Our New Home~Girl’s Bathroom in Aqua and Coral

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I’m making slow but steady progress throughout our new house–everything is unpacked, but I’m still decorating in every single room.  Today, I’m going to show you my daughter’s bathroom–it’s not finished, but it’s well-begun.

It’s a small bathroom and I can’t paint the cabinets, so I just worked around them.  Here’s a snap from the doorway:

aqua coral girls bathroom

The paint color is Glidden’s Almost Aqua, and her bedroom is going to be the same color, too (update:  her bedroom post is here).  I always use flat paint for interior walls, even though you often see eggshell or satin recommended for wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens.  I just don’t like the look of shiny walls, but that’s a personal preference.

Our posts contain affiliate links.  If you make a purchase after clicking on these links, we will earn a small commission, which helps to keep our content free.  You don’t pay a cent more than you would otherwise, since that would be tacky! Read our full disclosure policy here.

Sources are listed throughout and there’s a source list at the end of the post.

The towel holder is from Pier 1, years and years ago (but a similar one is here or here), and the towels are from HomeGoods.  I love the trellis/ quatrefoil pattern!

aqua coral bathroom girls

I’ve used these gorgeous free printable quatrefoil monograms from For Chic Sake before when I used their pink and gray one in my closet.  Jenny and Louisa have lots of gorgeous free printables on their site!  I used the papaya and peach color combination for my daughter’s monogram, and the frame is from Ikea (here).

monogram tolsby quatrefoil

The silver table used to be my daughter’s nightstand, and when I first bought it from the flea market, it was black.  It was Tiffany blue for a little while and then I spray painted it silver and changed the drawer pull (the pull is from Hobby Lobby).

silver table and towels in bathroom

The colors of the old powder tine seem to work perfectly in this room.  I framed and hung some of my daughter’s artwork to add a pop of color.

towels powder bathroom

Here’s a close up of the drawer pull.  I love it–knob pulls are like jewelry for your furniture and cabinets!

silver table bathroom

The shower curtain is from this Etsy seller and I’m so pleased with how it turned out.  I just had a “B” put on there so that if my son and daughter wind up sharing a bathroom again, the monogram will work for both of them.  The coral is almost an orange color, which is my son’s favorite color, so I think (hope!) it will eventually work for a unisex bath. {I also found a less expensive, similar shower curtain here if you’re on a budget}

monogrammed shower curtain aqua coral

The faux crystal shower curtain hooks are from HomeGoods; {here} are some similar ones.

shower curtain hooks

I also added these cutlery caddies to the wall so my daughter could store toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush, etc off the bathroom counter.  I think it keeps things so much neater!

Ikea Fintorp cutlery caddy white buckets

coral aqua bathroom sink

There are a few more things to do, just like always.  I would like to trim the contractor-grade mirror with white molding, like I did in the kids’ bathroom in Nashville {here}, and I’m also debating on whether it’s worth it to change out the light fixture for our two-year stay in Savannah.  Thoughts?

Here’s the before shot.  It’s of the downstairs bathroom, which is a mirror image of this one.  Very plain-jane, isn’t it?


And here’s the after again:

aqua coral bathroom monogram

You can see the rest of the house here.



Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Melissa geittmann says

    I love the color combo! And those towels are fab. Gotta get myself to Homegoods!!

  2. Tisha Williams says

    Oh my, I just LOVE it. The colors are stunning. Great job! 🙂

  3. LOVE the bathroom! The colors are so vibrant and fun, especially mixed with the quatrefoil pattern, etc! Looks incredible! Question for you: we, too, have flat paint all throughout our home. While I really believe that nothing looks better or more beautiful on walls than flat paint, I find it to be reallllly hard too live with…the paint gets marred so easily, even just from someone placing a hand on the wall, etc. With the lighter colors, touch up is a cinch and I can get rid of any pesky marks easily by touching up. However, with more pigmented colors, touch ups ALWAYS look noticeably darker than the rest of the paint, not matter how careful I am. It drives me nuts! Do you have any tips on keeping flat paint clean, washing marks when they do occur, or doing seamless touch ups? Thanks!!

    • Your kids must be younger than mine, Lauren, because we don’t have many problems anymore with handprints and the like (yeah!). Have you tried a magic eraser? Don’t scrub too hard or the paint will come right off, but that will remove most marks and you won’t have to patch paint. I have very few darker colors in my house, but the ones I do have (mostly grays) need to be taken to the paint store and shaken in the mechanical shaker before I patch paint. The pigments sink to the bottom and hand-shaking and stirring will not mix it up well enough. They will reshake your paint for free–I do it all the time. Also, flat paint is actually easier to patch than the ones with sheen to them, for just that reason. I hope that helps! Glad you stopped by!

      • Hi! Thank you so much…and yes, I have a 2.5 year old! 😉 I think your idea about taking the paint to the store to be mechanically shaken may be a really great solution (with the two paint colors that I have that are more pigmented). That’s probably why when I attempt to touch up, I get variation. Thank you a ton for answering!!!!

  4. Such a pretty color combination, Christy! So cheerful.

  5. Just love everything about the bathroom…and the shower curtain is just beautiful…will have to go over and visit that site!!…You did a fantastic job!

  6. I do not like nails showing so I find decorative buttons in my button box and attach them to the nail. I even had a tiny floral spray I attached one time.

  7. Hi Christy,
    I am looking to order a curtain like yours in those exact colors. What two colors did you use from the color chart on that website? Was it coral or the Cajun shrimp? Which shade of blue is it?
    Thanks for your time!

  8. Love this bathroom, great job! We have a similar one in size that I want to do something like this with. I have been looking for the towels you had here, but no luck. All my searches have turned up is kitchen towels. Could you please send a link for your coral quatrefoil pattern? Thanks so much!

  9. Michalla says

    I have a question we’re did you get your shower curtain at and how long did it take to come in

    • Michalla–I linked to the ETSY store where I bought the shower curtain in the post, so just scroll up and read the post and you’ll be able to click through to it. It only took a week or two, if I remember, correctly, although it’s been quite awhile since I ordered it. Hope that helps!

  10. I love this bathroom! I have come back multiple times to check it out, and am now using some inspiration for my own bathroom remodel. 🙂

  11. Such a cute job!!

  12. Hi, where did you get the shabby chic container for the handtowels and powder tin that are sitting on the nightstand?

    • The old powder tin is from Avon; I found it at Goodwill in TN. The shabby chic basket is from Home Goods or TJ, but quite a few years ago. Hope that helps!

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