Operation Organization: Glam Black and White Command Center

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Wow! Have you all been loving this Operation: Organization series as much as I have? We feel so blessed to have such kind, talented and organized women sharing their ideas here at 11 Magnolia Lane. I have personally been encouraged and inspired each day by their creative ideas. If you missed any of our Operation: Organization posts, just scroll to the bottom of this post where you will find all the inspiration.



Glam Command Center

Command Center Details


While Amy, Christy and I were at the Haven Conference we met so many wonderful people including some of our Operation: Organization guests writers. We also had the opportunity to meet conference sponsors, many businesses that also have an interest in the DIY market. On the first night of the Haven Conference, I experienced one of those “meant to be” moments.  While mingling during cocktail hour, Amy, Christy and I happened to sit down at a table that was occupied by two gentleman named Haden and Christian. Haden and Christian were new to Haven (like me) and were surrounded by women. I think there were maybe 20 men out of 400 women attending this conference!

Terry, Christy, and Amy

It turned out that Haden and Christian’s company, Osborne Wood Products, Inc makes table legs and other wood products.  I almost fell out of my chair (and probably scared them with how I reacted!) but prior to Haven I had been searching high and low for table legs to complete my next project – my Glam Command Center. It was a meant-to-be moment… whatever you want to call it… out of all the tables to pick, we got to know two really great guys as well as learn about their company–Osborne Wood Products.

Osborne Wood Products has a diverse line of dining table legs at 29 inches in height, which is perfect for a desk. Their styles range from a simple shaker and mission to a lovely selection of turned table legs. They will even work with you to design custom pieces. Their legs are available in at least ten wood types; sanded to 150 grit and ready to finish.

Osborne Table Legs

You have to check them out; they are much more than just table legs! My head is overflowing with DIY projects now that I have seen their catalog; I am so excited to be working with them and I cannot wait to share future projects using Osborne Wood Products.  As soon as the legs arrived I began to finish them. The soft maple soaked up the chalk paint so they only needed one coat. Additionally, they were so easy to paint and the chalk paint made the details in the wood really pop.


Osborne Legs copy

Below you can see my grandmother’s table top getting transformed using tape and paint. Here is a little trick I have learned along the way when using chalk paint: if you apply a thin coat of polyurethane prior to painting, you don’t ever have to worry about the wood stain bleeding through. This is especially important when working with older pieces. Both my table top and my grandmother’s china cabinet bled through, and the polyurethane saved the day. The white paint took beautifully as did the black.

Painted Table and LEgs copy

The table I used had screw-in legs prior to me switching them out so I had to remove those plates in order to attach Osborne’s table legs.  Osborne Wood Products offers wooden base kits that are super helpful when attaching table legs to a flat table top.  You can check those out {here}.

Legs copy

I decided to add a skirt around the base using black on black polka dot brocade fabric {from Joann Fabrics}. I am seriously in love with this material but had a slight snag in my skirting plans as my sewing room (and sewing machine) is in total disarray right now. It truly needs a makeover so I decided to hot glue this skirt together and then hot glue it to the table. The glue held together fabulously despite the thickness of the fabric. And with just a few minor burns the skirt was secured to the base of the desk. I think it adds some flare to my final project. I love how the Osborne legs look in this photo below, the mini black brocade black skirt really accentuates them.

Side view command center

The top of the desk took a bit of time as taping and painting isn’t something you can rush. I have to say that I am so pleased with the final outcome. I used Annie Sloan pure white on the legs and for the white stripes. I used a black milk paint for the black stripes. The gold monogram came from Lively Lettering on Etsy.  I wanted the monogram to be bigger than what I could cut on my Cricut machine so I did custom order for a 14″ round monogram made out of gold vinyl.  I love the gold against the black and white stripes.

Command Center

The wall calendar and the file folder organizer are from Pottery Barn.  It used to hang in my kitchen (many moons ago) until my black cabinet took its place. I love having a calendar front-and-center as it keeps me organized especially during the school year. I just gave it a mini makeover using some Rustoleum Gold Metallic spray paint. Lastly, check out my new Flash Furniture Ghost Side Chair in Transparent Crystal that I got for my birthday.  It is the perfect size for a small, but organized, space.

Black Calendar Before

Above is the Before.

pottery-barn-file-makeover copy

And here it is “After”.

Command Center Details

Command Center Details

Remember the monogrammed bowls Amy posted recently? Well, I got one too and love it. It is perfect for jewelry, holding change or even keeping your paper clips organized (although I hate to cover up the monogram).

Monogram Gold Bowl

Frame and Amy's Monogram Bowl

Monogrammed desk

Gold Monogrammed Desk

Gold Monogrammed Desk

Black, white and gold desk

Black white and gold desk


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Osborne Wood Products, Inc. provided product for this post but the opinions are my own.
I used affiliate links in this post.  If you click through these links and make a purchase, we will earn a small commission (I’ll name my yacht after you!).  You don’t pay a cent more than you would otherwise.

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  1. What a great little corner. Love all the gold detail. And, the addition of the gold frame around the switch plate is genius.

  2. I love black and white decor but I never seem to pull it off without it looking harsh. I had never thought about mixing gold in with it. It seems to soften it up some. I would love to know more about the framed letter – if you don’t mind sharing.

    • Hi Tina- I have to agree with you about adding bit of gold or another accent color like Christy did in her family room (she mixed in coral and gold) seems to soften the look up. The framed letter came from my sister, she is in the process of starting an Etsy shop. As soon as her shop is up and running I will let you know. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. llove it!

  4. I really love the gold frame around the switch plate! Could you tell us how you did that? Thanks!

    • Hi Aimee- Thanks so much for your question. I had orignially planned to hang a photo in that gold frame but when I was switching out pictures, I quickly realized it fit around my switch plate, and I liked that look more than the original photo idea. I added two 3M adheisive hooks to my wall and the frame balances on the plastic hooks securly. I hope that helps! Thanks again for stopping by.

  5. I really <3 this. Especially the stripes.

  6. It looks fantastic!! I love the strips and gold monogram – kind of y’alls signature thing 🙂

  7. It truly is “Signature 11 Magnolia Lane”…if this space was on display somewhere and you had to guess whose design it was….it definitely screams your style…totally glamorous … I love the legs and will have to check out this company….so great that you met them at Haven!…

  8. Hi! Love this look!! Was wondering what kind of gold paint you used for the edge of the desk? Thanks!

    • Hi Sarah-
      I used Rustoleum gold spray for the outer edge and topped the gold, black and white with a thin coat of polyurethane. Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Hi there! I LOVE the fact that you made your own table! what do you suggest to make the top out of?

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