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Happy Sunday, everyone!  We are still freezing here in North Carolina (it was 5° here this morning–thank God for gas heat!!), but I’ve had lots of time to get organized around the house.  Christmas is sorted and stored away, and that means I can finally move around in my little upstairs bedroom space again.  As much as I love decorating for Christmas, I also love putting it all away and getting organized in January.  Please tell me I’m not the only one!

Last week, we shared our the ten posts that were most-read in 2017, and today I’m following up with the top ten posts from last year that were written in 2017.  They’re different, which makes sense if you think about it: our newer posts don’t get as much “traffic” since they don’t have the presence on social media (especially Pinterest) and in Google searches that our older posts have.  Because of that, this list is completely different from last week’s list–there are no overlaps!  That’s kind of interesting if you’re a numbers geek like I am.

So, here’s what you liked best out of what we wrote in 2017, starting from #10 and moving to the top spot.

10. A Day in the Life: Amy

I agree, Amy is pretty fascinating.  You guys loved seeing how she spends a typical day.  We’ll plan more of these “day in the life” posts for 2018.

9. Operation Organization 2017: My Daughter’s New Desk Art Area

Amy created this pretty desk area in her daughter’s room with a roadside rescue desk and a DIY’ed fabric-covered art board.  It turned out great.

8.  Happy Valentine’s Day (Free Printables)

In this post, I shared several of my favorite blogs who have made beautiful (and free!) initial art available for download.  I use these on tags, stickers, and so much more.

7.  Amy’s Fall Home Tour

Amy’s fall home tour was stunning; she does such a great job of mixing neutrals and textures. It’s no surprise this was one of your favorite posts!

6.  Gift Ideas For Your Next Favorite Things Party

Favorite things parties are apparently one of your favorite things (mine, too!) and picking out the perfect gifts is one of the best parts!

5.  Summer Home Tour at Christy’s New House

Dining room at the MCC House

My summer home tour of our MCC House was one of our top posts, probably because this was one of the first posts that showed the space decorated after our April move.  Or maybe it was because Harley is so photogenic!

4. Operation Organization 2017: Organized Pantries

Creative pantry organization tips for pantries of all sizes! | 11 Magnolia Lane

I don’t even HAVE a pantry in the MCC House, but this post on pantry organization makes me long for the day when I have one again.

3.  Our Favorite Things: Holiday 2017

Our favorite gift ideas for the holidays

Amy and I collaborated in November on this list of our very favorite things.  Part gifting wish list and part must-haves-to-get-through-life, we shared things like our favorite pens, hair spray, espresso machine, laundry detergent, and and more.

2. A Day in the Life: Christy

Yep, you thought a day in my life was interesting enough to read about, too.  I’m seriously flattered but wonder that you guys might have too much free time on your hands! 😉  Actually, I love reading posts like that, too, because we look at so many pretty pictures all day and it’s nice to see what reality looks like.

Finally, here was our top post:

1. How to Decorate Your Home When You Don’t Have a Budget For It

I’m so glad you guys loved this post, too!  Amy and I both have spent years “gathering” our homes and getting them just the way we like them, and neither one of us has spent a lot of money doing it.  Even after we both reached the point financially where we could afford to buy (at least a few) expensive pieces, we still think it’s much more fun and meaningful to rescue, rehab, DIY, and thrift our way to a beautiful home.  Amy shares all of our tips and tricks in this post.

So, that’s what made the top ten.  If you have anything you’d like us to write about in 2018, please just let us know in the comments, or email us at [email protected]

Happy New Year, and thanks for stopping by!


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