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Folks, if you feel a little organizationally challenged from time to time with all of this talent surrounding you (I know I do!), then you have to meet our friend Heather from The Heathered Nest.  Organizing may not be her thing, but she is super talented at decorating and DIY’ing, and she’s also hilarious (bonus!).  Here she is:


Well, I can’t believe it, but 11 Magnolia Lane asked me back for a second churn around this Operation: Organization series. Shocked? Yes. Dumfounded? Sure. Because after my first “organizational” post for them, it was pretty obvious that I am, in fact, an organizational disaster. I’m the yang to all these professional-organizer-type-people’s yins. I’m like the beauty school dropout amongst a world class crop of cosmetology geniuses. A muddied up sheep in the midst of a sparkling clean herd. Sparkling clean because the rest of these organized sheep can likely FIND the Windex under their sinks.

During my last 11 Magnolia post, I demonstrated my organizational ineptitude by giving you a peek into one of my kitchen drawers. Here’s a refresher:

Heathered Nest Utensil Drawer 2015

11 Magnolia Lane Mission Organization - Heathered Nest Cigar Box Key Organizer

I wanted to give you guys an update on the status of the drawer…

Heathered Nest Utensil Drawer 2016

11 Magnolia Lane Mission Organization - Heathered Nest Beadboard MudRoom Organization

Yep. It is, in fact EXACTLY the same. We have succeeded in organizing absolutely nothing. And if that is not impressive enough for you guys, I’ve got more. Nah, I’m not blowing smoke this time. BUT, I guess you COULD blow smoke with what comes in these little babies…

11 Magnolia Lane Mission Organization - Heathered Nest Cigar Box Key Organizer

Cigar boxes. I’ve collected a couple of these over the years. I think they are unique, and fun. And it just so happens that…

11 Magnolia Lane Mission Organization - Heathered Nest Cigar Box Key Organizer

They are GREAT for holding keys!

Keys seem to breed in our house. They just turn up, and then we have no idea where they came from or what they are for. At some point, we realized we had several of these boxes full of homeless keys. They had no lock to claim them. When I needed a key for something, I’d hesitantly open Pandora’s box-o-keys. Wading through that box was like that scene in Harry Potter (I think it was the first one) where the kids end up in a room surrounded by a flying flock of divebombing keys. I’d strain and struggle to try and find that one, needed key end up crazed and confused…kind of like the “keymaster” in Ghostbusters.

Then my genius husband found this solution. For less than $5, you can buy a package of key tags, and attach them to all those loose keys, once you’ve figured out what gates they keep.

11 Magnolia Lane Mission Organization - Heathered Nest Cigar Box Key Organizer

Sure, everyone in the world probably uses these things already…but for us, this was a lightbulb moment!

11 Magnolia Lane Mission Organization - Heathered Nest Cigar Box Key Organizer

A simple key to our organizational dilemma.

11 Magnolia Lane Mission Organization - Heathered Nest Cigar Box Key Organizer

And now, when I’m ready to jet off to my London flat, I can easily find my key.

11 Magnolia Lane Mission Organization - Heathered Nest Cigar Box Key Organizer

But this time of year, we prefer to take our little ski bunnies out west to shred some powder. And then hang in our little chalet for some apres ski beverages by the fire. OH the silly dreams I dream. But as the wise Beyonce once said, if you like it then you shoulda put a key-ring on it. So I did. I’d like to think this little exercise in optimism may prove beneficial, and now perhaps my lofty real estate dreams will be realized. I know, close, but no cigar. But real estate pipe dreams aside, at least my keys are now organized. And hey, that’s a little dream realized, I suppose.

Wanna see more great ideas for organizing? Me too. Definitely don’t head to MY blog for that. Click around here for the rest of the smart organizing bloggers’ posts here for Operation: Organization. But if you’d like to talk renovations, DIY and home decor, we’d love to show you around The Heathered Nest, anytime. Cheers!


Heather, can I beg a week at the Paris chateau?  Thanks, hon!
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Follow our group Operation: Organization Pinterest board {here}.

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Have a beautifully organized day, and thanks for stopping by–

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  1. Lynne Tretow says

    Amazing ideas!

  2. I love the little tags on the keys….wish I would have done that years ago. I have a small box full of keys I can’t remember what they are to. I need to do this now.

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