.  What, doesn’t everyone have a couple of those in their garage?

Pink gray and white master bedroom | 11 Magnolia Lane


Pink gray and white master bedroom | 11 Magnolia Lane


Pink gray and white master bedroom | 11 Magnolia Lane

Want to try your own Affluent Rest mattress risk-free for 100 days AND save $100?  Use our coupon code:

Sweet Zzz Affluent Rest Mattress Coupon Code


Pink gray and white master bedroom | 11 Magnolia Lane


Pink gray and white master bedroom | 11 Magnolia Lane


So, here’s the proof of how well I’ve been sleeping on my new mattress.

Here’s my sleep cycle app on the old mattress, with a sleep quality of only 59%.

And then–boom–I’m consistently up to the 90s these days (the more ups and downs you have as you’re progressing through the sleep cycle, the better).

The Affluent Rest is soft and firm all at the same time, so I’m looking forward to hearing what Chris has to say the next time he’s home.  In the meantime, please let me know if you have any specific questions and I’ll be happy to answer them.


Mattress (use coupon code magnolia100 for $100 off)



Headboard/footboard (you don’t need a separate bed frame with this one)

Gray toile duvet cover and shams

Rose pink throw (HomeGoods, similar here)

Rose pink euro shams (HomeGoods, similar here)

White coverlet and shams (HomeGoods, similar here)

Gold and mirrored butler’s tray

Sewing box table (vintage, thrifted)

Brass swing-arm sconces (vintage, thrifted, similar here)


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  1. Congrats on the new mattress and i so love the addition of pink in your beautiful bedroom!

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